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  1. Cambelt / Alternator / Pully Squeak

    Hello there, Recently, either the alternator, pullys or cambelt have become an issue, with the appearance of a loud squeak when the engine is idle and moving (I guess) Below attatched are some videos to help distinguish the problem or if there is someone out there that may know a quick fix...
  2. Harmonic auxilary pully 2ltr scenic 2

    Tools & equipment
    My Scenic two Navigator auxiliary pulley wheel needs replacing. I took the old one off by engaging a gear and locking the brake disk. The crank pulley bolt came off no problem. I only now realize that I will upset the timing as there is as far as I can see no keyway on the pulley or the...
  3. oil pump or depaser pully megane 2

    I work at a bmw garage/dealer ship as a valetor and I was talking to one of the mechanics who has a megane 2 also a 1.6 and I asked him has he got a rattle nocky noice the (depaser) upon start up he says I used to until I changed the oil pump it werth me giving the oil pump a shot rather...
  4. main crankshaft pully

    i have a renault laguna 2.2 cdi 2003 and would like to know if the bolt holding the main drive pully on the crankshaft is a left or right hand thread to take it off
  5. crankshaft pully coming loose?

    Took my Megane 57 plate to a new local Renault dealer for them to investigate a bearing tensioner noise. They listened to it as i was there & said they would take the auxilary belt off to eliminate where it was coming from. 1 hour later they called to say they had it on the ramp & while...
  6. 2002 scenic 2.0 oil leak from variable valve timing pully

    Hi all 1st post so be gentle :-) I've got a 2002 scenic 2.0 16v automatic. It has had an oil leak, and the engine and auto warning light has been coming on and off at times. So took it to a garage to investigate, and said it was coming from the variable valve timing pulley near the inlet...
  7. Clio engine auxiliary belt severe wear because of a problematic crankshaft pully

    Took the car (automatic Clio 2002) to the mechanic to replace the engine auxiliary belt (frayed and parts of it coming out already). He looked at the belt and under the car and said that the problem is with the crankshaft pulley and not the belt and that no matter how many belts I change, all...
  8. Laguna 1.8 16v Dephaser (Pully noisey) Video link, Help ! - 53 Plate !

    Hi Guys Did all my searching on here and as usual great advice to be found :) I think my Dephaser (Pully) is on the way out ! Been noisey for a few months now, car is perfect still apart from the noisey idling etc (93000 miles, had it for 2 years) Was talking to a Renault mechanic today, our...
  9. idler pully

    changing my timing belt on a 1.6 16v laguna, i completly stripped everything . but the idler pully needs a star bit to remove it, anybody know what size star bit u need.
  10. newbie needs help clio mk1 cambelt pully markings and head settings

    hi there can anybody please help me 1.2 clio 8v mk1 the cambelt snapped and bent valves first i need the head settings for tightening down the head bolts and also i need the cambelt markings for the crank pully and camshaft. any pictures or diagram would really help me thanks ron
  11. de phasor pully help espace

    does anybody know where the cheapest place is to buy a new de phasor pully for a renault espace 20 16v 2000 plate please help iv been quoted 185 quid does this sound ok ???
  12. Dephaser pully or what???

    Hi all! i have been reading about the dreaded dephaser pully as i have a loud noise on cold start up! it sounds like when as a child you fitted a playing card to the wheel and it makes a rasping noise on the spokes! well i have found that if i release the brake as soon as the engine fires there...
  13. vw caddy / polo bottom pully

    Other makes
    hi guys im trying to remove the crank pulley from my vw caddy 1.9 sdi to change the cam belt, but i cant lock the crank to undo the bolt anyone know how to lock the crank ?
  14. dephaser pully on a renault rx4

    hi sorry if i have placed in the wrong space but i am new to this,i have a renault scenic rx4 privalige 2001 model with 86000 miles on clock,my car has sounds like a disel once it reaches the half way point of the heating qiuet on start up been going on for 6 months now,just been toldthat it is...
  15. chirpping noise near pully's

    can any one help i've had my renault scenic mark 2 o3 reg for three weeks and this chirpping noise as started coming from near the belt pully's :confused:
  16. dephazer pully fixed

    just had 2 coils and dephazer pully timming belts kit pullys etc replced .plus diognostics done for 500 quid all works great yay. it has power again and renault dealer wanter 900 for same job just goes to show dont it.oww and dont buy coils from ebay both i got 4 weeks ago was duds
  17. dephaser pully. etc

    Hi, I have been to look at a mates 51 laguna 1.8 16 valve. it sounds like the cams are bouncing around. after reading up on here it sounds like it could be the dephaser pully? I see there is a sensor also. is there a way of testing the sensor? and does anyone have details of how to change this...
  18. Help!! Need timing belt kit & Dephaser Pully?

    Hello.This is for my mate at work.He has just been told from someone who used to work at a Renault dealer that his Dephaser pully needs replacing(the car does have the symptoms of this) I also believe that he needs to get the timing belt done at the same time.The x Peugot worker told him that it...
  19. Dephaser Pully on Megane II

    Hi, I think I have the dephaser pulley fault on my 2003 Megane 1.6vvt. It has 45000 miles on the clock. It is noisy on startup and over the last day or so has started to die when idling. The question is that it hasn't been maintained by a Renualt dealer so do you think that there is any chance...
  20. dti crank shaft pully bolt

    does any body know how tight the bolt should be torqued up to