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  1. megane 2008 ecu prob ?

    help ive gat a 2008 megane 1.5dci which refuses to start i've had it on a Delphi diag unit its come up with the following faults df012, df015, df025, df035, df038, df047 ,it cranks and will fire with a squirt of easy start has got injector fault on dash ,and when you put key card in total...
  2. repacing renault master starter prob

    Hi all in August (yes August) i had a faulty starter and eventually i got a replacment 2 weeks ago and ive been trying to put it back since then,at first i could not get it in so i removed the rubber u shaped pipe to make more room (i think its something to do with the heater ) and trying to get...
  3. 2009 Megane 1.5DCi Fan Prob

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys, I have a 2009 Megane 5 door hatch. 1.5dci. The other day with no warning the fan stopped working. I have the digital display and that still works, change temp etc. When you push the front screen button you hear the fan do something like change the direction of flow but no motor. I have...
  4. Megane central locking prob

    Hi all I have a couple of problems 1 .car starts ok then revs drop and car cuts out. Have to rev car for a minute for it to start 2 .got up thus morning and car doors will not open with both my keys,we did have a bit of snow yesterday and I know my car rain and the cold ,any ideas how to fix...
  5. modus 2005 dci steering prob still there

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello..I bought my first Renault car last Aug,as people gave been praising there fuel economy. I picked up. A 2005 modus, the guy told me the steering was getting heavy..and it needed a new I took a punt on it and drove her home.I left the lights on (the boot light) and the battery...
  6. Mk 2 scenic light prob after fitting tow bar

    Hi, Today I fitted my towbar. And whilst I was wiring it the back bulb blew, so I changed it but it still dosent work. I done a quick check of all my lights to find out I have no back driverside light, but brake light works & has no driverside sidelight? Bought new bulbs but still nothing. I...
  7. Megane senic 1.6 auto gearbox prob

    Have a problem when I driving my car the D letter is flashing even when I'm stopped also when doing 60mph or more it don't sound like it changing gears
  8. Modus ignition key prob

    Cars & motoring
    Hi just bought 04 modus and can't get the key in to start the car so get out my tool box and add some 3in1 key in but won't turn spend 2/3 hours and left it there. Next day after reading all I could find on internet I buy spray contact cleaner and magic it works, does anyone know what if any...
  9. Strange Prob on 2003 Laguna II Initiale?

    Hi all, I just would like to pick your brains, I have a 2003 Laguna II Initiale, and it as a annoying problem with the Passenger side Door mirror as to when you lock and unlock the car the mirror moves to a stupid place so I have to readjust it before I drive the car? Its either facing...
  10. 1996 Megane K7M suspected INJECtION prob.

    Hello all. We have a Megane Coupe with K7M in it. It was standing for like a year in a shelf, and now we are trying to start it. It has spark,it also has the fuel pump working (i disconnected the coming back pipe and fuel sprays from it when the pump is on), so i think the fuel is passing...
  11. megane 2008 heater fan prob

    Hi all The no. 4 setting on the heater fan does not work what can be the problem and how easy is it to fix
  12. Master dci 100 cold start prob

    Hi everyone again.. So when starting cold it doesn't go first time but does on the second try, with a puff of smoke, when warm its fine or even just moving in the yard then no problem starts ok. Its just come back from a service as well! . Any ideas? Pete
  13. Dashboard display prob with Grand Espace

    Hi,The dashboard display came on and off intermitantly and then went off completely. The indicators don't work but the lights and wipers do I have had to leave it in Spain Can you give me an idea how to solve the problem and a budget price please? Its a 2004 Grand Espace Priviledge auto
  14. Laguna 2004 reversing sensor prob

    Hi I have a Laguna 2004 with a reversing sensor prob engage reverse ,get steady tone . each sensor "clicks" but is that good test ? can one still be duff ? someone posted abt the reversing switch i replaced my one 2 years ago (stuck on) wear is the ecu located as someone posted their one had...
  15. Scenic clutch prob

    Scenic 1.5 diesel expression 106. The clutch pedal on my car (2007 plate) which I have only had for 3 weeks, has a couple of times gone to the floor and I can't select gear. I pulled the clutch back and it seems ok but is still getting close to the floor, again pull back (with my foot this...
  16. Interesting post. Might help others with similar prob

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  17. indicator and back lights prob

    checking the car out for the mot (renault megane scenic T reg) and noticed that when i put the indicator on, either side the back light on which ever side is indicating also flashes too, any idea what i should look at ? checking it out again, if i put the right indicator on, the right back...
  18. immobiliser prob scenic 1.6

    Hi I know there are a few threads for this, but not answering question I have. My immobilized light flashes rapidly, so car won't start. We have the 4 digit code, but can't put it in as the central locking button in centre won't illuminate? So I wondered if anyone had any idea wat I can do...
  19. the old leaky sunroof prob again

    Hi all, found my 05 clio to have the leaky sunroof prob. attempting to fix this myself but can't get the bolts out and one has snapped. they just keep turning within the brass inserts. my question is what size are these bolts I know the head is 10mm but what about the thread and pitch? thnx
  20. kangoo 1.5 dci 70 2002 locking prob

    hi i have a problem with my kangoo if anyone can help my key fob works locking unlocking doors side door but the center console button wont unlock or lock doors plus when i drive off in the van all locks lock doors etc any help plz thanks