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  1. Safrane 2.0 2009-No power to one of the ignition coil from ECU

    I have a safrane 2.0 2009 model car. I was very happy with my car till i changed my spark plugs. Somthing wierd after my garage guy installed new set of spark plugs. I was told there is no power to one out of 4 ignition coils and only 3 cylindars are woking now. As a result too much jerking and...
  2. No power from ECU to crackshaft sensor Renault Trafic..

    Hi i have a Renault Trafic 1.9dci 2004. I think i have got problems with the ECU. The Crankshaft sensor is getting no power from the ECU. There is a pink and white wire from the plug on the crankshaft sensor got straight to the second plug on the ECU i have done a continuity test so no breaks...
  3. Sudden Loss of Power - 1.5 dCi Scenic

    I have a Grand Scenic 2007 1.5 dCi with some Renault 'issues'. a. Starts fine b. Slow to accelerate, does not feel like the turbo is kicking in at all until 3000rpm. c. Sudden loss of power - lift accelerator / dip clutch to resolve.This happens in whatever gear / speed / temp and around 5...
  4. Laguna II 1.9dCi-Loss of power uphill

    Hi to all,i'am driving 2002.Laguna II 1.9dCi 88kW,i had problems with MAF that its sorted and fixed,few days ago i changed the EGR valve,car is accelerating good now when its driving on flat road without uphills,but what i noticed when uphills come in 4,and 5 gear it loose power,i press pedal to...
  5. Intermittent loss of power (PO638)

    Hi guys, I have a 2003 Renault Scenic 11 running on petrol and LPG. About a year ago I experienced power loss and took it to a garage abroad and mechanic did something with accelerator pedal. This fixed it and it has been fine for many months. Now the problem has returned where when I...
  6. Toxic fumes warning light coupled with loss of power, Clio 2010

    Our 2010 1.2 Renault Clio toxic fumes warning light comes on and the car looses power. A recent service failed to find this fault, although the technician did describe cleaning a part (don't know which one) which commonly gets blocked. Has anyone encountered similar faults? If so can you...
  7. No power to radio on Mk 3 Grand Scenic

    Hi, My son in law has always fitted my aftermarket car radios, but we have encountered a problem with my Mk3 Grand Scenic. We have the correct harness for connecting my Pioneer DAB radio, but there is no power to the radio, which is in perfect working condition. When the original Renault...
  8. No power at all then it came back!

    I have a Renault Megane Sports Tourer (2013). I stopped at the shops to buy something, the car locked but when I returned to it a few minutes later it opened (indicators flashed, etc) but then nothing at all - no lights, no power whatsoever! I called the Breakdown recovery but by the time he...