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  1. Movano injector does it need programming?

    Just found out that I need an injector on my 08 movano 2.5cdti the part no is one of these no's 1408307978618 or 044110265, the guy at the motor factors said it might come programmed??? anyone clear it up for me? if it is I will fit it myself if it needs programming I will fork out more money to...
  2. what's next with programming new sensor to my lag 2

    hi, I have fitted new tpms tire valve sensors to my 2003 year laguna 2. Each valve has an eight numbered code which is beginning zero. I have programmed the codes to the UCH. At this point I saw that the superscan software omits the first zero and programs the seven digit of the code. I have...
  3. Laguna 3 TPMS programming

    Wheels & tyres
    I bought new wheels for winter tyres for my Laguna 2008 with TPMS. I also bought new original sensors. My question is if I can program new sensors with generic ODB (ELM327) or only dealer with Clip can do that? Has anyone tried?
  4. programming new keys when originals missing

    Hi all. Hope you can help me shed some light on an issue I have. I know there are loads of posts on here about reprogramming new key cards but many show me needing an original key card. My wife has managed to lose both keys in the space of a week and I had to get the car recovered home. I...
  5. espace sport remote key programming

    hi there I have just bought a y reg 2.2 dci and the remote key for central locking does not work can anyone help with how I reprogramme the key so that the central locking works again I would be most greatfull for any info that helps
  6. Trafic Dci key fob programming

    Hi, I'm hoping a fellow forum member can help me. I need a second key for my 2008 model Renault Traffic van and was thinking of buying one of the complete kits from Ebay. Is there a DIY way of programming the new key to the van and if so what's the process. For information i've got one key and...
  7. Key fob programming essex

    hi, im buying a 58 plate movano at the weekend (hopefully) it only comes with one key, wheres the cheapest place to get one cut and programmed? thanks
  8. Scenic 2 Instrument panel, need programming?

    Hi, would a new ( 2nd hand ebay £50 ) instrument panel need programming to the car or could i just plug the new one in? Thanks Jack
  9. clio eps programming

    hi, i got a 56 mk2 clio to look at with a problem with the electronic steering. ive got in touch with a company who can repair them but they say that "The unit is likely to require coding back to the vehicle with Renault specific diagnostics equipment" does anyone know exactly what coding is...
  10. Can Clip Programming for Lighting

    Hi All, Does anybody with a can clip know if the current/load detection on my Lag Coupe can be modified? I bought some top LED lamps for the rear indicators and they really look good and suit the rear clusters since the main red lighting is all OEM LED, but unfortunately I get fast flashing...
  11. Modus central locking programming?

    Hi, Please can anyone help? I am posting on behalf of my elderly father inlaw who owns a 2005 Renault Modus 1.4 16v. The problem is, he likes to fiddle and for some reason decided to remove the battery from his key fob to change it (it did not need changing, he just decided he wanted to change...
  12. Renault Can Clip & Injector Programming

    Hi all, I have really bad starting issues on my Kangoo 1.5dci. I've been going through hundreds of topics on this forum working out what the cause could be. After doing a leak-off test I've found injectors 2+3 pouring fuel back. I've now got new injectors and a Renault Can Clip system to...
  13. ignition key programming clio 2

    hi there i have a clio mk2 2oo2 year i have lost one of the keys still have one if i buy a new key fob can this be programmed by me or is this a dealer operation is synchronisation the same as programming any advice will be most welcome
  14. How to perform steering wheel angle programming?

    Steering and Suspension
    The service light is flashing. The display says "steering check". Clip says angle sensor is "Status 1" which it describes as "Steering wheel index not detected Straight wheel position not programmed, Invalid angle value, Programming not complete, perform steering wheel angle programming" I...
  15. CAN CLIP injector programming, and forum use

    Tools & equipment
    Hi guys, I have a can clip coming in the next couple of days, if anyone wants to use it and lives near wr10 postcode feel free to message me. I have to program the injectors as for some reason they are all listed as AAAAAA-AAAAAA-AAAAAA-AAAAAA :eek: Also if anyone has any tips on doing this...
  16. injector programming question 1.5 dci

    Hi all i have got can clip and reprog on my lap top and i need to program some injectors on my kangoo 1.5 dci Can anyone explain step by sptep how to do this please as i cant find it on can clip. Sorry to sound a bit thick Cheers Bill
  17. Renault espace mk2 key programming??

    I have a 1996 Espace mk2. I replaced the key battery and now the remote on the key does not work. My vehicle has an immbolizer so i need the key fob to work to deactivate the immbolizer. does anyone know how to program the key?
  18. Renault Master Quickshift programming ?

    Hi Having lost all gears on Master Quickshift I am having it scanned on Thursday to confirm that it is the Robot unit that is at fault. If I have to replace the unit will I have to get the replacement reprogrammed to get it to work ?
  19. Camshaft dephaser circuit programming inconsistency

    Hi I have clio III auto 1.6 2006 on the scanner showing the following : camshaft dephaser circuit programming inconsistency , the problem I have the gearbox going to safe mood while driving if it cold and when driving about 10 miles will drive normally , any suggestion please ?
  20. ABS ECU programming (renault traffic)

    Hi guys, Long time since i logged in here... anyway i have a question and i wonder if anyone can help me out... Renault traffic van required ABS module replacing. What tool would do the job to help program the new ECU in? Something as cheap as possible.... CAN clip? anything else? vauxcom...