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  1. Espace 4 starts problem

    Hello colleagues, I had a problem with my Espace 4 3.5 v6 , engine starts, but works a few seconds and stops. I replaced spark plugs, check all cables, change ECU and problem still exist. Also I checked camshaft sensors with a oscilloscope and output level are ok while engine rotate, when the...
  2. Megane 2 petrol rough idle, the whole car is vibrating

    checked engine bracket, exhaust system. the engine is running on all cylinders. furthermore when driving in highway speed is the engine unusual noisy. Could it be timing belt or VTT valve or gear. Can anybody help me?
  3. Clio 2 1.2 D7F - can I put 165/60 R14 tyres on front wheels

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi! Car is Clio 2 1.2 D7F 8V, 58hp year 2000. I have 165/65R14 tyres on all wheels as they should be according to site. I have to change front tyres. The problem is I got 2 165/60 R14 tyres instead of 65 ones. Could I put 2 x165/60 R14 up in the front axle, rim...
  4. Problems Starting When Cold

    Hi Guys New to the forum but I have a problem that is baffling me so was hoping somebody can relate/knows the problem or solution. Bought the 1.6 Dynamique Petrol in March with 60k on the clock. Within a month of having the car I got a roller coaster type clicking noise on startup and the car...
  5. Renault Wind 2010 Roof Issues

    when I turn the ignition on every single time dashboard give me an error saying check roof. the way I have been getting around this is I have to unlock the roof handle, push the open roof button down for 2 secs then close it again. this is the only way I can drive the car with roof normal...
  6. Scenic 3 Issues after changing brake fluid

    Have MOT in 10 days and the brake fluid was tested last year at 160 deg. C boiling point. So I changed it today, bought ATE DOT4 SL6. It was last changed at renault dealer in 2017 (7711575501, that should be plain DOT4). Good old one man pumping method, did it on a couple of cars, no problem...
  7. FIXED. Laguna 2: Front and rear fog lights problem

    Hi! First of all I want to say that I appreciate this forum and the help we can recieve here. Thanks to you who share your knowledge and experience with these cars! I own a Laguna 2 2001 mod 1,6. I took it to the "EU-inspection", as we call it in Norway, the same as the MOT, I think. They...
  8. Renault Master II dCi3.0 (ZD3) EGR problem

    The engine has undergone an extensive service & overhaul during the winter: There is a new high pressure pump, new injectors, a new MAF-sensor and more. The car and engine were working well. But then the car started to emit a lot of black smoke when accelerating more heavily from idle ja and...
  9. Renault Scenic 2 EPB problem solved

    Hi All For weeks have been trying to resolve a problem with my Scenic 1.6 2004 ( 5 Seater). Replaced module and cables from a used car and programmed with can clip. Also managed to change VRN of unit by using Bluetooth Renault com (see previous posts). Brake is working fine in all modes...
  10. Trafric 1990 - light switch problem

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi! I'm try to restore the electrical system on a Renault Traffic -90 The light switch has "burned" and previous owners have tried to solve the problem with their own solutions and their own cable colors. The original cables were cut off, in conjunction with their own solutions. Have bought a...
  11. Megane 2 1.5dCI - smoke problem ( Solved )

    Hello everyone, Recently I bought a cheap Megane 2 1.5dCI with 82hp and it had a huge smoke problem. Sometimes the smoke was a dense blue cloud and some times not so much. So I removed the EGR, intercooler pipe (that one that is curved), PCV valve, PCV pipes, the inlet pipes coming from the air...
  12. Clio mk3 2009 drivers door problem

    Ask the Experts
    Can anyone offer any advice on the following problem, the drivers door seems to be opening far too wide with no restriction, is there any way I can adjust it to prevent this happening , any advice would be much appreciated.
  13. clio expression 02 problem with aquaplaning or rain

    Cars & motoring
    Ive had some problems since i bought this car and im not entirely sure what is to blame here, so ill ask the experts on here for some help. It first started when i hit an aquaplane at about 40mph on my way to work during heavy rain. I wasnt able to get much power out of the car when i out my...
  14. Car starting problem

    Hi all, I have a 2010 mk3 Renault megane hatchback 1.5 dci. I have had no trouble and then suddenly today I put the key in the engine checks completed and it came up with "OK" and then when I pressed the "start/stop" button there was a kind of click noise from the engine bay and nothing, tried...
  15. Master starting problem

    General Chat
    2.5 dci stood for a few years but always started, Done a few jobs for mot dropped it down started fine one day then just won***8217;t start again ! Plenty diesel in and battery is charged but just spins over , any ideas ?
  16. Interior lights problem Espace 2016

    Hi! I connected a rear view camera today on my Renault Espace 2016. I accedently blow a fuse for the interior lights and perhaps even the automatic headlight lightsensor (its not working after the interior lights when out). Do anyone know what fuse it can be? Cant find it in the manual. Best...
  17. Renault Clio mk2 2003 fuel gauge problem

    Cars & motoring
    Ok so I don't think my fuel sensor is ready right. I fill the tank up full and the drive maybe 10 miles and I use a gallon. Or if I have half a tank and put In theory I should put in 3 gallons it should be full but the car doesn't allow me to put in 3 and then says it's completely full. Im...
  18. Renault Megane 3 - Unknown problem going on for a month

    This could take some time to read but please bear with me because I am really desperate in finding a way to solve the issue I have with my car. The model is Renault Megane - 1.5 dCI 110hp 2012 year. So let me start explaining. The first encounter with this issue was a month ago when I was...
  19. Steering problem

    Steering and Suspension
    Having had a problem with my steering which quickly went heavy then light and hard to steer in and out of corners , I replaced the power steering pump which seemed to fix the problem. Roll on a few months and the problem is back. When I replaced the pump with a rebuilt one, something has chirped...
  20. Drive shaft problem

    Hi newbie here..... I bought me 2nd Clio a couple of weeks ago a 2005 1.5 dci. After a couple of days i started having a rattling noise from the off side front wheel. When I looked I found that the off side drive shaft was loose in the support bracket.. looks like the bearing has worn and...