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  1. Renault megane privilege 1.6 2007

    Hi just had service and mot, dash is saying check emmisions. Engine light and spanner lit up. Any ideas what this my be.
  2. Oil for grand scenic 1.9 dci 2004 privilege

    Hi all. New here. I got the top up oil soon message on my grand scenic. Model in the post title. I used 5w30 last time (Castrol) I'm looking at something a little cheaper and I've come across this it's a 5w40 but that's...
  3. Megane privilege 1.6

    Hi when i push start button on the dash. It sounds like fans are tring to cut in and cuts engine out. Start second time and its fine any idea what this could be . Many thanks.
  4. Megane privilege noise

    Please could you help, I can hear a gratey noise coil noise coming from under exhaust somewhere. Had exhaust checked twice nothing wrong with it. Would anyone no what ti's can be.
  5. 2001 Renault Clio privilege 1.4 16v

    Hi please can someone let me know if I can get an individual throttle body kit for any 1.4 engine and fit it to my car with a custom fabricated inlet manifold?
  6. Clio privilege 1.4 16v 2001

    Hi, could anyone give me advice for installing itb's and where to look to buy
  7. Megane privilege

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all just purchased this car, got three months warrenty. When driving I can feel a little metal scrapping noise when turning left and right. Garage says they can't find a problem. Also come with new mot. In which has advisories - has slight play in steering rack offside and nearside privet...
  8. Renault Clio 1.6 Privilege Automatic gearbox problem

    Hello, I have a Renault Clio 1.6 privilege petrol automatic with 57000 miles.I had only been driving a few miles when there seemed to be a clunk sound and then it said check gearbox.I was able to drive it back home and use another vehicle.When I came to restart the Clio it seemed to drive ok...
  9. Megane 2013 Privilege Air-Con Problem

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, I have a 2013 Megane privilege and the dual zone climate control air conditioning is playing up. When it is around 10 degrees outside and I put it on 24 degrees it makes the car colder then it is outside. But when you put it on 27 degrees it starts heating the car. Also on the left side it...
  10. DCI 120 Privilege roof prblem

    Hi My name is Oli I have a Megane Privilege DCI 120 on a 2004 plate and my question is during the winter period I put my roof down on a cold morning so I could give the car a good clean, as I did this I noticed a liquid poor out on the inside of the car which I thought was just water melting...
  11. Laguna Privilege Estate

    My mottah!
    After the birth of my second son, I soon realised that I need a safer and larger car than my VW Bora. My father in law has 2002 Laguna that he bought from new, always been impressed with the ride and fuel economy, and I opted for the estate version and up popped a Privilege Estate 10mins from...
  12. 2005 Renault Scenic Privilege USB input

    Hi guys So I was wondering if it is possible to get somewhere a USB input adapter for my Scenic. Is it possible and where? If not, what radios will work with the controls on the steering? Thanx a mil
  13. Laguna 2 privilege starting problem

    So my car, when it has been sitting for a long period, anywhere from 5 to 12 hours or more, it doesnt start right away. When i press the button for the first and second time it starts, gets yp to 800 rpm, then shuts off.. But on the 3rd time i start it, it gets up to 1000rpm, goes down to about...
  14. Megane II Privilege 2.0L Automatic 2007

    The car has an unusual noise + vibration. It has higher than normal fuel consumption (around 11.5L/100km city). I think there is something wrong with the transmission system. I want to change the Gearbox oil, that I assume hasn't been done by the previous owner. Questions: Is it possible to...
  15. Grand Scenic III 1.5dci Privilege - Radio doesn't work

    Doesn't get anything on FM, only finds a couple of faint channels on MW & LW. The other systems seem to work OK, CD, bluetooth and aux. Although it didn't always like playing music from my iphone 4 via USB or bluetooth, but was more than happy playing it from a USB stick and played via my wifes...
  16. Hello all, new Devon member here

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    We bought a black 2010 Grand Scenic 1.5dci Privilege (TomTom) a couple of weeks ago. It's the first diesel I've owned. It's ex Mobility and has two previous owners. The previous owner bought it from Car Giant in 2013. We bought it to replace our 55 reg Nissan Almera Tino 1.8 petrol which has...
  17. Oxygen sensor failure 03 Laguna V6 Privilege

    Seems strange, but this car has 2 aftermarket and 2 original 02 sensors, both have failed after market sensors have failed. One is about 20,000km old, the other about 4,000km. The ones that have failed are variously priced at NZ$50.00 - $125.00 on Ebay. Has anyone else had this kind of...
  18. renault scenic 2002 1.8 privilege plus obd problem

    Hi all i have a scenic 2002 1.8 model and i just bought a diagnostic scanner to test the system etc and after plugging it in all i get is linking error when it talks to car any ideas whats wrong here
  19. Megane privilege saloon - electronics - boost pressure

    Hi Yesterday I got the "check injection" or "check injectors" warning intermittently, so I went to a friendly garage to get diagnostic. They found that it was the boost pressure sensor, and said it would be either the wiring or the sensor or both..... Any idea of cost for this to be fixed...
  20. Scenic Privilege 2.0 petrol auto poor starting

    I have a 2010 Scenic Privilege TomTom 2.0 auto petrol which starts fine all Sumer but when Autumn/winter arrives it plays up. Sometimes it fires and stops and then takes a lot of attempts before finally starting and sometimes it wil start and run ok but refuses to rev for 5-10 seconds then...