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  1. Twingo 1.0Sce Play 2015

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Great to find this forum, thanks. I got my Twingo last week. I'm delighted with it. I can't understand why reviews refer to the car being sluggish and needing to be thrashed to keep up with the traffic. I find that the car accelerates effortlessly on a light throttle and using few revs. Also...
  2. 2005 Renault grand scenic - play in the steering rack joint

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I***8217;ve seen a 2005 Renault grand scenic 7 for sale and needed some advice. It***8217;s had the same owner for 10 years and has 12 months mot and full service history. There are a couple of issues i have picked up from the mot history and wondered if I should leave alone? Basically on...
  3. Play In Wiper Arm Linkage? (Megane III)

    Driver side linkage has slight play. Normal? (See Video). Thank you. Megane III - 1.6 Petrol - 2009.
  4. Renault laguna grand tour 2009 (can't play music)

    Hello After pairing my phone with my car i don't know how to set bt audio. Actually i want to play music on my phone and listen on the car. Any solution please? Thank you
  5. 4x4 Clunk over bumps, how much wheel play is normal?

    Hi, First post here. I recently purchased a Renault Koleos. Very nice except the clunks over pot holes, bumps etc are very annoying. I took a look under the car while it was on the ramp getting tires changed and I found:- a. the front drop down links need replacing - these are being replaced b...
  6. Steering box play

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Trafic 1100.steering box play.Any way I can tighten/shim up play.
  7. MOT Incorrect Failure? Track Rod End Ball Joint as excessive play

    Steering and Suspension
    Hey Guys, I need some help with this MOT failure. My Clio MK2 2000 has failed MOT for "Track Rod End Ball Joint has excessive play offside (poss tie rod also) [2.2.B.1f]" So I decided to sort it out myself. Today I was inspecting the Track End Ball Joint after removing the offside wheel, the...
  8. What guitar do you own ? What did you play previous ?

    General Chat
    Well just as the title says. I have just started learning my second instrument the guitar after been a drummer for 20 years I thought I'd take the plunge and try and learn I have to say I am coming on a treat and I love it :). Music is amazing and can be a brilliant skill in life as well as...
  9. MOT play tests

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi Guys, I'm about to put my car in for an MOT - I'm just wanting to know how much play is usually allowed on the driveshaft and the tie rods? The Offside driveshaft has about 1mm play if rocked towards the front and back of the car -it takes a bit of force to feel it. More notable is that it...
  10. Scenic 2 Acces play in pasanger side wheel

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi just failed MOT 3 times in row on same wheel. Replaced boljoint that he described as play in it. Removed old balljoint i could not move it by hand how that posiable to fail? Then replaced comlate wishbone same thing loads play in wheel. All other rods not seam to have that much play in...
  11. Inner track rod end play

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi All I have a scenic 1.9 dci year 2000 I have had what sounded like a wheel bearing noise coming from drivers side wheel area but after having new bearing replaced the noise is still there. Sounds like a deep humming noise which is worse when turning left and right? I also noticed that there...
  12. master t35 driveshaft play

    i noticed some gearbox oil issuing from where the drivers side drive shaft comes out of gearbox ..digging further revealed play in shaft as it goes into gearbox,,more than the other side ...gearbox is perfect no noises .. but how much is too much... how do i remove driveshaft ...has it got...
  13. play MP3 files in 2006 Megan CC

    Hi! I have an 06 Megan CC with a radio/cd player marked that it will play MP3 files and it does, sort of! It plays them in the order they were put on the disc but the facia clearly shows that I should be able to choose which folder to play. This I am not able to do! I am almost to the point...
  14. play in the wheel on a 1984 renault 5

    Hello, thought i would ask this to see if anyone has any thoughts on it. I found play with the front offside wheel from top to bottom, so changed the wheel bearings. after reasembly the play was still there, on examination of the bearings i couldn't find any fault. The bearings are tight on...
  15. side to side play in front wheel

    Wheels & tyres
    hi,im trying to diagnose what part i will need to fix this,before the dreaded mot and would appreciate a 2nd opinion. its definately not the bearing or the balljoint under the hub.i checked all that as i replaced the broken abs ring.the whole hub moves slightly sideways.indeed you can grip...
  16. Laguna III - How to play music via Bluetooth

    Howdy Forum Folks.... I have an 08 Laguna III. I have the Sat Nav / 6 cd changer model (Dynamique). I have used it for some time with my phone connected via Bluetooth for hands free - and all works well. I recently changed job and so will be doing most of my commuting in the car rather than...
  17. Clio dCi strut top mount play

    Steering and Suspension
    I've a wobble through the car (not through the pedal) under braking and am trying to pinpoint the cause. It seems to be coming from the front end. I put a prybar onto various parts of the front suspension today and other than a possibly-worn-looking O/S droplink, I noticed some play in the strut...
  18. Lets "NOT" play chicken

    Motoring news
    It***8217;s worth showing & making all young kids aware of this, this happened today, not too far away from us. This stupid youth was extremely lucky he didn't end up being splatted like bird crap. :crazy...
  19. School play

    Jokes & funny stuff
    A young boy came home very excited that he had been given a part in the upcoming school play. "What part are playing?" asked his father. "The husband" replied the son. "That's no good" said Dad, "You go back and tell them you want a speaking part."
  20. play in upper gearbox mount

    Hello I have some play in my upper gearbox mount. I have recently replaced the dogbone and the upper engine mount on the offside. I just do not know how to access the last one if anybody could help me out by pointing me in the right direction it would be a big help. :)