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  1. How do you get a compressor Belt back on the pulley? Clio IV

    Heating & cooling
    hi all - is there a 'in the trade' knack to get the Drive belt back onto the pulley of the AC Compressor pump? _ I have been struggling for well over an hour to get it back on , its a fecker! - cannot see any adjuster on the A/C compressor bracket to push it in to attach the belt and then pull...
  2. Bottom pulley for timing won't come off **Removed**

    I have a MK1 Megane soft top with the K4M 1.6 16v engine in it with a slight problem. At the MOT the tester noted it had a bit of an oil leak from the front crank oil seal, no biggy I thiught, how wrong I was. Started stipping things down and I can't get the bottom toothed wheel of for the...
  3. starting problems after replacing aux belt and pulley

    Scenic on a 07 plate not sure which forum would be best? Drove from UK to Spain 2 days no problems left car for a day when it came to starting big crash and bang, found the aux belt off and the crankshaft pulley had failed. For various reasons it was 2 weeks before I replaced pulley and belt...
  4. Megane II 2.0 16v crank pulley noise

    Hi all, Since a while there was a short chirp coming from (what I thought was) the auxiliary belt when starting the engine. But then it started to squeak more so I removed the auxiliary belt. It looked worn, but when I started the engine without the belt it still made the same noise. It looks...
  5. Laguna 2 1.6 K4M Cambelt Change **Sorted**

    I'm biting the bullet and changing the timing belt/water pump so we don't get stuck in France profonde this autumn- can some kind person help me out with the pulley bolt size so I can order a proper socket and not have to use mine which seem to be made out of biscuits these days? I hear 18mm...
  6. This V-belt tensioner pulley..

    Steering and Suspension
    Thought I'd post this here, since I'm not sure where to put it and the v belt also powers the power steering pump. Hi! My old megane scenic Ph1 has this type of belt tensioner (see attachment). I must say, what a completely crap way to tension a belt. How am I supposed to tension the belt...
  7. Clio Dci alternator pulley replacement

    I need to replace the free wheel pulley on an '02 1.5 Dci. Are there two types and does one type need special tools as that's what the GSF website says? Thanks
  8. Clio GT 1.6 16v dephaser pulley DIY

    Ask the Experts
    Has anyone ever replaced the dephaser pulley on a 1.6 GT and has got any useful advice? Poslano z mojega WAS-LX1 z uporabo Tapatalk
  9. Laguna 2.2 dci crank pulley change

    Hi all! I am new to the forum and after spending hours searching the web and different forums I can't quite find the info I need on changing the crankshaft pulley on my Laguna (the one the aux belt sits on). It's a 2005 2.2 dci, 2 friends of mine have give me a heads up on changing the pulley...
  10. Scenic 1.6 dephaser pulley failed?

    Hi folks! Just under a year ago I bought a 2006 Grand Scenic 1.6 . Since autumn arrived and the weather got colder I have been aware of dephaser pulley rattle when starting up in the morning, sometimes needing 2 or 3 goes to get started. I have been planning to change cambelt, dephaser pulley...
  11. Replace dephaser pulley with a standard pulley

    2004 Renault Scenic 2 1.6 16V VVT Anyone replaced the dephaser pulley with a standard pulley? I'm thinking about doing this as a standard pulley (by "standard" I mean a non-dephaser pulley of the same dimensions) is cheaper plus it won't pack in! My only concern is what happens to the oil...
  12. F9Q 1.9dci camshaft pulley alignment to camshaft

    Hi, Am having issues with timing on this engine. New belt fitted, setup using diabolysis method ie pretensioner and frequency equipment etc. all good also using picoscope cam crank waveform and pico 6... all good however timing still not right the tappett buckets are in tolerance, moving on...
  13. Scenic 1 2.0 16v F4R Engine non start after crankshaft pulley failure

    Hi guys, as the title says, drive pulley failed the other evening (probably at 10mph), pulley replaced, water pump was leaking a bit so replaced, drive belt replaced. I was worried about timing as the breakdown guy accidentally turned key to start when moving the car of the flat bed and it...
  14. Espace 4 CrankShaft Pulley

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, Had to replace the crankshaft pulley on 2005 1.9 Espace last week as original was visibly damaged the damper material was coming out from between inner and outer sections . Got the pulley off , after a struggle (was very tight) and managed to get replacement from breakers . Replaced and...
  15. Timing belt + dephasor pulley

    I will be replacing my timing belt and dephaser pulley in a few weeks time. Just waiting for the school holidays. I have some used parts to keep the cost down, but I know I will need a locking tool, and end caps, new belt and maybe others. I will be ordering the parts this week, are all the...
  16. camshaft pulley torque settings megane 1.5dci 2004

    Can somebody tell me what's the torque settings for a crankshaft pulley bolt on a megane 1.5dci 2004?
  17. Noisy alternator pulley

    My son has a 61 reg Clio 1.2. It's all of a sudden started making a noise which after some investigation turns out to be the alternator pulley. After searching online I can find pulleys for most models apart from his. I've spoke to our local dealer who said it needs a full new alternator. The...
  18. Clio 2008 1.2 Petrol crankshaft pulley bolt

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me what the size of the CRANK SHAFT pulley bolt is for this car. As I can't seem to find the socket to fit. (Assuming it is a mm size) Any help would be very much appreciated! JE/RB
  19. Megane II 1.9 dci damper / camshaft pulley

    Hi everybody, I have 2003 Megane II 1.9 120 hp and have squeaky aux belt. I have looked around and it seems that the damper pulley does not rotate true and straight (wobbles slightly) so went on the internet and found the part, my questions are: 1. Which brand would you recommend for the belt...
  20. Scenic 1 2003 pulley removal **Sorted**

    Hello. I have a Scenic mk1 2003 1.6 petrol with A/C and I want to change the two small pulleys in the drive belt layout. Can anyone advise on how to remove and replace these two pulleys. If I undo each bolt going through the centre of each pulley will they come straight off or is there more to...