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  1. Loss of power fixed

    Hi a couple of days ago I asked for help in curing the loss of power on my Scenic RX4 2.0Ltr petrol. Was advised to check the MAP sensor. Upon checking the sensor found that the seal on the manifold side of it had split, also the air filter was blocked along with the air feed also being split...
  2. Espace Loss Of Power

    Hi, my Espace 2004 auto 2.2 diesel has no power when you turn it on or drive. I believe it is the air mass meter. Does anyone have any diagrams as to how to disconnect it to see if it makes a difference please. Many thanks Mick
  3. 1.2 16v Clio starting and loss of power

    Hi All Recently bought a 2001 clio 1.2 16v Dynamique with head gasket gone. Replaced head gasket, cambelt and water pump. Now have the car running and been using it but seems to be down on power, very sluggish and not brilliant starting. Rechecked the cambelt timing and is perfect, No warning...
  4. Electric power steering pump, FIXED.

    My Renault Kangoo 03, when i brought it suffered with no power steering. i got £200 off the asking price due to this issue. Today i thought i would have a quick look, oil level found correct so look the wheel arch access panel off to get to the electrical plug. Bearing in mind that that pump...
  5. aftermarket radio no power on kangoo

    In-car entertainment
    Hi, I am a recent owner of a 2002 kangoo dci 1.5. The problem I am having is that the stereo is off after I have replaced factory radio with pioneer stereo using the autoload adaptors and looks like I've shorted something. Everything worked fine (stereo worked) when wired up to test before...
  6. MK IV Renault Espace 2.0T Auto Power Loss

    Have been having problems with my espace since first getting it . The same as first post here . Taken car to an independent French specialising garage ,who did a diagnostic check on it . Came up with fault code P0120 TPS/Pedal position...
  7. RX4 power loss

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help. I have a Scenic RX4, 2.0Ltr petrol. The engine is good with nice clean exhaust and no oil loss. On the flat it pulls well and appears to have bags of power until it comes to a hill or slight incline where it loses power. I am having to drop down gears to keep...
  8. Check Injector sign/loss of power

    Hello,We have a problem with our Grand Scenic 1.9dci 55 plate which we have had for about 3 weeks. Check Injector light keeps popping up on the dash(like a few others on here have said) but everytime it pops up i lose power,its only when i stop at traffic lights etc it will go out and the power...
  9. Renault Master power loss

    I've seen a few posts on loss of power in Renault Masters, and having taken this information on board, still have a problem. I have a Renault Master LM35 DCi (100), 2.4. Kept having problems with loss of power (limp mode). All symptoms pointed to EGR valve. This did indeed need doing, as it...
  10. Loss of power, oil in spark plugs

    Hi, bare with me first post and a women so might not get the names of things right. Brought a Renault megane 1.6 16v 04, a week ago drove fine all the way home around 40miles and the next day, but then suddenly lost power, my foot was to the floor and stalled. happened again but then recovered...
  11. Master no power

    Hi! I have just bought a 2.0 td master and from cold start has no power!? After running for 5 mins its fine with good power! Its a 56 model Any help please
  12. Megane dCi 1.5 loss of power at high speed when accelerating?

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a Megane 1.5 dCi 2004 (60,000 miles). I noticed that when travelling between 60-70mph and accelerating with your foot hard on the accelerator for a few seconds - the service light comes on and the car losses power until you release the acceleration pedal. A...
  13. Megane II 1.6 16v loss of power flat

    Hi all, New to this forum, so bare with me :) I'll get straight to the point with this one. My sister gave me her old Megane as she got herself a new motor. Now when I got it from her I always knew it had this problem where it felt like it was running flat (if that makes sense?) So you'd...

    I hope somebody can help me with an ongoing problem with my car which has started intermittently losing power. It is a RENAULT MEGANE SCENIC 1.9 DCI Feb-2003- 52 PLATE and done 115,000 MILES. The initial problem occurred about 4 months ago as I was going up a hill on the motorway. When I...
  15. bad idling and loss of power clio 1.2 mk2

    Hi there people, this is my first post so this is daunting haha. i recently purchased a 2002 Renault clio mk2 1.2 16v. at first she was driving perfectly nothing wrong at all, then after a day or two the idling started dropping and messing about on some occasions stalling the engine. it is also...
  16. Renault grand scenic 1.6 petrol loss of power

    Hi I have just purchased a used 07 Renault grand scenic from a local garage, in one month when driving (especially pulling out at junctions) the car seems yo begin accelerating, then suddenly (although I am trying yo accelerate still) the speed reduces and after what feels like a long time but...
  17. Megane power fold mirrors on Clio

    Exterior styling
    Hey, I noticed on a certain Mk Megane (Can't remember which) that the mirrors are identical to my 2008 Clio, is there any reason why i wouldn't be able to fit the power folding mirrors onto my car? I know about needing to wire them up and change the switch but is it possible? Should it be a...
  18. elec power steering pump stays on when ignition off

    Steering and Suspension
    hi much appreciate any ideas on a wierd problem.i bought a 2001 renault clio 1.9dti 3 months ago.its got air con so has an electric power steering pump.the power steering works fine.however 3 times with weeks between i have heard the pump (took some time to find out thats what the noise...
  19. 07 Petrol Scenic power loss problems

    I have a 2007 petrol scenic.For the last couple of months I have had intermittent problems with car losing power. can happen anytime.The engine can be hot or cold. I can be in any gear. The car will drive fine and then out of the blue while I am accelerating it will feel like the car is losing...
  20. Ferrari announce reshuffle of power unit department

    Formula 1 news Marmorini is to leave his role as the director of Ferrari's engine and electronics department as the Italian team restructure their power unit department. The move, which was announced on Thursday, sees Mattia Binotto assume the...