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  1. pre cut window tiniting

    anyone ever used the pre cut window tinting compaines and done it themselves or does it turn out like the Halfrauds film of old with huge bubbles and the silver looking effect LOL i ask as i found a company called window tints and the pre cut films are £40, £3 for the slime and £7 for the...
  2. Master Pre alarm wiring

    Seeing as I cannot post thread in Van section and presumably it applies to cars as well The mythical “Alarm Pre Wiring” Looking on ebay the Megane and Master use a “cobra” based alarm system. Is this a simple bolt in and plug in option? Is plug under bonnet? And does it need to be paired /...
  3. Type D coolant - Concentrated or pre mixed

    Heating & cooling
    Hey guys just bought a 5 litre bottle of genuine type d coolant 5 litres. Does anyone know if this is concentrated or pre mixed? Cannot seem to see it on bottle. thanks guys
  4. 2004 diesel grand espace 2.2 pre heating

    Hi , I’ve just brought 2004 Renault grand espace 2.2 diesel . Now in the manual it says to start insert the key card but do not press the start button untill the pre heating symbol goes out on screen . I cannot for the life of me see this pre heating symbol come up anywhere . Any help appreciated ?
  5. Trafic 2.5 water pre heat system

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, just a quick question:- Can you remove the water pre heat system and replace with a short pipe or just remove the fuse..? TIA... Spike
  6. Pre or post cat lambda sensor?

    Hi! I'm planning to buy a new pre cat lambda sensor, but it's not listed anywhere wheather it's a pre or post sensor. This is what I found, but I'm not sure: 0258006046 Bosch Is this a pre cat sensor? If not, can you help me find the real deal? :)
  7. Which Pre 91 Traffic Do You Have?

    What Pre 91 Renault Trafic do you own?? 1.4 1.6 1.8 2.0 2.2 Other
  8. megane 2004 pre facelift to facelift conversion help

    hi guy as mentioned int the title above i need help with facelifting my pre facelift megane. basically all i want to do is to fit the headlight off a megane 2008 facelift to my car, i have bought the headlight already and also fitting a hid kid to it too, what i need to know will i have any...
  9. Clio 1.2 pre ignition?

    I have a clio 1.2 year 2000,getting what I would call pre ignition noise when under load,but at various revs,changed plugs and leads in case it was plug problem did not cure it,did try 98 gas and it was better,a suggestion was that it is the TDC sensor? any ideas please.Oh also cam belts and air...
  10. Pre heat light not illuminating

    The pre heat lamp on my 106 is not illuminating on start up (or at all for that matter) the car starts fine even in the sub zero periods we had recently. Could it be the bulb? Is the bulb replaceable? Or could the heater plugs or the system be shot? Any advice would be welcome.
  11. Pre face lift Mk2 Clio Rear screen wash jet

    I need to replace this part and can only find the face lift part listed. Can any body let me know a part no or even better where I can get one. My son has promised not to go to Longleat again.
  12. pre heater circuit/ fault?

    trying to find said info. been trawling on the net but can not find it. :censored::censored::censored: think i have a problem with glow plugs not working, replaced them but still have some issues with starting on cold mornings. had a quick look yesterday (while doing something else on it) and...
  13. Master van Glow plug, pre heat light not coming on.

    Yellow dash light isn't working for glow plugs/preheat. I assume it was "disabled" somehow by the previous owner as the EGR valve was disconnected and almost certainly causing an error light. My question is does the instrument cluster have removable bulbs in it (which I am thinking have perhaps...
  14. Megane 2 pre tensioner change

    Morning my little fruits. My said megane 2 cambelt and water pump all done, srs light was on, scanned it and crash data was present (had it reset ) refit and srs light shows that the front pre tensioners had deployed ( I thought they had as they had as are very short, anyway I'm changing them...
  15. passenger seat belt pre tensioner wiring

    Hi I have a problem, my lab dog buster has eaten the plug/socket where the per tensioners are connected to the wiring loom, this has caused the airbag and service light to come on and stay on, can any one tell me the wires the per tensioners need to be connected too, its on an 06 Renault traffic...
  16. Engine pre heat light on

    As per title the engine pre heat light came up whilst the fully warmed up engine was running. This shouldn't happen in the temperatures we have now anyway.......:mad: Just to throw a spanner in the works the car has a PETROL engine !!! :crazy: Upon re-start it went out for a while then came...
  17. Pre Heater light-then no start-immo

    Hi to all,i have reading your guides here and they save me a lot of trouble and i did managed to fix them all...almost. I have a problem with my Laguna 2. 1.9 dci-2002,88kw. I have driving when i saw on dashboard yellow light i think it is pre heater wire/twisted,then suddenly loss of power, i...
  18. Renault clio mk3 2005 onwards pre tensioners for sale

    For sale
    Hi I have approximately 12 pretensioners for sale these are for drivers side and passenger which I bought brand new from renault as a job lot were on offer which I no longer require selling for £35 each or complete for £300 part no are 82 00 683 938 x 6 and 82 00 683 939 x 6 please ring me on...
  19. Help with 2005 laguna ii pre face lift

    hello all. just discovered my alternator is gone in the car. I need to know if my car is the 112bhp or 107bhp engine. Its the 1.6 16v alize model with aircon. but i cant figure this out at all.. its the pre facelift model also. any body out there that can help me??
  20. Need help with clio mtv 2001 pre face lift

    In-car entertainment
    Hi friends im new to forum and i really glad to see people Helping each other by this forum.. I have search in to forums for 2 weeks and i did not found a solution. Even in clio sport forum. My problem is i decided to change my car audio system. I already baught head unit plus cables and patch...