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  1. In-car entertainment
    Amateur question, which colour is positive and which one negative? Is the front right speaker in a clio mk4 2014. Also will the left speaker be the same colours? If not which of them will be poss and neg. Thanks!
  2. Engines
    Hi All I have a F9Q Engine in a Suzuki. But they don't have the PCV in Australia and its 4-6 weeks delivery. What I'm trying to do is get from this forum a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) from a Megane 2003 - 2008 that has a F9Q engine with the attached Valve (see photo). So that I can get...
  3. Electronics
    Hi I have an 2003 Kangoo Van. I need to tap into the positive feed going in to the reverse light for my rear camera. I was looking for a red wire but there's no red wire going to the rear lights. What other colours for rear lights other than red could positive be? Thanks.
  4. Electronics
    hi im suffering the drain thing .i have battery on charge ,so i thought id clean the terminals,there are 3 fusees on it one main 2 small on 1 small fuses is charred do you think that may be something to do with drain alsothe wire that connects to is frayed a bit which is now taped up.could...
  5. Engines
    Espace 1.9 dci I took off oil cap sbd I am getting strong puffs of air coming out like a steam train no smoke cold engine but I do get smoke if I take off cap after driving history is after oil change and engine flush I was getting a strong smell of heat/oil burning after driving. a few days...
  6. Engines
    Hi all I don't know if anyone can help me out here, but the positive battery connection on my 2004 1.5 DCI Kangoo has been well sort of butchered. All the connectors are all screwed to a standard battery terminal. Everything seems to work ok but it looks a bit iffy to say the least. I would try...
  7. Electronics
    Hi All we have a Laguna 3 2008 and I have fitted a dash camera for insurance purposes BUT I cannot for the life of me locate a permanent positive wire inside the cabin somewhere all the ones I have found switch off after about 1 minute after the car is locked. I have used the...
  8. Electronics
    Hi, I am looking for suggestions on my fault. The car is a Laguna II petrol, registered in 2005, 1598cc. Two weeks ago the car refused to start when the ignition button was clicked. There was no life on the console except for the red immobiliser light. There was absolutely no ignition life...
  9. Electronics
    I need to access the positive feed to the reversing light to get power for a rearview camera. What is the trick to removing panels etc, to get at the lamp or the wiring at a point closest to the top centre of the hatch opening?
  10. Electronics
    After spending hundreds of pounds on the permanent live feed problem afflicting my 2003 Mk 2, 1.2, 16V with 80k on the clock, it has become beyond economic repair so it's gone to the breakers! My first and last Renault. Thank you to all those that tried to help me.
  11. Engines
    Hey guys, yeah now the HG seems ok I can turn my attention to some other niggles I want to fix. When I remove the oil filler there is quite a lot of pressure blowing out of the engine, isn't it normally ment to be a negative or vacuum at the oil filler? Trouble is I know little about a turbo...
  12. Electronics
    I have a 2003 Laguna 1.9 DCI and have noticed that the positive battery lead has been shortened compared to other models the same as mine. I have noticed on the others that just away from the positive terminal is a light coloured rectangular unit. I don't know what it is for or what it does...
  13. Electronics
    hi i have a laguna 2002 i`m looking for the negative pulse wire & positive pulse wire for locking and unlocking the doors where can i find these and what colour is the wiring thank you so much
  14. Engines
    The engine keeps running after I remove the ignition key on my 03 1.2 16V Expression!! I've discovered by accident that instead of stalling the engine I can stop it by pressing the clutch and foot brake simultaniously!! However, that still leaves the dash lights on. The only way I can turn them...
  15. Electronics
    I have a Clio 04 1.2 and was replacing the possitive battery lead when my spanner touched the metal box around the battery and sparked. Now the car is totally dead when i turn the key and wont start, it wont even turn over. Any help apprieciated and thanks in advance
  16. Cars & motoring
    Good day all, I'm looking for a cheap 4x4 and being the owner of an Espace and Clio I thought about a RX4. However, having looked on the forum and seen such comments as exploding gearboxes, horrendous mpg figures failing drive shafts I think I might look elsewhere. Is this a true reflection...
  17. Electronics
    Hi all I have some DRLs to fit to my Clio but I am unsure which wire is the positive wire (the driver side has a brown and grey wire going into the sidelight and the passenger side has a white and brow wire) seen as they both have brown wires am I right to presume this is the positive one ?
  18. Electronics
    Hello, I have an 07' plated Grand Scenic. I had the starter motor replaced a couple months ago and everything has been working on my car fine. 4 days ago the main fuse on the battery (the one on the positive terminal - the big fuse) had blown. I had no idea what it was called breakdown, he...
  19. Formula 1 news Raikkonen was back behind the wheel of a Formula One car on Monday, as he began on-track preparations for his planned comeback this season. Raikkonen, who will race for Lotus (formerly Renault) in 2012, completed around 300 kilometres...
  20. Electronics
    I have a headlamp washer pump that has two pins, one labelled 1 and other is 2. Is there any way to determine which one is positive? Perhaps somehow with a multimeter?