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    salut a tous les membres de ce forum.
  2. Football
    Anyone for the New Season?, Get your names forward:d, If anyone wants to start a Forum Team? feel free:d?, failing that... i'll do it between now and the weekend,,,12306,00.html Cheers Don
  3. Football
    Has anyone set up a league yet? I think we've all resigned to the fact Newcastle will be in the top 5.
  4. Football
    this should be interesting
  5. Football
    22/11/08 1730 GMT KICK-OFF Aston Villa v Man Utd RESULTS Chelsea 0-0 Newcastle Liverpool 0-0 Fulham Man City 3-0 Arsenal Middlesbrough 1-3 Bolton Portsmouth 2-2 Hull Stoke 1-0 West Brom some surprising reuslts in there especially Arsenal's. Villa win and they go third! any views on...
  6. Football
    Can't say any game catches my imagination today :( Blackburn Rovers vs Hull City Liverpool vs Middlesbrough Newcastle United vs Bolton Wanderers Stoke City vs Aston Villa Tottenham Hotspur vs Sunderland West Bromwich Albion vs Everton Fulham vs Arsenal
  7. Football
    A considerable amount of the money raised in transfer fees in the Premier League has gone abroad instead of staying within the English league clubs. Strange how people complain about migrant workers who come here and hold down jobs yet worship them if they play for their chosen team ...
  8. Football
  9. Football
    Obviously peoples opinion would differ hugely on this subject due to everyones various loyalty's. I think also how many of the players would actually compliment each other in a team, It's not just about picking a team of great players but how many could actually play together in a team ...
  10. General Chat
    Hi all, I am prepared to runa fantasy league thru the official Barclays website. It is free to use and I will post weekly updates for those who take the time to enter. The rules are easy to follow and you can have as much (or little) weekly involvement as you...