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  1. Do the ECU fuel profiles on DCi engines adapt to conditions then reset overnight ?

    I am enjoying my espace 1.9 DCi mostly, but it seems to have mild mood disorder I cannot figure. Some days I start it in the morning and it feels like its decided to stay about 10-15% down on power that day and the engine tone is a little more strained. It just lacks that smooth little extra...
  2. ISP profiles?

    Computer Club
    Hi, I've had Sky as my ISP for some time now and have never really been happy with the speed that I get (c. 1.7Mb) although I imagine that I'll get similar speeds with most of the other ISP because of our distance from the exchange, the crap BT copper wires etc........ However, I recall...
  3. Profiles and 'stuff'

    I know Wonky's going to slap me for this, because it's a blatant case of a user asking "Can you make Application A behave like Application B, even though it was written by totally different people with different purposes in mind." Still, I have to deal with questions like that, so it's fun to...