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  1. 1st time posting here

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone i own a 2010 trafic passenger sl27 sport absolutely love it . Me and my kids being Batman fans have knicknamed it the Batvan as it's black with blacked out windows sad I know but hey ho. The problem I have is only a small one I hope the reverse sensors don't work it has the audible...
  2. Posting and other site problems

    Hi All Having trouble posting quick reply, when you click on the post reply nothing happens, I have to 'go advanced' to be able to post my comment, also cannot see thumbnails. is this a site problem? Many thanks
  3. Finally Posting On Here! haha

    Hi Everyone! Joined up on here aaaages ago when I had a 04 Laguna, never posted due to an accident happening shortly after. Anyway, present day. Back in the saddle of a Renault. :smile2: I recently bought a 2001 Megane 1.4 16v of a little old dear who had owned it from new! :surprise: Only...
  4. Please Read Before Posting

    Ask the Experts
    I have seen a number of threads now where people have joined and asked for help to only respond with sarcasm. Also people getting angry if they haven't had a reply.. This forum is very fortunate that it's not only got some great advice already on here if you use the "search" function but that...
  5. Why are my posting disappearing?

    General Chat
    Why are my posting disappearing? I have posted two things in the "ask the expert" I see a very quick message about approval, and then my posts never appear.
  6. posting of new threads

    General Chat
    Just wondering how to get access to posting new threads on problem solving. I wanted to share my experience
  7. Newbie, well as regards posting anyway

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all I've been lurking on here for a while now hoping to glean information to keep my ScenicII 1.9dci in tip top running order. It has worked so far. However my engine didn't start this afternoon so I'll post a thread with the details and hope the depth of knowledge on here can assist me in...
  8. Posting embedded Youtube Vids

    I've noticed lately a lot of members have difficulty posting embedded Youtube Video clip, with that in mind here a quick "How to do it" E.G This is the url to the clip I want to post most of which we don't need. The only part which is needed follows v=...
  9. Rules For Posting In This Section

    Forum Sponsor Feedback Area
    This forum is intended for site sponsor feedback whether it be good or bad, it is not intended for bashing, name calling, unwanted cheer leading, or rude conduct. Members are supposed to post real world feedback from personal experiences, only post in this section if you have had personal...
  10. Hello, Time to stop reading and start posting.

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, My name is Kinners, and for the last 48 hours have been reading just about every thread i could in an attempt to diagnose an issue I have with my Renault. I've now realised that there are many possible answers to my problems so I've decided to post to get clarification. Keep your eyes open...
  11. posting a new thread

    ignore - sorted
  12. Posting duplicate threads / posts across the forum. (please read)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi there. Just as a bit of background for your information; for newbies, there may be a delay in the thread or post you add to the forums. This is regrettable, but a necessary step, as the Mod/Admin team have to ensure the thread / post complies with the rules and approves / amends / rejects...
  13. Newbie posting

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All, the name is Tony and I have a Renault... Got a Laguna II DCI 130 Priv (06 on an 05 plate), had it for a couple of years now and its started to get a bit noisy under the hood (drivers electric window cable gone also). The noise reminds me of the older type diesel cars noiser than it...
  14. Posting personal / contact details on the forums - please read

    General Chat
    Hi all, the Mod & Admin team have noticed an increase in posts whereby the OP wants a quick reply by email address or via a contact number. Firstly, this is wholly unnecessary, as the private message system exists to allow privacy, and if the answer to the question would benefit the forum -...
  15. Newbie Posting - Climate/Air Con Prob

    Heating & cooling
    I've had a good trawl through the forums, and can't find what i'm after, so hoping someone would lend a hand. Had car 4 months now, and everything working brilliantly. But today of all days in this heat the climate control stops working. Put down to 16 degrees in auto mode, and the digital...
  16. Posting Problem

    Hi, Iam sure you don't need me to point out the forum is having a problem with regards to posting a post or thread on the forum, When you hit the post button it either times out as if your post hasn't been posted, or if you hit the post button again it says you've posted a duplicate post...
  17. Image posting guidelines

    Photography Club
    Some guidelines surrounding posting images on the forum.
  18. Advise on posting pics with repairs

    General Chat
    Hello All I have been following the site and it has helped me immensely, I changed rear shoes the other week for the first time in years, normally chuck the Lag in the shop. Found out what is knocking on the back end, (suspension bushes) and found that water leaks in Renaults are common. We...
  19. Jinxing you car by posting

    General Chat
    Anyone else have an irrational fear of posting something on this forum which basically says "...but I fixed it by doing xxx and I haven't had a problem since" ?? I like to think I'm a logical, sensible sort of bloke (I'm a controls engineer) and I'm not superstitious in any other way, but I...
  20. help in posting photo's!

    Photography Club
    A little help needed, when i attach photos they come up with a little picture, i have not figured out how to attach a large photo that you dont need to click on to see properly, how is this done please! Ian.