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  1. Engines
    So a little advice needed once again! 0:) My pug has once again decided to drive me slightly mad. It became hard to start while back and I thought it was due to a dirty fuel filter but once I changed the fuel I discovered that the non return valve (I think) connected to the primer bulb was...
  2. Engines
    I have a 1.9dci scenic 2003 and recently I have had problems with the glow plug light coming on when I accelerate on the motorway - It then stays on and wont go out no matter what load is on the engine. It does not do it under normal town or regular road driving. I have changed the MAP sensor ...
  3. Other makes
    Friend of mine has just been quoted £289 for replacing a leaky rad. I'm quite willing to do it instead but just wanted to check a couple of things before a favour maybe backfires. Europarts show an ELS rad at 63 quid (RRP 180) so price is right but don't know the make. Anyone comment on them...
  4. My mottah!
    Just thought i'd share this little snippet with you ! Ralph
  5. General Chat
    hi all, been a member here since aug, joined pug forum same time aswell but account there is still not activated, anyone ever heard of it taking this long?? cheers
  6. General Chat
  7. General tuning
    Well i said i would start a new thread on the 306, so here it is:d it's a 1997 2.0 8v xsi, and its not a bad little mottah :) at least it's French :rofl: she's got big plans for it:rolleyes: so it will probably end up with a huge body-kit :rofl: Ive been getting a few things...
  8. Bodywork
    Hi guys, Not strictly a Renault I know, but my mate is repairing his parent's old 106 at the mo and needs to source an OSF Wing - I've recommended GSF, but are there any other suppliers you guys could recommend that are reputable? Cheers, Karl :)
  9. Engines
    Anyone know if the engine used in the laguna II V6 (L7X) is the same as used in the peugeot 406 V6, and maybe some citroen V6 models. I ask because you can get new parts off auction site's genuine peugeot or citroen for a fraction of the dealer price, I am looking at a lambda sensor at the mo...
  10. General Chat
    Hello from "LO" :) After 6 weeks of hunting the auctions and local rags I "think" we have found a good little car for Mrs L20 but thought it wise to ask here for tips on what to look out for in terms of a diesel car ( as I have never owned one ).. Car is a 1994 - 306D 1.9 with 100k on the...