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    Playstation home beta invites are being sent out, so go check your email's for the code to unlock it. I got mine last night, and it says the invite expires on the 1st of december..... so hurry up:d
  2. Computer Club
    Howdy all, I have just recently bought myself a wireless router in order for me to get the PS3 online...... ......if only it were that simple :steam: Was wondering if anybody else has has the same problem(s) as me and if they knew how to rectify them :confused: What seems to be the...
  3. Computer Club
    As the title says, post your usernames up here and I will keep a list for everyone to access easily. Might be good for someone to do a 360 one too, I won't as I don't have one so don't care, lol:d :p Mike11:~ Bad2beuk (Don't ask, had it since about 2000) martyboi:~ martyboi Mikey:~ mew1980...
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