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  1. Trafic Sport door warning light not present

    Hi I have a warning light problem on my 2010 2.0 dci renault sport van, The door open light does not come on, even on start up, I left the side door open yeasterday and lost my tool box all over the road, that is the second time in 2 weeks. so I am thinkig it could be the bulb in the dash, How...
  2. The Christmas Present & Future

    General Chat
    The mod & admin team would like to wish all our members a Happy Christmas and New Year. We hope your vehicles give you a trouble-free 2016, but we'll always be here to help, if they don't. Thank you for your support in 2015. :cheers: Your team @renaultforums
  3. Williams present new car as testing begins in Jerez

    Formula 1 news have officially rolled out their new car ahead of the first morning of running at the opening pre-season test of 2015 in Jerez, Spain. As indicated by previously released images, the Mercedes-powered FW37, which will be driven by...
  4. Someone got a good present today.

    General Chat
    Someone on the sea front had a good present today, a aerobatic demo by a Russian Yak 52 by the look of it, flown by someone that knew what he was about, how a engine can produce so much power at such low revs is hard to believe the thing seemed to be flying on tick over, he few off waving is...
  5. Windows not working, motor ok, 12v present???

    Hey guys and gals, new here, be gentle! Both electric windows packed up on mums Megane 2. The drivers on was the electronic module attached to the motor, I've replaced that and all is well. On the passenger side there is no module, I've unplugged the motor and have tested and have 12v present...
  6. Present you my dear frog

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Greetings from Colombia, introduce myself, my name is Hash, I have a twingo 1.2 16V Authentique. I hope to learn from their collective knowledge and also to contribute some of my knowledge thank you very much
  7. Error Message: cambelt sensor circuit camshaft tooth event present

    Hi everyone, Bit of background. Had warning and service light pop up on the dash on Sunday, car became very sluggish and lost power on the motorway. Got home and called the RAC who came out on Sunday, the patrol guy diagnosed the issue as being with the camshaft sensor, replaced it with a new...
  8. Sauber present the C33

    Formula 1 news have become the latest team to uncover their 2014 car, after the Ferrari-powered C33 was revealed in a digital launch on Sunday. With a revised driver line-up of Adrian Sutil and Esteban Gutierrez, Sauber hope the new machine will...
  9. Best Xmas Present When You Were Young

    General Chat
    So come on what was your Xmas present that still stands out today that you got when you were young? I know I am showing my age here but mine was a Raleigh Budgie :d:d I loved that bike till the stabilizers fell off one day and I hurt me Knee :d:d
  10. Great Christmas Present

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Buy someone a fridge for Christmas & watch their face light up when they open it.
  11. DF 242 present - what to do / Megane II -07 1.6 extreme

    Megane II -07 1.6 extreme DF 242 LEFT-HAND DRIVE/RIGHT-HAND DRIVE CONFIGURATION Present...??? :crazy: I have airbag lights on, have wiggled around alla connectors and went to local opel/VAG/bosch -service. They read the codes and found a quite bit. One of them was DF242. Am I able to...
  12. Mercedes present the F1 W03 in Barcelona

    Formula 1 news officially launched their 2012 car on Tuesday morning as the F1 W03 was unveiled by drivers Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher in the Barcelona pit lane, immediately ahead of this week's pre-season test at the Circuit de...
  13. Cruise control not present?

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and would like to introduce myself. I am a retired male living in Shropshire and enjoy my motoring. I have owned a Megane for several years but as recently as last Monday (13 Feb) I purchased a Renault Megane 2011 (61) 1.6 VVT Expression 5 Dr. in Liverpool...
  14. Toro Rosso present the STR7 in Jerez pit lane

    Formula 1 news Rosso followed in the footsteps of Sauber and unveiled the car with which they will contest the 2012 FIA Formula One World Championship at Jerez on Monday afternoon. The Ferrari-engined STR7 will make its on-track debut on Tuesday...
  15. Ferrari present the F2012

    Formula 1 news being forced to cancel their planned launch ceremony due to snow, Ferrari presented their 2012 car to the world via the internet on Friday. The F2012 will make its testing debut at Jerez in Spain next week. As predicted, the...
  16. The forgotten Christmas Present

    Jokes & funny stuff
    Went up to the attic today to bring down the Christmas decorations, and found a present I'd forgotten to give the children last year. I'm gutted. I just KNOW they would have loved a kitten.
  17. Virgin present the MVR-02 in London

    Formula 1 news have the launched their 2011 car at London's BBC Television Centre in the UK. The fledgling team, heading into their second season, hope the Cosworth-powered MVR-02 will move them up the order after a difficult debut year. Like its...
  18. Birthday present

    Jokes & funny stuff
    I asked my missus, "What do you want for your birthday fatty?" She said, "Don't get lippy." Mascara it is then.
  19. Whats your favourite Formula 1 car - past or present

    Formula 1
    just like the title says, what is your fav Formula 1 car? heres mine a '72/'73 JPS Lotus. Mmm lovely:)
  20. Laguna II dead gearbox xmas present

    Well, the lag gave me a nice lagstyle xmas pressie by eating its gearbox 10 miles into France :( AA euro cover (highly recommended) will repatriate the vehicle to the *********** but any tips/comments greatly appreciated. There was I thinking the turbo was a risk - I guess that will go next...