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    Seen in an article on today's MSN Is it a good idea or will it develop into Big Brother for all motoring offences?
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    Police Scotland has had its fair share of criticism since it was formed by merging the individual regional forces, and the rates reported for solving crimes is disappointing to say the least. But don't worry, police vehicles are being updated to have Police Scotland written in Gaelic on...
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    Police blow up ***39;suspicious***39; car outside station - then realise it had been parked there by fellow officers
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    Just seen this article. There's some contradictory double standards in this new legislation :crazy:
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    I agree with the motive for this action but does this move the use of mobiles in a dash-holder for hands-free voice calls into a greyer area??? Unless you also have voice activated calling, you need to press the buttons/screen to select the number and press ring/answer, all of which is legal to...
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    Hi everyone, I got invited to an event taking place on 31st September to Fight for your Rights - Car Enthusiasts Unite in Association with Kudo Nights TV. "WE WILL ALL STAND TOGETHER TO PROTEST OUR RIGHTS AS TAX PAYING ROAD USERS AND TO BE JUDGED AS CAR ENTHUSIASTS AND NOT BOY RACERS FOR...
  7. Tools & equipment
    hello eveyone. i have just been clearing some fault codes from my 02 laguna, i have been unable to clear 5 faults, 1 of them puzzles me slightly, other devices - default memo. plaque de police (police badge)??? does anyone know what this means?? i have seen some weird **** in the computers...
  8. Exterior styling
    Whats legal and what isnt? Im thinking of an old movie "vanishing point" around 1970 just before american muscle cars got emission snipped. Somewhere in it he mounts a mini cycle on the roof with a flashing red light and from a distance the law enforcement officers think its one of their own...
  9. Motoring news
    The carnage this would have caused in an accident really doesn't bear thinking about...... :eek:
  10. Engines
    Started to blow white smoke out the other day, after about 20 miles it stopped, the next day it was making a police siren typre noise when the turbo was spooling and hasn't stopped since. I took the EGR valve out last night and cleaned it all but this hasn't made any difference. I've read that...
  11. General Chat This should keep you busy :d PS... No it's not my ad
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    So ive had my megane about 3-4months my mark one its in red see newbie section .. the BMW estate police car when ever im in town working at Dominos i know rubbish job , he follows me ??? i know hes following me because i signalled right and left occasionally too trip him out and he follows so im...
  13. Cars & motoring
    We live in a time when governments, councils, businesses and individuals are trying to save money, so how come many police forces have endless marked X5s, 5 series, 3 series, etc, etc? I'm not talking about performance cars used to chase people on motorways, but rather, local vehicles. All the...
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    just spotted this Boys in Blue now Using HGV's to catch Rogue Drivers:d Bet they can (and will try to) give their Scooby Driving colegues a Run for thier money, wonder what...
  15. Engines
    Hello everybody. Ive just joined up as i have recently bought a laguna. She really is an amazing car. Heres the problem though. The turbo is constantly whining and sounds like a distant police car. It whines when idling and cruising, but still seems to boost correctly when i accelerate. I have...
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    what I want to know is why she was down so low!!
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    Italian police have crashed their most valuable patrol car, a 165,000-euro (£150,000) Lamborghini.
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    :shocked: A DRIVER was fined for moving a yard through a red light to allow a police van responding to an emergency call to pass, according to the Manchester Evening News. Phillip Lilley was waiting at the junction of Manchester Road and Market Street, in Droylsden, when he saw the van behind...
  19. Computer Club
    Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act flaunts its ugly head
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    if your vechicles are not put on the police data base, by your insurance companies within 7 days and you are stopped.your motor can be impounded with cost to retrieve it.i,e taking your motor to a compound and daily storage,so check your motor is on it. www.Askmid,com