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  1. Tools & equipment
    My car renault megane 2 2005and i have only one card and i have renault clip and a new card and when i try to program process this message appears Please help Copyright Images Removed
  2. Computer Club
    PC running Windows Vista The hard drive on my laptop is almost full at 98% capacity :surprise: and much of this is due to that naughty car manual that we are not allowed to use :wink2:(especially as it contains all the model ranges that I don't need.). If I burn the entire e-manual program...
  3. Transmissions
    Hi there We have a Scenic 2002 run 288000 KM 1,9dci automatic There has been the problem that it goes into emergency operating program and stocks in 3. gear, when we have run about 20 min. The gearbox has been opened for about 90000 km since, becouse we thought it was leaking, but it was our...
  4. Electronics
    Is it possible to program a 56 plate espace (or any non DRL renault) to turn its sidelights on with ignition to use as DRLs?
  5. Steering and Suspension
    I was looking around the Renault can CliP device with my Laguna II and I found an option to select two power steering 'types'. One is 'Basic' and the other is 'Variable'. It was set to basic. Has anybody tried setting this to variable?
  6. Electronics
    As above, Can i Program a second hand key to unlock & lock my van? my key for my van doesn't work, the button doesn't lock or unlock, iv acquired 2 keys from the scrap yard, one seems to work when the button is pressed as the light comes up! Can i program the key to unlock & lock my van...
  7. Electronics
    Hi Hopefully fairly straight forward question 2001 2.0 16v IDE with usual problems. New Fuel Pressure Regulator and Fuel Pressure Sensor arrived today Can I just replace the existing ones and drive or does anything need to be done with the ecu? Many Thx Paul
  8. Tools & equipment
    Hi all, I have a clip running v110 which is just ace. Its sorted so many problems since I owned the vehicle and has more than paid for itself. My question is this. Im showing a fault with the electrical system, cant remember exactly what it was somthing about a valve and I cant find it...
  9. Computer Club
    Hello i am in need of a renault parts program. any ideas????
  10. Computer Club
    evening all, it feels like years since i posted on the forum, hardly been on here recently:crazy: anyway, i currently have a bit of a software problem, not as big as the problem living in my mum and dads house though. we seem to have a thief in the house who will raid anything and anywhere to...
  11. Electronics
    Hey guys, Well, it looks like I may have to bite the bullet and get myself a keycard for my '02 Laguna. Bah. Anyway, after calling Cardiff Renault and being quoted £110 for the card and THEN an extra £80 for a service (which apparently they need to do to reprogram the card - yeah reet)...
  12. Electronics
    Hi All, Im A VW Enthusiast with a fully registered copy of Vag-Com which is a OBD2 Program for error scanning and adaptions to the ECU for VW Group cars i noticed the other day that my dads 2003 Laguna 2.2DCI Dymanique Sport Tourer has got a OBD2 Port i was just wondering what program can be...
  13. Electronics
    Hi, im really in need of a spare key for my clio as the one ive got is really dying (have to press button really hard) Ive seen keys on ebay and my neighbour has an old clio key which is infra red and has the same sort of blade as mine. Would their be any way to reprogram this key to work with...
  14. Electronics
    Hi have a laguna new shape and want to know how you you reprogram the key card as the battery went flat a while ago. I have replaced the battery but now it wont work?
  15. Computer Club
    Right, I was bored so I ended up writing a little program that I've been meaning to have a bash at for a while. And what's more... it works. Well it seems to, anyway. So what is it? It takes a TomTom OV2 'points of interest' file and lists what's in it. Boring so far eh? But here's the fun...
  16. Computer Club
    Free Antispyware Program This is just my own evaluation and you must evaluate it yourself to assure yourself that it's safe and problem free. I have been looking at a new program that covers the subject, the removal of “spyware” The programs title is “SUPERantispyware” and it's free. I have...