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  1. Master (Movano) Remap for more power.

    Tuning & Modding
    Hi guys, I have a 2009 2.5 cdti 100ps Movano (campervan) and it is struggling for power. Has anyone got any information on remapping the engine for more power? I understand this engine was sold with more horsepower, could I just get someone to update the ECU? Or if anyone...
  2. No power since Turbo replacement **Solved**

    Ask the Experts
    Afternoon guys, I've pitched up at a campsite with a friend who has a 3.0 140 dCi Master (2004) who's struggling with power issues. In June, his turbo blew and he had it replaced with a reconditioned one. The mechanic claimed no parts of the impeller had gotten loose (based on how much he...
  3. Loss of Power 1.2 Kangoo on wet days!

    I am having intermittent trouble with my 1.2 petrol Kangoo loosing power when the engine is cold. It starts up first time, but then I can struggle to get to the end of our road. It's a bit like it's running out of fuel... foot to the floor but just crawling - like there is some problem...
  4. Lost power to radio

    Hi I have lost the constant 12v supply to my radio. I have checked the fuse but it only supplies the ACC power Can anyone tell me where it comes from. Is it direct from the battery
  5. Power steering & braking system fault, check abs

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi everyone, just over a month ago I bought a 2nd hand Renault Clio 2015. This morning the dashboard shows there's a power steering and braking system fault, as well as requesting me to check the ABS. THE CAR DIDN'T START EITHER. PLEASE HELP!!!!
  6. renault megane 2009 esp, abs, break system, airbag and power steering fault

    A couple of days ago the sensors on my Megane started playing up, showing every possible error and completely bugging out. On top of the errors mentioned in the title, the doors kept locking and unlocking whilst I was driving. The speedometer went blank, the car temperature disappeared and revs...
  7. Power outage? - Total electric power loss from the battery

    Hi :frown2: Yesterday i went out to my 2006 Renault Espace Privilege and was surprised to find no response at all to my electronic key. After several tries in which the doors remained firmly locked I opened the passenger door with the 'secret key' and gained access to inside. No interior light...
  8. 2002 Renault Scenic 1.6 MK1 intermittent power loss

    Ask the Experts
    Good Day I hope someone can possibly assist me or guide me in the right direction. My 2002 Renault Scenic 1.6 MK1 +-218000km has intermittently started losing power. Saturday while I was driving it suddenly had complete power loss where the petrol pedal was flat to the ground, and it was...
  9. Megane 175 DCi No Power - Low fuel flow

    Ask the Experts
    2007 Megane 175 Dci with M9R motor and a mere 205k miles on it. Driving well until suddenly lost all power and would barely do 20mph. Left switched off all day hoping it would forget its latest problem, but no better in evening. Got towed home (would have driven at 20mph, but no more). Starts up...
  10. laguna 2.0 petrol 2008 losing power

    HI everyone a few weeks ago every now and then as driving along my car would have a little splutter for a second or 2 I can only describe it as feeling like about to run out of petrol but only ever did it for a split second then was fine. however the other day I tried to pull out of a junction...
  11. Renault traffic 1.9tdi coil light and engine power loss

    I need advice on engine power loss on traffic 1.9 tdi. coil light on dash shows with intermittent loss of power? I know it***8217;s sensor related any ideas?
  12. Clio 1.2 2013 loss of power, engine management and hill assist warning

    This is an intermittent fault which occurs mostly on a Monday when the car has stood idle over the weekend. After a short drive it goes into reduced power mode with the engine management light coming on and a warning about the hill assist. After being left alone for a while it then starts ok...
  13. Low power Renault Trafic 2.5 dCi 140

    Hey guys, I'd be really grateful for help and advice regarding my Trafic van. I've tried everywhere, but with no joy. A while ago my van started to really struggle with low or next to no power. It was literally 1st gear on any sort of hill. I removed the maf sensor, which helped, but the van is...
  14. Media nav power fault!!

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all I have a clio media s nav 16 plate. Woke up yesterday morning to find there is no power to my radio, light comes on when it's dark around the power button but nothing but a blank screen. Garage says all fuses are fine, any ideas? My car has just run out of warrante grrrr
  15. Clio mk3 1.4 power loss on cornering

    Ask the Experts
    Clio mk3 1.4 loses power when cornering right on roundabouts any ideas ?already had plugs coil pack lambda sensor .any help appreciated.
  16. Renault Clio 1.2 TCE 2007 Oil in breather Pipes, power loss and burning blue smoke

    Hi, I have a Clio MK3 2007 1.2 tce problem is oil everywhere in the air inlet and breather pipes. When you boot the car the turbo boost comes in for a split second and then a major loss of power and back to vacuum, blue smoke out of the exhaust, also will not pull up a hill. The rocker cover...
  17. Scenic 11 erratic power

    Hi everybody, back here after a long gap. I picked up a Scenic 11 yesterday, 2005 with the 1.5Dci motor, 75K miles. Recently used only for short journeys. Now, on the way home (60 km) it had occasional flat spots and black smoke, usually accelerating. I gave it a bit of welly a couple of times...
  18. Scenic 1.9 dci (2007): intermittent loss of power

    2007 Scenic 1.9 dci 142,000 miles. Occasionally when I try and accelerate - no power. It feels as if the turbo is stuck, or no fuel is getting through. After 5-10 seconds, eventually power comes back. I am thinking the possibilities are; - stuck turbo wastegate (lube it?) - fuel blockage issue...
  19. Loss of power laguna dci 131ps laguna

    Hi guys, need some help with my 2006 laguna dci 131ps after i mounted a new cover to fit over the injectors.(Black plastic cover with two 10mm screws).To fit that i took of the pipe from the intercooler with the throttle body.First i unhocked the minus from the battery of course.Then i unhocked...
  20. Electric power steering

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have a loss of power to the steering pump on my 2004 kangoo van the pump is located in the n/s/f wheel arch with a red and black wires but no power has some one had this problem and what do I need to fix thanks