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  1. our boys could face Iraqi prison sentence

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    did any of you see the story in the papers recently that must surely prove some of our politicians are off their trollies, ( as tho' we didn't know it ).:moonie: seems that very soon our troops serving in Iraq could be facing imprisonment by the Iraqi government if our boys are involved in...
  2. Prison Break

    Does anyone here watch this? I am hooked to it. I have watched all 3 seasons so far. The reason I ask is the fact that the 4th season starts soon on Sky One.
  3. Murders having a bad time in prison??

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    Murders having a bad time in prison?? What next the top uk judge feels that a shorter term is needed. THIS IS WHY THIS COUNTRY IS IN SUCH A BAD STATE LUNATICS IN CHARGE. Top judge says murderers in jail too long - Yahoo! News UK