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  1. Plip, card key

    Just got a 53 plate Laguna and Im having problems unlocking it. Two cards came with the vehicle both will unlock and start it no problem but both keys seem reluctant to lock it, it appears that the cards are the problem as the red light on the card fails to light up most times the unlock button...
  2. megane ir plip

    my only plip was no longer working the car though the light was comming on the fob, Split the fob down and found the black LED was not touching on one side so removed and re-soldered it, now i have no red light!!. Can somene please confirm 1, which way the batteries fit...
  3. Clio plip

    For sale
    I still have an unused Clio plip (as used on 54 plate) that is no longer needed. It was discussed on here sometime ago;
  4. Plip Transponder programming

    Is it possible to configure a transponder plip without me having to visit the ***********.?
  5. Mark 1 Laguna Immobiliser problem. IR Plip type

    Hi guys, First of all I'll give you the background on the car. I bought it a month ago, 1 owner from new, 1996 Laguna 2.0 RXE with the infrared remote central locking. 70000 miles, in great condition, cost me £260. It was intended as a keeper and was fitting in well with the Avantime and 25...
  6. 1999 scenic plip key??

    I have got a 1999 scenic and the drivers door barrel has been changed so the key button don't work as its a different key the button lights up but the doors dont open. the button on the dash works but it's really anoying!!!! any ideas????:crazy:
  7. New battery has stopped plip from working and I can't turn off the alarm!

    Hello Renault people. Please help me. I took my 1996 Megane to the garage to get the battery changed: it seemed on its last legs, and the car was starting only when I gave it a lot of gas. Trouble is, the mechanics changed the battery but then couldn't turn the alarm off. When I arrived at the...
  8. Laguna I - Faulty Plip

    Model : Laguna I - 1997 RXE 2.0 Petrol Problem : One "Plip" key has lost its code I know that this subject has been dealt with on the Forum before and I have read several of the posts with regards to this subject, but I still have 3 unanswered questions. Question 1 My situation is as...
  9. Renault Clio key plip stopped working

    I have an p-reg 3-door Renault Clio 1.4 I could not get it started because the key plip will not work. Although I could get into the car by manually unlocking the driver's door, the engine would not start because of the immobiliser mechanism. The problem seems to be that about a month ago...
  10. Clio 1 1.4 RT - Plip key problems

    I have had problems using the plip key to open central locking doors and then will not start as immobiliser is still flashing.Any solutions?:confused:
  11. Keys and plip

    Having just acquired this Clio, would very be very obliged for some answers. If one requires a new key and plip, does it have to come from a dealer?? Having only one worries me. On the pass door there is a key hole, which I can unlock with the key, but can i drive the car without the plip being...
  12. 2000 Clio 1.4 Sport Plip Problem

    Mornin all, As you can tell i am a total newb to this site. I bought a W reg Clio 1.4 Sport exactly a week ago today and have had a problem with the plip occur twice already. The key seems to be fine, the red led always lights up and i've had the signal strength tested by a mechanic who...
  13. Plip key, immobiliser won't switch off!!!

    Hi everybody, and thanks to the moderators for allowing me on this forum! We have a problem with the coded key and immobiliser. Have changed the batteries in the key, but it won't unlock the car and/or switch off the immobiliser and hence we can't start the car! How do I check that the key is...
  14. IR plip wont stay sync'd

    My 1996 P1 Megane coupe is having the well documented immobilser issue, now, I have the code and I have re-sync'd the key a few times, however, after re-syncing (ie. still sitting in the car) all seems to be fine (locks, unlocks normally) but when I return after a few minutes or hours, it's out...
  15. Kangoo Remote Keys And The Swapping Of Transponders

    My only working Kangoo key has fully given up the ghost. The LED doesn't light when button is pressed, the central locking doesn't work (obviously), and the immobiliser stays on. I thought the switch might be at fault so I desoldered a known working switch from another ebay key and soldered it...
  16. Plip recoding (scenic 97)

    Good afternoon all. At the weekend my plip decided to stop talking to the receiver in my car.......arrgggghhhhhh But luckily after reading 'many' articles on this site I have found a code that enables me to start the car (I guess this code disables the immobiliser)...
  17. Clio 1 IR remote plip programming

    Hi Is it possible to program additional remotes to Clio MK1's? I have one remote which works - but the other one doesn't. I would like to try and get it working. I've read about Clio II's and holding down the central locking switch for a few seconds...but if I do that it either locks or unlocks...
  18. plip sensor

    need some help, i have a megane scenic the key fob started to play up really bad so i bought new batteries for it and now it wont work, i have to put the code in everytime i want to start it, i have tried resyncing the fob but no joy, i think the sensor might be gone, i have had it apart cleaned...
  19. Attention! all Espace owners -New key fobs don't work!!!.

    General Chat
    OK, so, .... We went to the Renault garage today to get our brand spanking new keyfob plumbed in. We ordered the keyfob through the garage in question. When we phoned to see if they were done they said they would phone us back, they phoned back 15 minutes later, my wife relayed what I thought...
  20. renault plip key

    Hi Went to start my 1997 1.6rt scenic last night and nothing happened no c/l and did not turn off immobilizer i mananged with some help off the internet to find my override code for the immobilizer so got the car going today went to renualt main dealer was quoted about £80-90 for new key plus...