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  1. Electronics
    i've been trawling the web to find an indash 6 cd player for my lag 2 with tuner list. i can find one with a lead and no code or with a code and no lead. can these things be coded like you can a head unit? is the indash 6 cd changer the same for tuner and update list? or are the ones that go...
  2. For sale
    As you can see they are currently fitted to my 02 Laguna (Also for sale here) Both screens are fully working and in good condition. Supports SD, MS and MMC 3-in-1 card reader, USB function, Compatible with several DIVX formats, Supports DVD, CD, CDG, MP4, MP3, WMA and JPEG formats Cost Me £150...
  3. Electronics
    Hi all, I have a situation, I updated the wife's car (megane cc) to have a factory cd headunit. The swap over went fine. Now the wife's mother who has the same car wants one as she only has a tape player. After buying one for her and fitting it does not work, nothing comes on the screen...
  4. Electronics
    I have recently got a new Grand Scenic. There is a USB connection but my old MP3 player is not recognised when I plug it in. Obviously all the latest range of ipods will work but how can I found out if other players are compatible?
  5. In-car entertainment
    Hi all - arriving as new member with nice Mk3 diesel espace (1999) replacing my P Mk2 diesel. Previous owner has fitted an aftermarket CD player (LG with remote) under the dash (where the original one was - not under seat) and has hot wired the CD changer at rear to it - yup, I have 2 cd...
  6. Electronics
    I've seen some twin headrest DVD players around, the type where you replace the existing headrests with new ones that have the DVD players built in, and cables that feed through the headrest poles down through the backs of the seats. I've seen an installation video which looks fairly...
  7. Football
    Click here for more unlucky chelsea! But you cant break rules year after year and get away with it! Hope fifa dont buckle on appeal! Got to be the heaviest ban I ever heard of! cant register ANY players, not even youth!
  8. Electronics
    Hi there. I have recently bought a Kango and a Clio Both 2006 - 2007. Can anyone please tell me who makes the Radio/CD players that are fitted in Renault cars? There is no makers name on them and i need the makers name to have them unlocked. Thanks in advance Sam
  9. Football
  10. Electronics
    Hi, I'd like to buy an original Renault Megane Update List version CD player (new shape) but can't find anywhere that sells them bar stupid eBay! Any ideas/ websites?
  11. Interiors
    I have a clio 1.2 16v expression, i would like to upgrade from a tape player to a CD player, i would like the CD Player to work with the steering wheel controls, do you know where i can get one from and how much they cost Many Thanks :)