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  1. Exhausts
    Good morning everyone, its a sunny day in East Anglia! I am seeking some help to confirm the position of the DPF differential pressure sensor on my 2006 2.0DCi grand espace. I have patched up the pipes a couple of times and the car has been running fine over the last 2 years, but last night...
  2. Electronics
    Where can I find a crank shaft position sensor for a 1996 Renault Traffic Eriba car Motorhome Part no 7700742715 Can anyone help please
  3. Electronics
    I have seen this thread before but I need a clear picture of where the drivers seat position sensor connects can't see it at all thanks
  4. Electronics
    Hi i can see that the UCH (interior multiplexer) is in the dash board on the passenger side in an RHD Scenic 2. Does anyone know if it is in the same position (driver's side) on an LHD? and if so what the removal procedure might be? I don't remember seeing anything like that when I had the...
  5. Electronics
    Put aftermarket seats in but cant get this code off it says open circuit or short circuit to 12+ permanant .. do i use a resistor? Tried a 3.9 resistor but does not work its on a clio mk2 1.4 16v
  6. Engines
    So my 2004 Grand scenic 1.9DCI failed on Nearside Front Position lamp not working (4.2.1 (a)) Anybody shed some light on what this is and how much it would be to fix please before I get blasted by Halfords
  7. Electronics
    Hello everyone,i have a 2010,2.0 dci auto Scenic 3 that has developed a problem. The engine hazard warning came on the dash and the mpg dropped through the floor,so i put a little cheapo code reader on and scanned for problems. U0401 P0470 P2299 I cleared the codes and p0470 and p2299...
  8. Electronics
    My Megane (2005 16v 1.6l) stalls at idle in couple of seconds after starting cold if I don't keep the rpm around 2000. I began investigating for the cause and found out that bad camshaft position sensor could cause this behaviour. But to my surprise the sensor's wires seem to be faulty. I...
  9. Engines
    Right, I have a 2008 1.9 Dci Scenic II (RJ08***), lately it's got a flat spot on acceleration where if you come off the accelerator and back on again it works again. I'm trying to replace the Throttle Position Sensor but not 100% sure where it is and what it looks like on my car. I've asked...
  10. Engines
    Renault Scenic 1.6 VVT 2005 P0010 - "A" Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1) Hi All, I have a Renault Scenic 2005 1.6 VVT and it recently started to chug and judder with poor timing. The problem was intermittent but eventually meant that it would not run for longer than a minute or two...
  11. Engines
    Hi A warning came up saying check emissions on my Scenic 1.6 petrol. I scanned for codes and got 0340 camshaft position sensor. I changed this sensor but the message came back after clearing it. Is the error code telling me porky pies? The car runs perfectly, starts straight away and seems...
  12. Engines
    Hi Everyone. I posted a few days ago about my 1.4 16v 2003 clio going into limp mode with the revs revving on their own. The ECU light and coil lights are on. Diagnostics shows P0120 TPS, accelerator pedal position sensor, A circuit malfunction and P0300 Random / multiple cylinder misfire. I...
  13. Engines
    Hi guys, yes me again. im really starting to regret buying this laguna now, on its first start it revs at 3.5k for about 15 seconds, then drops to 2.5k for another 10 seconds, then returns to its current idle speed of 1.1k (yes i know thats high aswell but its only started idling at 1.1k since...
  14. Engines
    My first post on this site, hopefully someone can help, so here goes. The other week cut out a couple of times when slowing down to traffic lights(in the same day), but restarted after turning over a few times, and been running fine since then. I hooked it up to computer and got a fault code...
  15. Electronics
    i have a Renault magan grand scenic exp-sion 16v i had a problem of the windows going down on there own (surprise surprise) found out how to deadlock them in the closed pos i now need to deactivate the deadlock can anyone help
  16. Electronics
    can anybody please help as I need to know resistance checks on a grand scenic clutch position sensor .I have the unit off the car and all looks good but without knowing resistance I cant be sure .any help would be great thanks:wink2:
  17. Electronics
    Hi! I have a problem with my brake lights. They work normally when the position lights are off but when I switch them on, they light up as well, all three. The only difference is that they seem to shine bit brighter when I push the brake pedal. Short circuit was suggested elsewhere in this...
  18. Interiors
    the passenger seat of my 06 Renault Megane is stuck in the fully reclined position and the handle to bring it back up doesn't have any affect, any ideas how to fix this and what tools I will need.
  19. Transmissions
    I'm asking for advice this time! A customer of mine has a scenic mk111 and the position sensor on the clutch pedal has broken. My question is, are the position sensors standard for most of the Renaults or are they model specific. Looking at pictures on ebay they all look the same and sellers are...
1-19 of 121 Results