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  1. Cd player working in master 2.2 dci 2003 but no volume

    I have an Renault master 2.2 dci 2003 ex ambulance and the cd player/radio works but I have no volume?
  2. Fitting a flp-out screen DVD player

    My mottah!
    Hi, has anyone tried to fit a flp-out Player? Looking at the dashboard with the standard radio fitted it looks like the screen won't be able to come out to the vertical! Looking at the adaptor needed, again it does not look like the screen will come out far enough. Any ideas, please? Thanks for...
  3. how to take out radio/cd player

    In-car entertainment
    hi al I have a grand espace on an 07 plate mk 4 the question is how do I take out the head unit as I need to connect my parrot car phone unit I got all in but cant take out the head unit I can get 1 side out but not the other …. the unit stats spear audio in put but how do I get to it any...
  4. what cd player for R5 n reg 1996

    hi ive got an N reg [1996] renault 5 1.4l and want to replace the cd player in it with original cassette player...what model and type do i need to look for. thanks again...also looking for boot campus badge
  5. Cd player illuminates when player is off

    I have renault megane scenic 1.6 2001 Radio lights are on all the is off and please
  6. Wanted 2011 Clio CD Player

    Hi, I'm looking for a replacement CD Player for a 2011 Clio. Tried loads of places with no success, I need one that is compatible with an in built Tom Tom Sat Nav system. Cash waiting for Item in good condition, if anyone can help would be great to hear from you.
  7. Renault megane CD player (curved front)

    Hello was just wondering if anybody has one of these for sale at a sensible price as I am looking for one for my wifes MK1 Megane facelift model must be the curved fronted version thought I would ask here before doing the ebay thing Thanks in advance
  8. New car CD player

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a new CD player for my 2004 modus. Anyone got any suggestions? Don't want to spend too much but the one that's fitted is a bit rubbish.
  9. Satnav and cd player enquiries

    Hello everyone. I'm struggling to find some straight answers for my carminat tomtom system and cd player in my 2011 Renault Megane III dinamique tomtom. My car came with an old fashioned composite connection (red and white) instead of an normal auxiliary port. Now my question is that if i would...
  10. 2008 Scenic radio/cd player

    I have an 08 Scenic 2 and the stereo has stopped working. Have changed the fuse have also got new Renault stereo. There is just nothing going to the stereo anyone have any ideas as looks as no power getting to it. As I said new fuse put in fuse box inside the car :frown2:
  11. Connecting a MP3 player (e.g. Android mobile phone) to Laguna II Radio/CD unit?

    The unit in my Laguna is just like that in the picture attached. It's the factory-spec standard radio/CD with an in-dash 6 CD changer. Unfortunately, its manual didn't come with the car. I'm struggling to trim down my music collection to just 6 audio CDs. So I've been wondering whether I can...
  12. Radio display and stock Cassette player from Scenic 1 to Megane

    Hi, there! Recently i get a radio, display and satellite from a friend. They are taken from Scenic (97-98, I suppose) And when I tried to install them on my Megane (1,6 Classic , '98) I found, that, there is no place to plug radio display. Friend will get me a plate where display was, so i can...
  13. Renault Grand Scenic 2005 Cd player

    Hi, I have recently bought a Grand Scenic 2005. The cd player seems to be faulty, there is a cd jammed in the unit. There is power getting to it but no sound or details coming up on the dash and steering wheel controls aren't working either. The unit itself lights up but the only button I get a...
  14. New radio GPS dvd player

    Hello I own a Renault trafic 2006 Just bought a new cheap radio DVD GPS tv I'm trying to work out how to connect the yellow swc plug to the new unit There are three plugs from the van 1 power 2 speakers 3 swc I can get a Iso unit to connect the power and speakers but stuck when it...
  15. Fitting cd player to trafic t1100

    Hi all Just bought a 1993 trafic t1100 1.7 and trying to fit a cd player with no luck. I cant find an ISO harness for this van so im connecting wires individually. Ive got power to the unit because the eject button works, but the unit doesnt stay on. Ive connected the earth and the 2 power...
  16. Megane Coupe 2010- CD player on random?

    I've had my car for about a year now, and my CD player is stuck on random? I've tried pressing the symbol/OK button, but there is no beep no matter how long I hold it down. I have tried holding the 1 button down, and nothing. No matter what CD it is, it plays the same 5 songs- someone, please...
  17. CD Player for Renault Scenic

    Hi I have a Renault Scenic Fidji 03 which has a fitted stereo number 22DC278/62R. After inserting a (shop bought) CD i get CD Error in the display with a beep. I have tried removing the stereo for a few hours but still get same error. Has anyone had this problem before and resolved it please...
  18. Cd player cabbase 6 disk

    Hi peeps thanks for having me:laugh: Vel Satis Initiale 3.0 DCi 02.. never heard of one but car was for sale locally cheap and very clean and tidy..but has a few problems :yawn:. 1-charge light warning keeps coming on and off, but charging fine after i replaced the Alternator battery and belt...
  19. 'Too hot' CD player message

    I have odd problem with my CD Player. When I am listening to an audio CD, I got 'Too hot' message on my central screen and my music then stops and CD got ejected. This happens only at the end (17th or 18th song). I can't even touch my CD then because it's so hot, also hot is CD player and all...
  20. Renault Clio Radio/CD Player and SatNav wont power on

    In Car Entertainment
    I have recently had my radio out and disconnected to install a BTParrot. it was all fine and working and suddenly my radio and satnav screen stopped working. The fuse in the main fuse board has been checked and it is fine. any other ideas? there is no life in the radio what so ever and i dint...