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  1. Project Kindle 5th Gen as dedicated diagnosis tool

    General Chat
    Background on this is to make a cheap highly functional dedicated Android tablet to diagonose cars via a odbii usb/wifi device, using cheap or FREE or non compliant devices via hacking / modding them. This is a ongoing project for when bored and have free time at night as a carer for my Autistic...
  2. Project: White Megane 250

    My mottah!
    Picked up this white one after i recoverd from killing the last one. It has been well looked after, Has already been played with a bit, has intercooler, turbo cooler, ITG induction kit, exhaust system and 200 cell cat, RSTuning remap to 300+bhp Changed the interior bulbs, for White LED...
  3. fujifilm finepix s project so far

    Photography Club
    its been fun so will share what has been done back left -right s-4300 a keeper cost £27 all working as is s-2980 this had a zoom fault and on screen just said turn off and on again all fixed and total cost £10.30 front left - right s-5800 works ok just the lcd screen at fault just waiting...
  4. Clio III, bit of a project

    My mottah!
    Not my car, but a family members, here it is, a 1.4 litre petrol Dynamique... A rather noticeable scratch on drivers door Polished out Installed a dashcam (and a new drive belt, which turned out to be the wrong size) Out with the old stereo In with the new stereo One of the...
  5. Hello - Trackday Clio ph2 project in Brazil

    My mottah!
    Hi there, I´m Fernando, from Brazil, and I´m finishing my trackday project based on a 2004 Clio 1.6 16v car. I´ll be posting on the mechanical area since I´m having some issues with my current gearbox vs. current torque. List of mods: - K4M 1.6 16v with all forged internals - Mishimoto IC and...
  6. Project Nissan Stagea Turbo - Lairy Wrap... !

    My mottah!
    Hi All, We have another little project on the go at the moment.. The current Stagea, which we have had a couple of years is near end of life unfortunately. She has been a fighter, been on a few track days. The Chassis is now too rusty. Sooooo, we have a new one :) We'll transfer the...
  7. Project Moff - 600 BHP R33 GTS-t Skyline

    My mottah!
    Hi All, Thought I would start a thread about our Race Car, some of you may already know about it ? Not a Renault I know, but good fun all the same ) There has been a blog going since 2008, which can be found at The Project Moff | TMS Motorsport The car is a Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-t Spec 2...
  8. LTD project on the way

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and the UK car market. Previously I've owned Megane mk1, Laguna mk1 and Clio mk2 with left hand drive. Since I've arrived to the UK I'm searching for the good candidate to get into my garage. My choice is Megane coupe mk1 phase 2 with 2.0 16V IDE engine. I know...
  9. 2005 Renault Laguna Sports Tourer 2.0L 16V Project

    My mottah!
    Hello All, I am going to document my latest project on here, hopefully for some good reading, maybe a few useful tips for other users and most importantly for a log of my efforts so that I can recall what I have done on the car.
  10. Final project up grading the fog lamps

    Right lads I am off again and this time doing the front fog lights tell me what blub can I fit Into them I have Dimond Vision blubs I want to out into the fogs so lads what are year views
  11. Project: Integrated Electric Gate remote

    Hey everyone, I get my new car tomorrow and we are having a sliding electric gate fitted to the front entrance to our property. I am after some advice on an electrical project to permanently fit a switch into my car. I want to avoid rendering one of the remote fobs they give me useless, here's...
  12. williams track day project

    Cars & motoring
    hi there, i have recently aquired a mk1 clio which has a williams engine, bonnet and wings, it was supposed to be turned into a track day car but the previous owner opted against it.i was hoping someone on here may want to or know someone who can re home this project,if anyone is interested pls...
  13. new project - vintage moped content!

    General Chat
    Hi guys, always wanted a vintage moped and when this came up i had to have it!! Its a 1965 victoria vicky117 pedal n pop. Iv done a bit of searching and it was made by an old bicycle company, built in nuremburg. I need a couple of bits for the resto but havent a clue where to get bits from...
  14. espace 3 hydraulic clutch system project

    Hi first back story, getting new 7 seater company car so I can ferry staff around and use as van too, work for security n cleaning company and cover UK from stafford down about 4k a month so I had little diesel for work which is know up for sale and giving me chance for little project on my...
  15. Renault Master Project - Brake compensator

    Well, after visiting my beast at the MOT station I was pleased to find that a bit of welding and a brake compensator is all she needed to pass another ticket. I was roughly quoted £300 for the part so I legged it to my local Renault dealer who found a new part for £98. Bargain. I've seen a few...
  16. Renault Master Project

    Tuning & Modding
    I've recently bought a 1998 Renault Master with 1/4 million miles on the clock. We wanted a large van to use as we camp alot and I organise and play at festivals all summer so we wanted more convenience. We use the van at least once a week to get away and every week we add some more bits to it...
  17. Megane3C 1.5DCI + gt1749 project

    General tuning
    Hi friends, i have joined from Turkey.First, sorry for my bad language :) I have got 1.5dci megane 3 coupe (2011) Specs: Ecu tunning Downpipe exhaust straight 60mm Stock Turbo 1.9 bar pressure This is my actual dyno sheet but i want more power. Have tried different turbo with 1.5dci...
  18. Help Needed for restoration Project Please

    General Chat
    Hello all, new here and would love any help or info about parts, NOS or Pattern for a 1996 Renault Master Hope some will be able help Cheers, Gee
  19. Kangoo 1.5dci project. Worthwhile?

    Greetings everyone, Have an opportunity to purchase a 2006 Kangoo 1.5dci70 for ZAR18,000. The gent who owns it says he had a new turbo fitted about 1000km ago. The injectors were also replaced fairly recently. All genuine Renault parts. The vehicle has done about 200,000km Something went...
  20. detect engine RPM for Arduino project

    Hi all, Im creating ambiant light project with an Arduino (Description of Arduino) The plan is for it to react to various sensors to modify the colours. Currently the user can select between pre defined colours and it will fade from the previous colour to the next selected colour. Ive set up...