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  1. Engine Power Loss and dropping temerature gauge

    Hi, I am driving a 2005 Scenic II 2.0 in good condition - full service record. Yesterday I started driving and after about 3 kilometers, the temperature gauge went down to 1 bar and the engine dropped power/cut out. I was travelling at about 100 km/hour so the car continued to drive and the...
  2. Water in the power steering resivour

    Steering and Suspension
    My other half has a 1991megane scenic. Recently I have noticed a white gunk in the power steering resivour and the water level in the coolant header tank low. I was wanting to find out what this problem is and how to resolve it please.
  3. Megane 1.9dci loss of power

    Hi all, have seen many threads similar to my issue but not quite the same, every now and again my car looses power, if I take my foot of the accelerator and then put my foot back on it is fine, so is only a very short loss but completely looses power, was thinking it may be a sensor issue but...
  4. Megane power steering failure

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi. For the past 6 weeks the steering has intermittently been suddenly heavy while driving. After Green flag, independent garage and Local Renault garage saying there is no fault, I've finally got the local Renault dealer to experience the problem. However no one seems to know what's causing it...
  5. clio dci power loss at 80mph.

    Hi all, I have searched to try and find a link with the same issues im having but cant pinpoint any. Today i was driving along the motorway at 80mph in 5th gear when i suddenly felt a loss in power. With my foot still on the gas the speedo started dropping to 70mph and no longer had any...
  6. grand scenic 1.6 power loss

    Hi all hope someone can help I have 2007 grand scenic 1.6 petrol I have a general power loss difficult to go up hills and top speed around 80mph the engine squeals when starting I am getting around 26mpg have changed air filters and spark plugs.(no engine ware shown on plugs) There is no...
  7. 2003 Renault Clio 1.2 16v Sudden loss of power issue

    Hi there, Im new to this forum so please bare with me. I drive a 2003 (53 plate) Renault clio 1.2 dynamique as my first car. The car starts and runs as it should for an 11 year old car. (appart from some noisy tappets) The odd occasion when i drop down gears to over take it completely losses...
  8. Aux Power Sockets Shut-off

    Is there a way to stop the Aux Power Sockets (cigarette lighter sockets) switching off after about 10 minutes when my 2011 Grand Scenic is not running? I use one to power tent lighting when camping and obviously do not want to continuously blip the key. Thanks Ian
  9. Idle Speeds on a Reanult Scenic - on startup, stop and power and what to check

    Hi All, I have just sorted out starting problems on a renault grand scenic. Few questions - what is the correct idle speed of a scenic on start up? What idle speed should there be when stopping? (The inital speed after taking foot of throttle) What revs should the scenics power band...
  10. Funny Power Issue

    Hi there, I've had a Renault Scenic Fidji 2003 1.9dCi for about 4 years now. Its never ran all that well (as the engine management light would come on and the car would lose power) but recently after MOT and service it started to act quite strange. The power was completely gone and...
  11. 3lt v6 diesel lacking power

    hi, im looking for some advice bought a 53 plate grand espace 3lt v6 dci yesterday with this problem.. it feels as though its not getting enough fuel! if you floor the accelerator it kind of holds back...but if you feather the pedal it picks up..?? it is slow on an incline also. I have...
  12. Laguna II Power Steering Program

    Steering and Suspension
    I was looking around the Renault can CliP device with my Laguna II and I found an option to select two power steering 'types'. One is 'Basic' and the other is 'Variable'. It was set to basic. Has anybody tried setting this to variable?
  13. Power steering problem

    Steering and Suspension
    Bought my car has power steering problem also back windows seem to be on blocks need help or guidance a garage in glasgow that can help me my x registration is sitting in drive awaiting insurance as someone hit it thought I could get parts off it as a donor but no my new one is 53 hope someone...
  14. Which Power Steering Fluid?

    Steering and Suspension
    Heya all, quick question. I've got a 2001 Y Reg 1.2 Clio Sport 16v. Before I order it, will this be compatible Power steering fluid? Wynn's power steering fluid...