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  1. Kadjar cabin / pollen filter location

    Heating & cooling
    Can anyone tell me where the cabin filter is located on a right hand drive Kadjar? Just want to know if it's reasonably accessible (as opposed to behind the clutch pedal on the Megane!). Thanks.
  2. Pollen filter location Master mk2 (2009)?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi Or is there any? Its EU sold - Denmark. Thanks!
  3. Mk3 trafic pollen filter location

    Heating & cooling
    I thought my pollen filter was beside my clutch pedal, under a panel. But mine seems blanked off with no clip or access panel (just solid molded plastic). What dickwittery is this???
  4. 2007 Clio Campus 1.2 8V Pollen filter location.

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys. Looking for the pollen filter location on my 2007 Clio Campus. I read a post on here yesterday about it being behind the glovebox to the right and I can't see anything. Again I checked the other location on older clio's where its under a cover next to the windshield. Its not under there...
  5. Pollen Filter missing

    Heating & cooling
    Can someone confirm that there is definitely no pollen filter compartment for a 1999 Megane Coupe 1.6 My car handbook and the Haynes service and repair manual, indicate that this is located in the engine compartment. Open hood, then remove air intake vent and pollen filter cover should be...
  6. grand scenic =pollen filter change

    Heating & cooling
    hi Can any one point me in right direction for mk3 dec 2009 grand scenic 1.6 dynamic vvt pollen/cabin filter location as need to change please? I was told the filter is located next to clutch in drivers footwell but they all look like moulded sealed units cannot find the mentioned cover to...
  7. Pollen filter location Renault Megane 2010

    Heating & cooling
    Can anyone please tell me where the pollen filter location is on a Renault Megane III 2010? I am really struggling to find it !!!:nerd: Thanks!:wink2:
  8. Kangoo Pollen Filter

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I have just bought a 2003 Kangoo Van 1.5 DCI (non Air Con) I have changed the following filters Air, Fuel and Oil. I found the blower for the ventilation under the trim of the window wipers. Is it right for it to have no cabin/pollen filter on the blower? There's no fixings there to fit...
  9. Espace 1.9dci 2006 pollen filter

    Heating & cooling
    Can anyone help me. I just changed the pollen filter as it was very dirty But when replacing the new one noticed that at the rear of filter housing it doesn't connect to anything Should it connect to something ? If not how does that work Can't see where it would possibly connect to...
  10. Clio IV pollen / cabin filter location and replacement

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I need to locate and learn where and how to replace the cabin filter of a standard Clio IV TCe. Thank you.
  11. Renault Kangoo Pollen Filter 2003

    Heating & cooling
    Hello, Dose any one know where the pollen filter is on a 53 plate Renault Kangoo. I have removed the wipers and the scuttle but the only thing there is wiper motor, screen wash tank and fan blower but i cant see where the pollen filter is. It has me stumped :crazy: cheers
  12. meg 1.5DCI NO pollen filter

    hi can anyone help i searched the forum to help locate the pollen filter i followed all the steps removing the glove box out taking all the bits out thru all the steps to the final step and there is no filter there. there was another post saying the pollen filter was below the wipers where the...
  13. pollen filter location

    Heating & cooling
    hello ,where is the pollen filter located on a 04 clio dci . I have looked in the cowl behind the engine bay under the plastic cover below the windscreen on the drivers side but its not there and I have looked in the passenger footwell but still no sign ?
  14. Clio Mk2 (I Think) Pollen Filter location and Funny Blue Thing!

    Hi Guys I have got a new Clio that is in desperate need of some love and attention. First things first it needs a good service. Parts arrived this morning, but I cannot find the location of the pollen filter! Can anybody help. It is a 2005 model but have a feeling it is a Mk2 rather than 3...
  15. Can anyone tell me where the pollen filter is?

    On a 2006 petrol 2L grand scenic
  16. pollen filter laguna lll

    Heating & cooling
    Hi . I can't seem to see the pollen filter in the laguna lll. I have removed the glove box and just can't see it. Does anyone know exactly where it is? ??
  17. Megane I - Pollen filter

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, I have a Megane I Classic 2002 (1.6 16V - K4M). I wanted to replace the pollen filter in my car. Looked at all the options available online (cheaper than local stores) there are apparently several different types/sizes. I decided to take the old one out to see what part number it is...
  18. Laguna III 2.0 16v pollen filter location

    Laguna III 2.0 16v cabin filter location :censored::censored: Fitting Instructions Where is the pollen filter? passenger side behind glove box Time to change - approx. 15 minutes How Easy to change - moderate Tools Needed? torx key or torx screwbit Fitting Stage 1:- Open...
  19. pollen filter

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I removed pollen filter as it came out a piece of plastic fell down where an earth does it fit had heater blower out is it importent? Laguna 2 phase 2 2005 1.9dci thanks Geoff
  20. Renault Grand Scenic III 1.5 DCi Cabin Filter Change *pics*

    Heating & cooling
    Eventually managed to change the cabin (pollen) filter on my 10 plate Grand Scenic 1.5 DCi Privelege. This information is for a right hand drive - if left hand drive there are a few websites with manuals - I would suggest trying the Mann site - filter part number CUK27001. The filter is in the...