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  1. 2.5 dci lack of power

    Hi all new to the Renault scene and got this traffic to build into a day van show the dubs how to go on.... Onto the subject in hand. Engine has intermittent starting lacks power and cuts out under load sent it to a diesel specialists and they said fuel rail was dumping the pressure so fitted...
  2. laguna power steering issue

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a 2004 Laguna 1.8 Extreme which has developed an intermittent power steering issue. When the car is started there isn't a problem but once warmed up, the power steering drops out at low speed such as manoeuvring, parking etc. I'm inclined to think the power steering pump is on the blink...
  3. 2004 Renault Kangoo 1.5Dci with constant 12v power to glow plugs?

    Hi Guys, I would really appreciate your help with this very annoying problem I have been facing since I purchased this 2004 Renault Kangoo Expression 1.5 Dci for a general run around a few months ago. It does have high mileage 103Km but well Maintained and well looked after. I have had a few...
  4. 1.5 dci vibrating, and slight power loss

    hi, have recently bought a 1.5 dci scenic, bought cheap with a few problems. I am a mechanic and have worked a lot on this engine as where I work mainly deals with Nissan. vehicle vibrating and found top engine mount and lower gearbox torque bar worn. replaced still no better. plugged car in and...
  5. Lotus confirm switch to Mercedes power for 2015

    Formula 1 news will switch from Renault to Mercedes power units next season after agreeing a long-term supply agreement with the German manufacturer. The deal, which was highly anticipated, ensures Mercedes will continue to provide power units to...
  6. Loss of power

    Hi all, I am experiencing a new problem with my Megane. The problem is that it starts fine and idles fine. When I come to drive it, I barely hear the turbo whistling. After 3000 rpm the turbo kicks in. I had a fault with the spanner flashing, the error code was P2263. I reset the error codes...
  7. Power loss issues

    Im currently working on a friends car atm. iv just changed the air filter and done and oil change aswell but having trouble now with the power side iv checked the waste gate and it seems to be ok.
  8. kangoo electric power steering no power

    hi I have a 2003 1.5 dci kangoo with electronic power steering which is not working I checked feed to the pump but it does not have any, I then removed the relay I have 12v from the ign feed(pin 3) and 12v from battery feed(pin 1) but nothing from the ecu feed (pin 2) but i do have continuity so...
  9. Trafic 05 1.9 Dci more power wanted, please help.

    General tuning
    Hi everyone, Sorry its been a while since I wast last on the forum, I have a Trafic 05, 1.9 dci, it has had a Venom remap and made a modest difference, I'm wonder what other mods can be done to get more from the engine, is there a turbo from say a 130 laguna perhaps? decat, well clearing the...
  10. Espace 2007 2.0dci 175 power loss and boost hiss

    Hallo all, I have a bit of an unusual problem I think... Couple of days ago, noticed a bit of a hissing sound whilst driving which became noticeable worse followed by a power loss......aha - a boost leak I thought, and proceeded to try to locate it. I checked all of the intake pipework, and...
  11. Espace Mk IV power steering

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi guys. While waiting at traffic lights, the stop sign and alarm came up on my dash. A small amount of smoke came up from the drivers side of the bonnet. When I drove off, I found I had no power steering. I managed to pull into a car park, and when looking at the engine I saw that the...
  12. Honda reveal first picture of 2015 power unit

    Formula 1 news have unveiled the first image of the turbocharged V6 power unit they are developing ahead of their 2015 Formula One return with McLaren. Progress on the new engine has reached 'prime phase', with the Japanese manufacturer now...
  13. pressing accelerator causes loss of power

    I have a scenic 1.6 petrol. When the engine is warm pressing on the accelerator actually slows the car instead of speads it up. I can only accelerate by using the gentlest pressure on the pedal and putting up with a very slow increase in speed. Any ideas what might be at fault?
  14. Weird happenings/loss of power

    Hello everyone, Yesterday i took my 2005 scenic 1,5 dCi (78 Kw) on a small trip on the highway about 150 km. On the way there everything worked well, engine was pulling ok, cruise control working no problem whatsoever. On the way back however it started doing something weird . I was cruising...
  15. Megane 1.5DCI: Glow Plugs not receiving power? Wont start

    Hi all, I have read these forums many times to sort problems they are brilliant, Thanks My Megane Mk II 1.5dci is struggling to start in the cold, (engine turns over fine comes up with "Check injection") (last year had it scanned and glow plug open circuit came up, changed all glow plugs and...
  16. Scenic 2006 low power and white smoke

    Engines Anyone out there who might suggest whays wrong or what to check Thanks
  17. Power

    Hi, does anyone know where the dashboard lights get their power from? As mine doesnt have any light without turning the side lights on and desperate to find the cause. Thanks in advance
  18. power steering pipes wanted

    Im after the power steering pipes for a kangoo 1.2 ( 05 ), mine are on there way out, have looked at buying new but will take over 6 weeks to get them hear and cost a fortune, so looking second hand. Ta Jane
  19. Renaut Clio Loss of Power Problem Solved

    Just a quick note to say we had a problem with a 2004 Renault Clio 1.2 where would lose power for a few seconds about 2 minutes after the engine had been started. Once the power picked up again it was fine for the rest of the journey - so only affected by a cold engine. We found the rev...
  20. power steering belt

    Hi need help please, the power steering in my megane 1 belt has come off, how do i fix it back on as it's too tight to manually do it. Cheers neil.