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  1. scenic megane prestige 02 stalling on slowing

    Hi there, it's my other halfs scenic megane prestige on the 02 plate? (52) so right between the two models registered 28th Dec 02. It's the 1.8 16v Petrol. I had some stalling issues after having the cam belt done. Seemed to improve after getting a leaky power steering sensor switch replaced...
  2. Renault Megane III - Prestige audio upgrade

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all, Im a new Renault user and it has the regular factory fitted Cd/radio unit and speakers. What is the best speaker combination? What headunit is best? I want one that preferably has in built sat nav as well any help appreciated Marius
  3. Scenic Prestige 2010. Folding Seats

    Cars & motoring
    Hi I have recently bought a 2010 Scenic Prestige that has just cost me a packet after the folded seats smacked down on an antique clock case. Why on earth would Renault build such a dangerous back seat arrangement. The seats are very heavy, each have 2 spikes sticking out (the locking pins) and...
  4. Has anybody used Prestige Engine Products Ltd for Re-manufactured engine ?

    Hi I'm looking for a re-manufcatured engine, has anybody used Prestige Engine Products Ltd ? or any recomendations on where to get a engine ? thanks J
  5. 2005 Scenic Prestige in built computer and spec

    Cars & motoring
    hi guys, where can i get some info about what the in built computer and display shows? for example, has it get an outdoor thermometer? does it do mpg? also, does anyone know what the difference between the prestige and non prestige models was? thanks!
  6. soon to get a 2005 Scenic Prestige

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hello, have joined as wanted to checkout opinions and views on the 2005 scenic prestige. cheers!
  7. espace prestige 2001 2.2 diesel

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all just bought this car its done 84k and going strong only a few minor issues, i'm going to fit a towbar to pull my boat. First turbo diesel car, my last was a berlingo 1.8i 3 door on lpg conversion. Any tips welcome, thanks.:driving:
  8. Renault Prestige Sports - bodywork question

    Cars & motoring
    I have the tourer version and this is with regards to the rear windscreen. There are two dampers fixed to the glass on the rear windscreen (not the two larger ones which assist opening the rear. Can anyone tell me what the ones on the screen are for? Sorry to be so ignorant but I have only...