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  1. Rough Price- Slave cylinder replacement

    Hi Guys, Just wondered if anyone on here had experience of getting a clutch slave cylinder replaced on a Modus and if they had any idea of rough coatings... Looks like I need to book mine in......bugger..!
  2. Price drop on SSD Drives

    Computer Club
    Good prices on SSD drives up to 2Gb , 120 Gb £17.99
  3. Meganè Scenic 1.9 dCi second hand engine price?

    Hi guys had a few little problems with my car of late and just haven***8217;t got the money or time to put them right so I***8217;m just going to cut my losses and sell the car as spairs/repairs unless someone comes along who has the time to put it right. I was wondering how much the engine...
  4. Price of Beer

    General Chat
    Any of your pubs put beer price up, Ours has, 10p on a pint And 10p on a bottle..:frown2:
  5. Renault Master Immobiliser Code Price

    Hi can any one explain why Renault have one of the most Expensive prices to have your Immobiliser code issued from the dealer i can understand paying for this service but £51.52 is like a kick in the teeth
  6. Be quick before they put the price up

    General Chat
    just got 1 of these for £1.19 yes i know the refill is £18 but it will last for years of car tinkering? Swarfega Dispenser For Swarfega 4Ltr Cartridge
  7. best price boot struts

    I have a x reg scenic and the boot struts have gone. does anyone knew a good place for the best price.:confused: i can fit them myself, just need to buy them and dont wanna get ripped off
  8. Diesel under a � 1 at last .......

    General Chat
    Diesel under a £ 1 at last ....... Hi, just seen on the news that Diesel price is going sub £1 a litre Al. :d
  9. Timing belt charge

    Hi, I have a megane dynamique 10 plate with 55k on the clock. It's due for a timing belt soon but i called my local renault dealership and they're quoting £600. the base price on their website is £199 and the woman on the phone said it is because it is a bigger engine. What does a bigger...
  10. Laguna II - MAP Sensor price difference

    Hi I am looking at replacing my MAP sensor but have found a considerable difference in prices > Link_1 Link_2 Does anyone know what the difference would be between these two parts? - Is it worth paying the extra £100 :crazy: Thanks.
  11. price to change clutch in Laguna 2006 1.9 dci 130 bhp

    Does anyone know how much it would cost to change clutch parts and labour ?
  12. Renault clios lights wont turn off - inquiry of price

    Last week my keys weren't not in the ignition and my clios light could not be turned off. They eventually drained the battery as we couldn't work out what was wrong. We jump start the car and took it to the garage who informed me that there was a problem with the control unit and there was a...
  13. Grand scenic cambelt £350 good price?

    Been quoted £350 to change cambelt water pump, coolant, tensioners etc. is this a good price?
  14. Need help with asking price for renault espace.

    General Chat
    Hi guys, sorry if I posted in the wrong place. Just wondered if anyone could help me. I am selling my 53 plate espace. It the 1.9 diesel. Authentique. Has 90k on clock. Exterior and interior great for age. Runs fine, no tax mot til February. Here's the catch, it's a cat c write off, but bin...
  15. Head Gasket Replacement Price?

    Hi guys the head gasket on my clio 1.2 mtv has gone and my mate and his boss (own and work at a garage) have said at maximum £600 but this will include new head gasket, cambelt and a water pump and the head sent off to be tested for cracks and skimmed if all ok, other garages in my area have...
  16. Rear & front Discs & pad price differential

    My friend has a 59 plate renault megane imusic 1.6 and currently needs to replace front and read discs and pads. She has got quotes from 3 different garages, one garage quoting £163 for the rears, another garage has quoted £600+. When she asked why it was so much they explained that the rear...
  17. Price check for starter motor change

    Cars & motoring
    Hello, I'm just wondering how much a new starter motor would be for a Renault Clio 2001 1.2L 16v and how much labour would be on average. Reason I ask is I want to make sure the garage Im going to wont try and rip me off, Ive heard bad things about the garage before but every garage seems to...
  18. New elf dpf oil is half the price!! :)

    Cars & motoring
    Elf solaris FE the upgrade oil over Elf solaris dpf will save you 2% in mpg. Heh if thats true over 10000 miles this oil will only cost about £15 on a 50 mpg...
  19. Selling price for my used Laguna!

    Cars & motoring
    Currently thinking of selling my 06 Laguna sport tourer, it's a 1.9 DCI Dynamique in Met silver. It has 78000 on the clock and cosmetically in pretty good condition inside and out with just a few scuffs on the 17" alloys. It is loaded with extras such as panoramic electric sunroof, keyless entry...
  20. 08 grand scenic electronic handbrake replacement price

    Hi all This is my first post so please go easy on me :d I have a 08 grand scenic that was just recently put in for a service and MOT with my local garage, i received a call telling me the electronic hand brake had seized, rather than replace the part i was informed the whole lot has to be...