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  1. Bit pointless but meh

    General Chat
    Just thought I'd let you all know my leaky megane 2 convertible has just hit 60k miles and passed its mot with no advisories all in the same week :D So I'm made up. As the title says pointless thread really but I'm super chuffed and wanted you all to know lol Merry February to you all ;)
  2. Pointless Threads: an observation

    Just an observation: but compared to other Technical/generally serious forums we seem to have a great many pointless threads. While I enjoy a laugh & we all do, I wonder, do we need a last person to post, a three word story, a change one letter, song title game, and now countdown from 1000000...
  3. totally pointless but trick !

    Cars & motoring
    for all with keyless entry system diesels,,,, get in car,put in card IMMEDIATELY press start (release, do not keep finger on button )DO NOT wait for heater plugs to go out , sit back and wait a few secs, car auto cranks engine and rumbles to life! apologies if u already know i found out by...