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  1. PK6 gearbox probs - possible to change left side housing for drifeshaft joint?

    Hello, my name ich Chris and i am from Germany. My car ist a 2004 Vivaro Life with PK6 gearbox an i love the car. Since a few weeks a hafe a vibratioen during accerlation between 45 an 55 mp/h. I proofed the drifeshaft left / right an they will be fine, also the gearbox and engine...
  2. Old Renault Master t35 Diesel starting/running probs

    Hiya .. Hoping someone might be able to help with my very old (1992) Renault Master ! It’s a coach built Horsebox (3.5t) which atm is being a pain to start especially when the engines cold but also has a heck of a rattle at high revs in each gear but then continuas when you reach 50mph ! My...
  3. Megane 1.5 dci loss of power + other probs

    i havent been on here for help in awhile as you guys did a great job helping me out the last time i got stuck. im hoping you can help me again. all the problems are linked im sure so ill go in order of how they started. i few months ago when driving up a slight incline the cars power dipped...
  4. Mk1 Megane Heating & Resistor Probs.

    Heating & cooling
    Hi I have a Mk1 Megane 1.6 Auto Fidji with Air Con which has 2 cabin heater problems - Blower motor resister pack - the motor only works on level 4. Is their a repair kit for this resistor pack or a new resistor pack available? (I'm okay with a soldering iron and removal of the pack). Heat...
  5. Megane scenic 1.6 (06 Plate), engine noise and other probs

    Hi All, new to site, i would like some help with my Renault, when its cold it makes a rattling sound on start up, doesn't happen when warm. also anyone help with the following diagnostic codes, DF436, DF624, DF080. Many thanks in advance Regards Kevin
  6. clutch probs

    ive just replaced the clutch in my 2000 clio 1.2 and it goes into gear when the engine isnt running but when it is running its having none of it..any help would be appreciated
  7. Start-up brake/clutch wire probs

    Hi all again... My problem yet again is the wire on the clutch pedal keeps breaking, its been replaced and the same thing happens. The brake wire is no where to be seen, so never used that when starting car. My question is, is there a way to bypass the block or another way to remedy this...
  8. Door light probs

    Hi all new here , I've a early 03 scenic a open door light is on and won't go off I have a feeling it's to do with the boot ??????
  9. 1999 clio probs

    hi guys, i have a 1999 1.2 clio tried to start it, but had nothing so i jump started this happens,i jump start it it turns over,( in neutral) but it revs at just over 5k,it will not stop unless i dip the clutch and place into gear, at this time still 5k revs,only when i release the...
  10. Has anyone had probs with noise from steering rack?

    Steering and Suspension
    When I drive over uneven surfaces I hear a loud clonking noise. How should I go about fixing it? Think it's coming from the steering rack. Thanks guys
  11. fitting a dump valve, any probs?

    I have a 2011 Megane 1.4tce turbo and I am wanting to fit an atmospheric dump valve to replace the standard recirculating one that's on it. Will the car take that ok or would it need to be retuned to cope with it? Cheers
  12. throttle probs

    my espace 2.2dci cuts out when i put the throttle hard down , if i dont put it all the way down its fine , but then the extra bit causues the cut out , no creep mode , no warning light or alarm . Renault Garage think its fuel filter but im not convinced . my question is what does the throttle...
  13. 2003 laguna estate satnav probs please help

    hi, my name is dan and im new to the Renault forums, I have a big problem with my satnav, the screen on the dash does not come on and the satnav unit that's just above the sterio just flashes, the unit in the glove box has power and I can eject the cd and put it back in but still nothing I also...
  14. Laguna mk2 1.9dci power probs

    Hi, I have a 2003 Laguna, 1.9 dci 120bhp. The problem started a month or so ago, whereby when running, i could not rev the car past 2,100 revs or so, and the turbo would not kick in. The display on the dash noted 'fault in injection'. To add, I have had a new turbo fitted less than a yer ago...
  15. Clio Quickshift Problem

    hi all im having problems with a clio i just brought it drove well for 100 miles then a warning light came on showing a gearbox fault, its the quick shift gearbox. it seems to drive fine when the engine has been driven for a short distance but seems to drive better in manual rather than auto, im...
  16. scenic 1.4 2001 engine probs

    hi had trouble yesterday when my gear linkage came out, the guy from green flag put it back in but said to get it fixed asap. Cant do that until Monday but took it for a run today and it keeps stalling everytime you stop at lights and the revs are really low and engine seems loud... what I would...
  17. 1993 renault twingo 1.2 starting probs

    hi can anyone help me plz, i have a 93 renault twingo with a 1.2 spi engine, its a pig to start, once going it runs fine, it has had new plugs and coil, i have looked at distributor and rotar arm and cleaned contacts, but its still a pig to start any ideas please peeps cheers
  18. probs with reno clio 02 plate engine flashing light and coil light, so frustrating!

    Hi, I have reno clio 02 plate DCI, when I accelarate hard the engine and coil light flash up, its only when I thrash it and the revs go up, so I slow down and the lights go out. They only flash for about 8-9 seconds. Now I had my local garage run a diagnostic on it about a month ago to see...
  19. kangoo probs....

    Engines vans glow plug light takes an age to go off..and when i turn key it starts but have no power...turn off key then fire it up again and its fine also does this while driving....glow plug light will come on and ill lose all power.??its gettting harder to start everyday..just had full...
  20. 1998 renault twingo auto box probs

    Hi, is there anyone that can help me with my 1998 1.2 twingo, it has a broken auto box and it will only reverse won't go forward. I wanted to know what is involved in converting it to a manual and can all the parts come off a the clio. Many thanks in advance