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  1. Judder when pulling off in 1st

    Ask the Experts
    Hi. Thanks for adding me. I have just got a Renault trafic 1.9dci 2005. It has a very pronounced judder when pulling off in first gear. It happened a few times in a row so I headed for the steepest hill I could find and it did a perfect hill start and has driven fine since. It was stood up for a...
  2. Hesitation pulling out of turnings Clio MK4 1149cc16v

    Hello , wife picked up a used 2016 Clio MK4 1149cc 16v dyamanique last week. She not really impressed at how responsive it is pulling out on side junctions say it almost feels like it's going to cut out. This is even when engine warmed up. I asked "was she giving it enough Welly?" And she...
  3. Scenic 3 - Pulling to the left

    Steering and Suspension
    Scenic 3, 2012, 1.5 dci, pulling to the left. Gets worse on bumpy road. MOT passed in July. Last week went to local garage to check the suspension, according to the guys there everything is ok. Checked wheel alignment, results: Front wheels: Toe L: -0.6 R: -0.5 Camber L -0.5 R: -0.2 Rear...
  4. Modus 1.2 Petrol juddering when pulling up hill

    I have a 2006 Modus 1.2 petrol. Lately it appears to be misfiring (new plugs fitted two months ago) so I took it to the garage they connected it to the computer and said there were no faults showing plugs, coils all OK. They didn't know what it could be and thought it wasn't too bad but to be...
  5. Not pulling away in first

    Since yesterday my Renault Scenic (08/1.5 Dyn) has been periodically not moving away from a standing position in first gear. I have to throw it into reverse and then back into first and away. Happened about ten times. naturally when it happens at the lights, the driver behind doesn't like it...
  6. Steering pulling to the right?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi I have a captur 2014 1.5 dci, have only had it for a month and have just noticed it's started pulling to the right while driving. Have just checked tyre pressure and all fine, any guesses to what it could be please?
  7. Slight judder when pulling off

    Hi all my wifes got a clio 1.5dci 13 plate. Ive noticed that when she pulls of there is always a slight judder just as she starts to move. When i asked her about it she said that its always done that. Its got 50k on the clock now and when i tested it to see if it was her driving i couldn't pull...
  8. 1.2 16V not starting - pulling hair out!

    I've got a 2002 1.2 16v Clio It sounded like really noisy valves in No 1 piston for a day, then ran fine for a day , then just will not start. It turns over fine but sounds like theres just no fuel getting to engine - not a glimmer of it firing into life. I've checked; - fuel relay - clicks...
  9. Judder when pulling away - Megane EDC

    Hi, I have a Megane 1.5 dci EDC which has only done 4715 miles. When slowing down and the speed reaches about 8-10 mph and still in second gear, say at a roundabout, when you start to accelerate again there is a slight judder which disappears in a couple of seconds. The car behaves normally at...
  10. Steering wheel juddering and pulling to right when braking

    Hi all, In a bit of a panic here! My Renault Clio 2009 was juddering at high speeds with some steering wheel shaking. I drive home (300 miles) on Thursday so got new tyres and the balancing/ tracking done today which has solved the juddering at high speed situation. However, the steering...
  11. Loose Steering, Pulling and a Knocking!

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all, Looking for a bit of help if possible. I have a 2009 Clio that has never missed a beat however; I've noticed a gradual decline in my steering. It started with juddering from what felt like the front right at high speed (60+) and now The front wheels seem to be very loose sometimes...
  12. Scenic MK1:Stange Nosie when pulling off.

    I was driving home from the car boots yesterday and my car starting making some weird noises as I was driving home. Its kind of hard to pin point the noise so I have attached a video: Please Help... :( Thank you.
  13. Judder when pulling away - 1.6 16v Megane

    Hello all, I have a 2009 Mk3 Megane Expression, 1.6 petrol 16v. The car has started to judder severely when I pull away in 1st/2nd but only when the engine is up to temperature. I have searched the forums and seen lots about coils, clutch and engine mounts etc but nothing specific about the...
  14. Occasional lack of power when pulling away

    Hi I have a Renault Scenic 3, 2013, 1.5dci. just over 9,000 miles. Every now and then, when I pull away, there is no power, even flooring the accelerator take me slowly up to about 40. However, if I stop and start off again, its fine and accelerates as normal. If this a known problem, maybe...
  15. Megane pulling left

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi had the tracking done at kwfit the steering is nice and light now than before but take hands off the steering wheel and the car goes to the left Allows left no matter what road im on i have checked pressure in the wheel both are fine Any idea?
  16. 2.2DCI Judding when pulling away

    Hi guys, my 2.2DCI espace gives me a violent judder when pulling away in first or reverse at low revs (under 1500rpm) if i increase the revs to 1800-2000rpm the judder goes. My thoughts are that it could be the gearbox mount, all other gear changes are smooth & no vibration or judder with...
  17. Renault Clio 1.2 2001 - Struggles to start & Jumpy When Pulling off.

    Hi Guys, Only been having this issue recently but really need some help in finding out what the issue is. The first problem is in the video link below: What happens is if i turn the engine over it will just try to start but wont...
  18. Renault Kangoo Maxi Steering Pulling to the Left

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, This problem (Pulling to the left) does not always happen. It is less frequent on short journeys. However, on Motorways it is very bad. Due to the my arm aching so badly, i have to stop the Van. Because once it has started, it even happens on short roads. I then have to stop the van for a...
  19. Renault Kangoo Maxi Pulling to the Left

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi everyone, I am a Courier in the UK. I have a 2012 Renault Kangoo maxi. Recently, when i do long distance jobs(e.g 150 miles, 260 miles etc), the van keeps on going out of and pulls to the left. It is very hard to prevent this. After long drives i get really bad shoulder and arm pains and...
  20. 2.2 dci lack of power pulling away

    2007 Grand Espace 2.2 dci auto. Very flat when pulling away. Ok when revs are up. Inlet Manifold was warped so we replaced. Dealer spent 2hrs on it and said it was turbo. We fitted new turbo - still the same. We have replaced MAF sensor and had injectors checked. Any ideas?