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    Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for Renault garages / mechanics. I'm based in Plymouth UK, and I'd also look at Exeter, Devon area generally, and into Cornwall. Thanks, Alex
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    My wife has just bought a 1.6 Renault Scenic 1.6 16V Fidji 5d AUTOMATIC- this is the first time we have bought a Renault in the family so dont know alot about them. Lots of goods said and bad things about them and by the looks of it its the same problems that keep recurring. So hi to everyone on...
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    Hi all. Just bought a 2005 Grand Scenic........................... And yes the problems have started!!! Wish me luck!!!:crazy:
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    Hi.I'm matt I'm 25 from Plymouth Devon. I'm am a new owner of a 53 plate oyster blue 1.9 120 dci dynamique. All though this is only my daily driver I still want to do a few things to it along the way. I am BIG into cars and also own a highly modified 400hp r33 skyline gtst...
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    I am asking this for my son who has just bought a 2003 Megane Estate 1.9 diesel ( his computer is u/s !). He lives in Plymouth and wondered if anyone can recommend a good Renault capable service garage in the area ? Car has 68k on the clock so needs the major cambelt change service very soon...
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    Hello I'm John from Plymouth. I've owned a 1997 Megane 1.6 for three years now, and generally I'm quite please with it. About five months after I bought it, someone very kindly went in to the back of it while it was parked in the street where I live. It needed a new tailgate, back light unit...