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  1. Laguna 3 jacking point for axle stands

    Tools & equipment
    Hi all, I have a Laguna 3 estate, I want to raise the front and put on axle stands. however no room for the trolley jack and stands at the jacking point. Is there a suitable point for the trolley jack which leaves the jacking point free for the axle stands or is there a better approach? Thanks...
  2. Clutch biting point high on my clio

    I've recently changed my clutch beacsue it was slipping with a high biting point. After a couple of hundred miles the biting point returned to being very high, almost like it needed another clutch. I suspect that I've put the clutch cable. However I'm not entirely sure if it could be anything...
  3. high bite point on clutch

    Hey Everyone, i've just bought a 2005 1.6 clio mk3 from a car dealer recently after my test, but i've found one problem. After test driving the car and parallel parking the car fine myself , because i didn't have insurance sorted but taxed the car my dad got in the car and drove home. On the...
  4. Scenic Roof rack anchor point tip

    Hi guy's Recently when fitting my roof rack to my MK2 04 Scenic one of the bolts for fitting the rack snapped off in the hole for the bolt, tried drilling it out but was no good, the point where the bolt goes into is actually a bolt it's self and can be changed which I had to buy from...
  5. Renault modus tune point

    Hey I've just bought a Renault modus expression 61 plate and in the glove box is a connector for an old iPhone/ usb and a headphone jack. I've connected it to an iPod and headphone jack but can't get it too work even when the radio is on aux. Does.anyone have any suggestions.
  6. Laguna I auto shift point

    My automatic Laguna I, 1999 2 litre petrol is reluctant to sift into top gear. Does anyone know if there is an adjustment that can be done to change this? I posted this question on this forum a few months back when we bought the car, but there were no responses. Now that the forum has written...
  7. Roof bar connection point covers

    Hi. I hope this is the right forum to use. Apologies if not. Using a cheap and rubbish roof bar on my Renault Megane (Mk2 1.9 DCI) I managed to break the small plastic flaps that cover the connection points. Firstly do these little this have a name? And where can I purchase replacements? The...
  8. Grand Scenic cannot find earth point for front sidelights

    The sidelights on my wife's Grand Scenic 2007 have stopped working, though tail lights are fine. All this points to a bad earth connection, but I cannot find out where that connection point is. Does anybody know please? Thanks Mike
  9. Clutch Biting Point High

    I there, just joined the forum today. Purchased my first renault today also. :d It a megane 1.5 dci on 2003 plate. I have a question is this normal on megane? Also i cant seem to find out if my car has a dmf or a solid flywheel. any help is appreciated.
  10. Ground point for subwoffer

    In-car entertainment
    Hi there new to the forum sorry if this is the wrong area Anyways I have looked for a ground point in my book and though the bolt for the rear seats was a good idea uniti I could not get them off. What is the next best option if ? Is there a factory ground point or would I have to drill a...
  11. Clutch - low biting point?

    Trying to diagnose a problem with the wifes 2003 1.2 clio. She had to ditch the car on the way to work as the clutch didn't seem to be doing anything. Took a look at it myself and it seems the clutch is only biting (and barely at that) when the pedal is right at the ground. Not sure if I'm...
  12. M�gane 1 rear jacking point rust

    Mégane 1 rear jacking point rust Hello, I've just been taking a look (hard poke) at the Mégane and made the following holes, I guess these will be an MOT fail? Fortunately it's not till April so I've got loads of time to find a replacement, I think it's time to move on rather than get it...
  13. MK111 coolant bleed point help required

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I have a 2002 mk111 auto petrol with FR4 engine. I have noticed temp gauge goes to 4 bars before the engine has warmed up to operating temp. This does seem to be triggering a code to gearbox and is more likely to go into LIMP MODE than not. If I safely stop car and engine and restart the limp...
  14. 02 1.2 Clio Dynamique change in biting point

    Hello, I'd be grateful if anyone has any advice on possible causes for something that's just happened on our Clio. We bought this Clio a few months ago and it only does 8mls per day Monday to Friday. It has always had a very high bite point until yesterday when it changed to a much lower bite...
  15. Renault Megane ISOFIX Point?

    Hi, I have recently bought a Renault Megane I Music (2010) and it has two ISOFIX points in the back seats. I've been reading through the manual but can't make sense of it. Does anyone know how to fit a car seat onto it? Thanks, Kaiden
  16. Renault 21 1.7 multi point injection runs for 5 mins then stops

    Hi I am at my whits end :confused: my Renault 21 savanna 1.7 engine code F3N 723 1994 with multi point injection has been trying my patients for about 5 weeks it has become very troublesome I thought I had a fuel problem but monitoring the fuel pressure all appears sound .What seems to happen...
  17. Stripped Caliper Mounting Point (On hub).

    Hi guys. I replaced the ABS reluctor ring on one side without any problems a couple of weeks ago. It turned out that the side I replaced was the only side damaged, so it sorted the ABS issues. I thought I might as well do the other side as that'll sure to be rusting through soon, especially as...
  18. Megane 3 after market Tune Point

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all, I just bought a 61 plate megane coupe Dynamique TomTom. It hasn't got tunepoint (like my Clio GT Line has) and I was hoping to get it fitted. The chaps at the sales desk seemed to think it was not possible and I would have to just use Bluetooth. Is it possible to fit tunepoint as an...
  19. Tune point software update/Samsung Galaxy Note 2 incompatibility

    In-car entertainment
    I have looked at the Renault website and it days you can update the Tunepoint software, which I have tried to do. When I tried it gave the error message "no music files present. Has anyone else suffered this and if so what can be done to resolve the issue. Also, if the software is updated...
  20. Scenic radiator hose potential leak point

    Heating & cooling
    Hi everyone, whilst doing an underbonnet check on my latest Scenic (1.6 Mk1 2003) noted a possible leak point from one of the main hoses from engine to radiator. Photos attached..... I wonder if a wrong hose has been fitted or are they all like this?