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  1. Espace IV 3.5 V6 Loss of power at 3000rpm

    Good afternoon i was wondering if anyone has any ideas. My Espace has a sudden loss of power when accelerating at 3000rpm. I have tested the MAF sensor with a volt meter and that seems fine. Its almost as if the automatic gearbox wants to change gear, but as i am accelerating it should not...
  2. Clio slightly lacks power

    Cars & motoring
    I have a clio dynamique and I have noticed a slight loss of power when taking off and sometimes when accelerating. I purchase it recently and the person I bought it from did run it low of petrol.There is a very slight hint of petrol smell.there is no linkage anywhere though Could this be an...
  3. Engine light & loss of power

    Hi all, I have a 2005 Renault Master diesel, and the last couple of days the engine light comes on (red with stop in middle) and the vehicle loses power. Once you stop and switch off, it will restart with no problems and run like normal again. Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you
  4. 2001 Espace III 2.2 dci power loss

    Ask the Experts
    Over the past year I've been experiencing intermittent loss of power problems with the car slowing down, going into limp mode and eventually cutting out completely with the small dash screen turning red but sometimes showing the zig zag symbol. You then struggle to get it off the road assuming...
  5. 1.2 Modus Engine looses power going uphill

    Hi My Wife has a low mileage Modus which runs great on the flat. It also runs fine up and down hills. There seems to be a problem with engine power when pulling away on an incline. Moving away in 1st then 2nd to 3rd gear, instead of accelerating away, the car almost comes to a standstill...
  6. X83 Trafic power to stereo and windows

    Hi Guys my 2013 X83 Trafic powers only the air conditioning system between what i will call "ignition position" and "lock position" on the ignition switch/barrel thing. it might also power the cigarette lighter socket too but it doesnt run the stereo or the power windows. Does anybody have...
  7. 2007 Clio 1.2 RipCurl sluggish/low power

    Hello again, I have searched for my issue and there are quite a few threads with similar issues, yet I can't add to them to find a little more info. So i bought my daughter her first car. The guy I had it off said he's been having some power issues, but I thought it wouldn't be a problem to...
  8. Clio 1.2 8v temp power loss after starting

    Hi ALl, I am trying to get to the bottom of the problem with my daughters 2001 1.2 Clio where within a minute or so of starting the engine power dips to the point that it sounds like it is going to stall, but it manages to hang on in there to the point that it picks up and runs fine for the...
  9. Espace IV no power to climate controls

    Heating & cooling
    Lost all power to climate control units on both sides. Checked all fuses under dash and seem ok. All other systems working. Fans nit running at all. Anyone know if there is a hidden fuse?
  10. espace 3.0 power loss

    hi all has any one had a final solution to power loss on espace 3.0 diesel, if problem is low fuel flow at 45 to 60 mph . all computer checks are fine , no lights on dash or smoke just lack of acceleration . "Renault expert" suggest engine out and new fuel pump at £8k , but remember a post...
  11. Clio 1 D7f gasoline, sudden loss of power

    Hi! I had driven 15 miles, when car suddenly lost power(hill). The power loss was complete, engine was still running and then some 10 seconds later it shut down. I restarted it and there was no power when accelerating(pressing pedal) and it shut down again. Before it shut down for the second...
  12. Megane 1.5dci power loss AFTER egr replacement

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting on the forum, but I've read many posts over the years to fix lots of issues with my 05 Megane. The most recent problem was a "Check Injection" message and engine management light was on. After using my code scanner it came up with "EGR Excessive Flow"...
  13. N/s passenger power fold wing mirror 07 clio

    Looking for a passenger side power fold wing mirror for an 07 clio close to Manchester be a bonus bare carcass all that is needed (rocking horse **** sprinkled with unicorn tears) easier to find
  14. Scenic II 1.9DCI ignition power not switching on

    Car has not been used now for about month. Now it refuses to turn ignition current on. There is that much happening that on pressing start-button, radio and fan come on. It feels like it does not recognize clutch or brake pedals pressing (I can compare this to working car as I happen to have...
  15. No power to rear

    2005 1.6 scenic Hi all decided it was time to sort out my back windows both not working. Bought a used regulator to out in. Plugged in and no power. So I removed the door card from a front door to test on that plug and it works. I've checked the fuses in the passenger glove box all appear fine...
  16. Power Steering problem

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi! My car 'Scenic year 2000' passed its MOT today but had the following advisory: Power steering component (s) has slight seepage from a component (steering rack). Can someone let me know if this would be an expensive job to get the garage to do?
  17. Convert Laguna Mk2 to Power Folding Mirrors

    Hello, Does anyone know if it's possible to convert from power adjustable mirrors over to power folding mirrors? What do I need? I know I need the mirrors and the switch. But are they plug and play, different looms, programming required etc?
  18. Mégane 3 swap starter button / power socket

    Hello all, I've just got a 2011 1.9 DCI Dynamique Tom tom and am getting to grips with it.. Is it possible to swap the positions of the stop/start button and the power socket?.. would just be more convenient for RHD. ...How can I pull that bit of the fascia out to have a look? Are there any...
  19. Trafic mk1 no power

    Hello I've had a bit of a disasterous afternoon and wonder if anyone can give me any pointers on what I might do. Basically the van I recently bought seemed to have a duff battery, as it died after parking up a few hours on the way home from buying it. It was basically two identical batteries...
  20. Power steering leak

    Hi I've noticed I have a power steering leak I was wondering if the leaking fluid would cause idling issues due to it going on the alternator thanks again guys