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  1. Laguna MK I Power Steering

    Steering and Suspension
    My 1999 has corrosion on the rigid pipework, causing leaks. Replacements are not available. Will components from any other models fit eg MK II? If I could get replacement unions that screw into the valve block on the steering rack, I could have flexible hose made up to restore the system. Will...
  2. Laguna 1.9 dci low power, help

    General Chat
    Hi, i have problem with my car, laguna 1.9 dci 105 ps 6 speed. It does not like to accelerate, gas pedal full and it accelerate slow very slow on motorway, when release gas pedal it looks like get more power, can someone help me what to check thnx
  3. Loss of power

    Before Christmas I had a problem with my 99 clio seriously losing power while driving. It started to judder and smell like burning, I managed to get it home at 10mph, that's the most it would do and it was trying to stall all way back stopping at traffic lights. It wouldn't even pull to get up...
  4. 12 v DC power supplies

    Hi i have a laguna 1.5 dci estate the 12v power supplies in both the centre arm rest and rear passenger compartment are not working are these controlled by a single fuse and if so does anyone know if it is a fuse located in the engine bay fuse box? the one that is a cigarette lighter and...
  5. Master 2.5dci 120, low power

    having recently purchased a Renault Master based motor home it appears to be very low on power and only revs to about 3000rpm, please any ideas what the problem might be. done 68000, cam belt replaced at 64000
  6. 19mph or 31mph message on dash and centre console loss of power

    Hi all New to here,hoping someone can help. I have a 17 plate Megane GT Line. It has this strange fault that it keeps having where I get a 19mph or 31mph message on dash near to the speedo and the centre console loses power. You hear a relay click and the centre console goes off....after...
  7. No power to centre console

    Ask the Experts
    Need some advice please. I have a Renault Grand Scenic 2011 with no power to the cigarette lighter, electronic parking brake switch, or centre console. Receiving "check transmission" fault. Swapped body control module and ECU etc to make sure they're ok. Still no power to above. Personal...
  8. Dreaded loss of power

    Evening all. Having fixed my low battery, PAS pump, crank and idle pulley, expansion tank and changed my front suspension I now have another problem. My Laguna 2005 1.9dci has now lost some power, noticeable when going uphill but also putting foot down on the flat. When I set off it revs ok...
  9. Master Power Steering

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi my name is Richard I have a 1990 Master T35D mk1 and I won***8217;t to fit a power steering system on it can anyone suggest what system would I obtain Many Thanks Richard
  10. 2010 Scenic Auto, loss of power & fault messages

    Just picked up a seccond hand 2010 Renault Scenic 2.0L petrol automatic as a new family car from a dealer and it went wrong on the ride home! We were at a junction, waiting to turn right and it just lost power, my mum was driving at the time, the pedal was pushed right down and nothing happend...
  11. Electric power steering installation

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello Iam trying too install electric power steering on my twingo 1997 1.2 with no electric steering. I got 5 wires that needs too be connected i think too engine speed,vehicle speed,ignition on. Can someone help me what color is what function and needs connect were? See picture and ty
  12. Scenic 2 sliding console power cable?

    Hi. Can you buy a replacement power cable for a sliding centre console? Just I bought one for my scenic, but the connector has been snipped off of the cable. I noticed that it connects to a green connector on the inside. I can try and get some photos if needed to verify what I am talking...
  13. Renault Clio mk2 lacking in power?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, me again. I maybe having my dad's Renault Clio of him but it does feel really under powered and the steering feels odd. She's a 2003 1.2 16v extreme 2. She has done roughly 89k. Serviced last no clue. Obviously I'll be getting it done of I take ownership. She is perfectly fine once in...
  14. Can you power a window motor manually to close the window?

    The window on the rear of my Scenic has been playing up for a while. I got a replacement regulator on eBay, and it worked fine - however today - the window wouldn't come back up. I just wondered if it would be possible to remove the regulator from the motor and put 12v across it, I could make it...
  15. Renault Espace 2005, second gear - no power

    This is my first French car and local car mechanic cannot fix the problem. I already blow a lot of money. Problem: Sometimes when the car is in second gear, I press the gas pedal but nothing going on. Engine not response. Or takes a long time. Mostly at a lower speed and when going uphills...
  16. Power Steering oil seal

    Steering and Suspension
    Does anybody know the part number for a replacement oil seal for a G9T power steering pump? The pump is easy to dismantle and put back together but I can't seem to find an oil seal and loathed to pay for a new pump for the sake of a £3 seal. The existing seal has B39052 on it and the letters...
  17. any way to stiffen up power steering?

    Steering and Suspension
    just got a new mk4 2016 car and finding it very light on the steering. lovely for parking yes but when driving along and cornering it would be nice to tighten it up a bit . - anyone of doing that but not doing anything drastic? maybe just got to get of it because our previous car was a Mk2...
  18. power steering whine? but...

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello, I have a problem with my steering wheel. It makes a noise, like a creeking noise, when I turn it. I have had a look around and most people say things like, "the power steering fluid is low". I have looked through my Haynes manual and it says I either have power steering or rack and...
  19. Power supply in USB .. Laguna 3

    Hi Im using DAB adaptor, but have lost 12v power in my USB connection. Where do I find fuse for this. Cant find it in the instruction book. Dan Rasmussen
  20. Switch off of Landlines PSTN No dial out in the future in power cuts.

    General Chat
    A very interesting article in about the future of telecoms and the ramifications of ending the PSTN network. The upshot is you will not be able to dial out in an emergency in a power cut. If you have a normal phone without the need for a power connection you can still use your phone...