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  1. New 1.5DCI pulls back at full throttle!

    Just purchased a very nice condition Renault Clio 1.5DCI with full service, full MOT and a new air con, however the car is giving me some annoyance at full throttle in 3rd-5th For example if I come on to the motorway and slowly accelerate pass 3000rpm it is fine, however if for example I have...
  2. Clio 1.2 2004 brake then steering pulls to left

    Steering and Suspension
    So I had new brake pads put in around a month ago. about 2 weeks ago the steering got very light/loose especially around full lock position. it also feels like im having to do more steering wheel rotating to get too full lock left or right position (could be my imagination from the loose...
  3. Renault Megane 2 1.6 16v 2003 - Engine pulls, RPM Jumps

    Hello guys i have a problem, but i cannot seem to find where its coming from. When i drive at 2000-3000rpm the car seems to loose power, and shakes for a sec and goes back to normal and repeat. I have changed the coils and spark plugs but now dont know what can be the cause, any ideas? Info...
  4. FP3 - Rosberg pulls clear in Germany

    Formula 1 news Rosberg was the fastest man around Hockenheim in sizzling conditions on Saturday morning, going over half a second faster than Mercedes team mate Lewis Hamilton. Ferrari's Fernando Alonso was 'best of the rest', just four thousandths...
  5. Final practice - Vettel pulls clear at the Nurburgring

    Formula 1 news Vettel was adamant yesterday that he could never have got close to Mercedes' FP1 pace, but on Saturday morning in FP3 in Germany the Red Bull driver annihilated everybody with the only sub-1m 30s lap that left him 0.676s clear of...
  6. Renault Laguna II (2001) pulls off on its own!

    Backstory: So I just got my Renault Laguna back (yay) as her clutch had stopped working when the engine was turned on, this was after I had a whole engine change due to the cambelt breaking! So she was marked Sorn for a few months until she could be fixed and MOT'd, passed the MOT fine but...
  7. Laguna 2 pulls side to side

    recently my laguna 2 pulls to the left when i accelerate and pulls back to the right when i take my foot off to slow down......can someone tell me what the problem is please.....:confused:
  8. 2004 Megane Pulls right - NO IDEA?!?!

    Steering and Suspension
    My 2004 Megane 1.6 Dynamique pulls right. When I bought it, it didn't pull but make a knocking noise. So listening to everyone's advice, I had the tie rod ends changed. It then began to pull right and still made the knocking noise. Mechanic then said it was shock mountings (which I thought it...
  9. 2006 Scenic pulls to the left

    Steering and Suspension
    hi folks, my 2006 Scenic 1.6 pulls a wee bit to the left..outer rim of from wheels worn and when i go up and down speed bumps i get a crunching sound from the this springs, shocks or both..or something more sinister?:(
  10. Renault Scenic 1 - Pulling To The Right

    Wheels & tyres
    hi all on the forum wonder if any of you could help i have a scenic 1.4 2001 recently started pulling to the right where i live there is quite high speedhumps so i know this is the cause this started off a slight pull but now i have to keep a hold ov the wheel otherwise it would over the...
  11. Toyota pulls out of Formula 1

    Formula 1 news
    :[email protected] TBH I'm surprised that they have stayed in it this long. Toyota is a huge team and has one of the largest budgets on the grid, but they've never really shown the potential that usually goes with the resources that they have
  12. BMW pulls out of F1

    Formula 1 news
    F1 braced for BMW exit announcement :MORE @ Pat's source inside the BMW factory said that the staff were told this morning Not good news for F1, I hope they find a buyer for the team soon, or the factory will probably close :(
  13. laguna 2002 dci pulls to left

    Wheels & tyres
    hi my 2002 laguna seems to pull to left quite a bite when normal driving...brakes in a straight line so presume brakes not binding on motorway hardly notice it tyres dont have any excessive wear to relate to tracking etc any suggestions would be appreciated cheers :confused:
  14. Car Pulls To The Right When Braking Heavily

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, Its been a long time since I inquired about a problem with my Megane... Quick overview of the problem: Under heavy braking (with ABS kicking in), the car sometimes pulls to the right, noticeably so. This cannot be replicated every time, the higher the speed and stronger the braking...
  15. Sticky door pulls

    Now that forum users have solved my luggage space problem, here is another one that I hope someone can help me with. I have an 02 plate RX4 and on both the driver and passenger doors, the plastic pull handles are sticky and not very nice to touch. My wife complains each time she gets in the...