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  1. Can UCH error (on megane II) prevent car from starting?

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    Hello have several error codes (read by Autel Diaglink) DF005: weak card battery, checked it, is new. DF010: combined stalk unther steering wheel circuit...... DF004: stop switch circuit I have removed the electrical ,box near the battery (right hand of accu if standing in front of car.)...
  2. Prevent MediaNAV defaulting to radio?

    MediaNAV cracking me up. I doubt theres a solution- but fingers crossed. I listen to audiobooks on my medianav, bluetoothed in from my phone. Generally that requires a relatively high volume setting. When i stop van at a job, then get back in, the phone takes 1-2 full minutes to properly...
  3. Lift Wiper Blades off Window to prevent Freezing

    Hello On a Kangoo (and many other vehicles) it is not possible to lift the blades off the screen when they are in the "down"/"off" position because the arm is partly below the bonnet. I’d like to lift the wiper blades off the screen to prevent the blades from freezing. On some makes (VW) you...
  4. how to prevent the throttle body getting dirty?

    Megane II 1.6 16V As we know a dirty throttle body can cause poor starting and the engine stalling. After cleaning mine the issue was solved but only three months later it's dirty again. So what can help to prevent the throttle body from getting that dirty again after such a short period? Of...
  5. To prevent inadvertent use of IE

    Computer Club
    Keep it installed,but to prevent links using it :
  6. Panic at the pumps: Soaring petrol prices and fuel rationing introduced to prevent ga

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    I saw station yesterday wanting £1.17 for a litre of petrol & £1.21 for a litre of diesel :crazy: The truck depot in Elgin has a sign up no Diesel available
  7. No real safeguards to prevent misuse of the DNA database?????

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    Five civil servants suspended over "DNA espionage' | the Daily Mail