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  1. Radiator head tank pressurising

    Hi I'm very new to forums and I'm just wondering it any on can help me. I have a 1999 renault kangoo 1.9 dci and the over flow tank for the radiator is pressurising I have had the cylinder head pressure tested and machined and put a new gasket on and it is still pressurising could any one give...
  2. 1995 Espace 2.1TD pressurising cooling system

    Heating & cooling
    Hi All, Fairly new to the forum, which I think is great by the way and just after a bit of advice or finding someone thats had a simalar problem. I have got a 1995 espace 2.1 turbo diesel and brought it with suspected head gasket failure due to the cooling sytem over pressurising. I have...
  3. espace 2.2 dci pressurising

    Heating & cooling
    First off, i would like to say hi to you all as i have just joined the forum at last. I have a 53 plate espace on 61k. It has started pressurising but not over heating. The heaters blow hot air one minute then luke warm or even cold. There are no signs of water in oil or oil in water. Also the...
  4. RX4 over pressurising

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there, I have the renault scenic RX4. I start my journey with the engine over heating, so calls the aa man who reckoned it was the head gasget on the way out ...... So I had the head skimmed, teasted and re fitted along with new water pump, thermostat and housing and a new water expension...