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  1. Laguna 3 engine does not start without pressing clutch pedal **Solved**

    Hi. I am not able to start the engine without pressing the clutch even the gear is in Neutral position. Besides, electronic parking brake can only be released by pressing brake pedal + pressing epb button. (normally, it should be released by doing no extra moves: ......1st gear + press gas...
  2. Trafic lights issue when pressing brake

    Hi. Recently, my 2006 trafic has an issue with the rear near-side lights. I first noticed when my hazards were on that the left light was not as bright as the right light, and the brake light was coming on very very slightly. Then when I had the side lights on, the left indicator came on very...
  3. Laguna 2003 Car Not Responding When Pressing Accelerator or Loosing Power

    I've got a Laguna 2003 Privelege LX model. I've been having issue where occasionally the car hesitate to move when you press the accelerator. There are times when it's on a complete stop e.g. waiting on the traffic light, you press on the accelerator and it won't move. Sometimes even if the car...
  4. Clio Mk2 Loss of power when pressing trottle

    This happens very rarely. When its happening it doesn't happen when the trottle is idle. When I press the trottle the "Resistence Light" lights up (light that lights up and closes after its warm, before startup) and the car doesn't rev up. This is intermitent and only happens for 1-5 minutes...
  5. Clio wont turn off if pressing the brake pedal

    When i turn off the key to stop the engine it still runs when i'm pressing the brake pedal, As soon I let go of the brake the car shuts down
  6. Electronic hand brake unlocks by just pressing accelerator!

    Hi all, I have a 04 Renault Espace that has been stood a while and now when started if i even gently press the throttle pedal it releases the hand brake, if i depress the clutch pedal all the way down then press the accelerator the handbrake stays on. Also when the gear leaver is in neutral the...
  7. Light on dash when pressing brake!

    Everytime i press my brake my light icon on my dashboard comes on ive taken the top bulb out on my rear right back lights does that mean it was just a faulty bulb or is the connection bad?
  8. Cleared Fault Pressing Trip Control Stalk

    A continuation of my problem . Car has now had a new ECU fitted by Renault main dealer . After less than 2 weeks Anti pollution faulty was displayed but car seems to drive ok . Last night after car had done checks ,I decided to check...
  9. Megane Clunk when pressing brake

    Hi All, When I press the brake pedal all the way down on my Megane II there is a clunk sound coming from the passenger footwell, the pedal sticks slightly then comes up again (with another clunk). Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks, Alex
  10. pressing accelerator causes loss of power

    I have a scenic 1.6 petrol. When the engine is warm pressing on the accelerator actually slows the car instead of speads it up. I can only accelerate by using the gentlest pressure on the pedal and putting up with a very slow increase in speed. Any ideas what might be at fault?
  11. clio won.t start unless pressing button

    hi all looking at buying a 51 plate clio but the guy says to start it you have to hold the fob button down whilst turning key else the engine won.t turn over.Any ideas what this could be as i don.t want to buy it then taking an expdnsive trip down renault...many thanks chaps
  12. Hiss sound from engine when pressing accelerator

    Hi Guys I'd really appreciate any help here. The problem seems to be when I rev the car and let the revs drop I hear a hiss from near the top of the engine. I can't seem to locate it and dont want to start pulling things apart! I've been under the car as I thought it might have been the flexi...
  13. 1.6 VVT grinding noise pressing start

    Up until today i've not had a starting problem, but twice today when pressing start, the engine has started but a grinding noise has happened and the car has lost revs and stalled. I've then restarted and put my foot on the petrol peddle and the car has started and kept going. I'm guessing i...
  14. HELP: Lower suspension ball joint not pressing out

    Wheels & tyres
    Finally got the wishbone down and out of the rear of the hub on my scenic and have tried using my puller / pusher to get it out. To the point where the nut weld started to go. Not that that's a problem as I can reweld that. But it's being a pig as of course the shaft of the balljoints...
  15. twingo II GT throttle lag, stalling pressing the accelerator, etc

    Hey all First of all, a big thank you to everyone here offering their help and knowledge. Second, i read the FAQ and the articles on this forum, but i did not find anything similar. and now, here is a video to get you started, hope you don't mind. Hope you can hear what is going on...
  16. Lose all electrics when pressing start button

    Hi all Went to start my Grand Scenic the other day and when i pressed the start button all electrics were lost and no sign of life anywhere. I have a battery less than 6 months old installed but thought I would try jumping it with leads. When I attached the negative lead to the negative...
  17. Need to keep pressing the button to start..!!

    Hi, I donno if this is the right place to ask this...pls direct me in the right direction if it isnt. Yesterday I got the fan belt on my Laguna II 1.9 DCI dynamique changed as the old one used to make squeaking noises on cold/wet days. I dont know if this problem is even linked to it or just...
  18. Air when pressing brakes

    I have just started hearing Air when i press the brakes on my megane, Is this serious, Earlier on a ball got stuck under the car, Am i just being paranoid or are you supposed to hear this air noise
  19. Got the Van back with new EGR but still lights illuminate on pressing accelerater

    Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try next, after trying a new EGR valve, just came out of the garage. Still I get this triple warning lights flashing for 5 secs, I can drive through the warning lights with no obvious signs of problems, usually happens between 1500pm - 3500rpm. It's...
  20. Problem starting the car in neutral position while pressing brake

    I have a Renault Megane II 2006 and this morning while starting the car and pressing the brake it wouldnt start and gives me the message select neutral even if the gear is already in the neutral position. I had to press the clutchto start it. Tonite while i was reversing i noticed that neither...