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  1. Interiors
    My Twingo III has a collection of switches at the bottom right of the dashboard; only one is active – Stop & Start On/Off – the others are just blanking plates. I would like to remove these blanking plates so that I can wire in after-market parking sensors and rear-facing camera. Can anyone...
  2. Brakes/Hubs
    Hi guys, Was just wondering if it's possible to buy anti squeal plates and if so where to get them from. My local motor factors said they can't get them. One of mine is split and they are both squealing lol
  3. Engines
    Hi I just posted here... in reply to an older post about confusion as to whether my W reg 1390cc which is either a 'Sport or an 'S'', is 8V or 16V. I have looked at the vin plates by the door, but can't find a reference to the...
  4. Tools & equipment
    Hi, Im looking to get a show plate made up to cover my number plate at shows. Has anyone had one made up? If so, where did you get it done and how much? Thanks, Leigh
  5. For sale
    I've just listed a pair of Vel Satis dealer plates and an original factory electrical manual on eBay - 99p start and no reserve.
  6. Engines
    Hi, I've read a lot about EGR blanking plates. Are these really a good idea? If so why did the designers bother with EGR valves? Do they cause any ECU warnings? Do they fit all diesel EGR Valves inc the 130bhp? Ive a 2005 1.9 dci. Thanks Louis
  7. Steering and Suspension
    Hi there! I had a failure recently on broken springs at the front of my Renault Grand Scenic 54 plate. I've had the strut off and managed to compress the springs but when it comes to taking the top mounting plate off the nut was so rusted that I've stripped the allen key whole in the middle...
  8. Bodywork
    hi there, I am looking at buying a scenic of some sort and was just wondering where the vin plates are located on the vehicle thanks
  9. Cars & motoring
    Hi all, It's my 21st on Wednesday and my parents got me some personalised plates :) I'm having them transferred on Wednesday as my insurance is up for renewal on my Birthday too :( lol Not gonna say the whole plate on the web but my new plate is AC**ELL (my middle initial is C). They should...
  10. Cars & motoring
    Just curious, does anyone know if European countries like Spain and France 'have' private number plates, as in England it's easy to spot a private plate, but whenever I go abroad and watch cars go by, all the plates just look pretty standard with the same lengths of numbers and letters, with no...
  11. Bodywork
    Hi, I hope you will be able to help me. One of our vehicles has number plates stuck on instead of screws. The front is "stuck on" but the rear kept coming loose, so glue was squirted behind a few years ago to prevent it falling off. Now this plate is going onto retention we will be putting on...
  12. Cars & motoring
    Hi all, Im going to see a Clio RS 182 tomorrow and im intruiged to see the letter 'E' in place of the 'GB' in the blue left had side of the registration plate on the photo of the rear of the car. Trawling the web i cant see anything which explains this. I know its not strictly a Renault...
  13. Cars & motoring
    Hey guys, I was thinking of getting some number plates for my the car, the normal registration, just in legal 3D lettering with a border, (and a small text at bottom) but was also wondering whether it was legal to have a renault logo on the end. the website i was looking to buy off, offers this...
  14. Bodywork
    Hi Guys, This may be a silly question, Does anyone know how the reg plates are secured onto a clio MK1. Ive looked everywhere and cant find a screw or nut thats holding them on. I have to put 2 new ones on but don't know how to get the old ones off....Any advise would be appreciated Thanks:confused:
  15. Cars & motoring
    My number plates are looking a bit shabby and I want to replace them. I am a bit confused about how to get replacements. Checking dvla site they say you have to supply your driving licence and v5when buying. However there are road legal ones being offered on-line which say they don't need this...
  16. Cars & motoring
    As i search these forums i come across a lot of people who say they have a 53 plate Laguna for example what is all this 50 plate stuff i am seeing? sorry if it sounds like a Dumb question, but at least its an honest question
  17. Cars & motoring
    Even if you dont want to buy one, is fun to see how much your name is worth :) Number Plates | MSN Cars
  18. Cars & motoring
    One of my neighbours sons has just passed their drivers test and have found displaying the P (Just passed) plates that other drivers will pull out infront of him cut him up. Basicly not respecting them even though he is not slowing anyone down. What is the law surrounding these must he display...
  19. Bodywork
    Does anyone know where I can get fog light blanking plates for my 98 Clio? thanks
  20. Cars & motoring
    don't know about you guys & gals but i'm not keen on personalised plates ..but if i were to have one id get...80 NEY what plate would you get for your own motor.... i have a couple of suggestions to get you thinking. selwonk = TDC 1 5th wheel = LFC 1...(EFC 0) ;>) anymore anyone???