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  1. Scenic 3 Issues after changing brake fluid

    Have MOT in 10 days and the brake fluid was tested last year at 160 deg. C boiling point. So I changed it today, bought ATE DOT4 SL6. It was last changed at renault dealer in 2017 (7711575501, that should be plain DOT4). Good old one man pumping method, did it on a couple of cars, no problem...
  2. Media nav post codes clio 64 plate

    Can into me help sat nav only allows me to put in 6 characters (which is as much use as a chocolate teaspoon)I have updated it via toolbox but still no go. Any ideas please
  3. Re: Not the Last person to post...

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    Re: Not the Last person to post... How have you managed to move Last from General Chat .. :grin2::grin2::grin2::grin2::grin2: Last
  4. Re: engines

    Re: engines Video with sound of my RX4 Opinions please guys. :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :d :cool: :crazy: :eek: :moonie: :devil: I'm Last!
  5. Add video to a post

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    I***8217;m trying to add video to a post from my phone is this possible if so how thanks
  6. Had to post this

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    Had to post this. I worked many years in Asia and I am sure DD has seen the same. Hope it works. This is really not uncommon. In SE Asia families are carried and gas bottles delivered by bicycle.
  7. Hi all 1st post

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, joined to see if I can get answer to the problem with my poorly Renault master van which I need back on the road again to do all the work I have mounting up. Now Ive introduced myself im off to the tech forum for some expert advice, see you later.
  8. This post is posted under duress!!!

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    I have been instructed by a certain Lancs Dave? Remember him? No! Oh well here goes :| Got an email off the concrete mixer himself Mr Lancs Dave just to let you know he is still around, I know, but just passing on the message so don't shoot me!:wink2: Apart from having man flu he is ok but his...
  9. Post reply notifications

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    Hi all ,just a quick question. Is there a way I can get a notification when someone replys to a post iv started,just so I'm not having to check all the time .thx
  10. Last post ***x1f62d;

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    Hi guys after owning my clio for little over a year and a half it's finally time to part ways with the old girl, I just wanted to thank everyone for all their help over the course of the last year with my various problems. I wish you all the best. Ryan x
  11. First post Be gental. Trafic 1.9 woes

    Evening folks , Just saying Hi and hoping to get some gen on the Renault life! Never owned one ,worked on r5 gt turbos 11 turbos in my youth.But hey I needed a Van and not a transit. So bought dead dci-100 Turbo blown, and ran away.So far I drained the oil from the hoses and intercooler ...
  12. order of post's

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    Ok just over a week ago I noticed some option to display posts within a thread as newest first now every thread i read is displayed newest first but for the life of me I cannot find out where this selectable option was :forehead:I would like to put it back to default (thread start first) as I'm...
  13. Post side impact MK3 Megane worth buying?

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    Hi folks, I'm looking for a cheap 1.5dCi with no FAP, dual mass FW... I got hold of a 2009 post crash Megane, in lovely red color, dCi 86 and looks neat. What I like about it is the fact that the seller was honest with me and told me that it had a side impact. The car is already fixed and...
  14. David's self introduction post

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi to One and All. As a new member to the Forum a bit of information about myself. As you can see my name is David owner, from new, a Clio Campus 2007. Currently fitted with Michelin Winter Tyres because of the snow etc. Current Mileage 98,200 miles. Over the moon with my Clio so much so...
  15. Introduction Post

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Apparently I need to post this as a new member??? Hopefully job done and I can now ask a question.
  16. post code problem

    when i enter post code only lets me enter 3 digits can any kind person help
  17. Why i cant post!!!!

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  18. Dead Battery

    Hi folks, recent problem on my daughter's Modus 1.5. Fully charged battery to start with but it does not appear to be being charged in normal use. Battery will be 'dead' next time ignition is switched on. There does appear to be a buzzing, clicking sound in what looks like electrics box under...
  19. First and likely last post.

    Evening all. Following on from title I've owned an espace mk 4 1.9dci for little over 4months having paid about 1k. Few quirks overcame with thermostat wiring fixed sorting turbo lag before an oil leak from all directions became apparent. No source as such suggested my mechanic as opposed to...
  20. post lamber sensor possible fault or not

    just run another test on the lamber sensors both have passed god knows how many times but still 10-100 miles the engine light will come on but today i notice the flexi pipe is breaking away so at times could be letting fresh air in before the post lamber sensor so will this or could this be...