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  1. Clio mk2 1.5dCi - water pump failure?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I'm wondering/dreading what this might be... Driving somewhere local today (in the pouring rain) I put the fan on full blast to clear the windscreen. I then noticed the stop and engine management lights come on. They then went off briefly then came back on a bit before going off...
  2. finding fuel pump fuse

    Hi hope someone can help, I have a renault super 5 campus prima but I can't find the fuel pump fuse/relay :crying2:
  3. Primer pump deflated on Renault Trafic

    Good Evening, I was hoping someone might have knowledge of an issue i am having with my 54 plate Renault Trafic. The primer pump seems to be deflated, not fully shaped as i would expect it. The van will rev and drive and but will chug and lose power until i switch the ignition off when it...
  4. 2.2dci hp fuel pump.

    New pump fitted & no fuel discharging from the hp port. Lp supply / return working fine. Any help appreciated.
  5. Megane thumping noise ... ABS pump pulsing ??

    Hi, Well here I am again with a strange problem, the sort that only seem to happen to me :confused: The other halfs megane tourer (2008 1.5 dci ) has a problem with a thumping noise that appears to be coming from the front RHS (Drivers side) that only appears when you pull away and reach...
  6. Vacuum Pump Issues

    My brake pedal went hard last week and the garage said it was the vacuum pump so they replaced it. I got the car back and after driving 20 miles or so it happened again. The garage then said it was the breather filter so they have replaced this. It still hasn't solved the issue. It will drive...
  7. Clio mk2 washer pump not working again

    Hi all, I had the pump replaced on my 51 plate 1.5 dCi Clio just a few years ago and it's stopped working again it seems. I'm not hearing any noise at all, the wipers just come on. I had a look at the fuses at the side of the dashboard on the passenger side and although there is suggestion on...
  8. 2.2dci hp fuel pump

    Confirmed lp fuel circulating through hp pump but no fuel being discharged from the hp pump on winding engine over. Lp electric pump runs & charges the circuit.
  9. 2001 clio mk2 1.9 tdi electric steering pump worn out?

    Steering and Suspension
    hi.this is the electric pump fitted to models with aircon.recently ive been getting intermittently a loud woooooo from the first weeks apart now everytime i drive it ,it comes an goes. at first turning the steering lock to lock a few times would stop it for a while.not so much lately...
  10. Espace 3 2.2 DCI pump relay?

    Hi All, Found on here that it's apparently one on the five grey ones in the engine bay, but does anyone know which one? As I've got no power to the fuel pump [emoji2959] Thanks in advance. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  11. head gasket or water pump?

    Heating & cooling
    Hi there I have a 56 renault grand scenic, had her 5yrs no real issues, overheated 5 days ago got home checked fluids- empty expansion tank- refilled, started following morning bubbling sounds from behind dash, stopped within 30secs, car drove fine no smoke no contaminated oil. checked water...
  12. High pressure fuel pump (master/movano) **Solved**

    I have a movano 2.5 cdti 2004 same as renault master. I'm waiting to hear from the garage. They checked the fuel relief pressure valve and said it's ok. They are changing the fuel regulator and will get back to me. The mechanic think this won't solve the problem (intermittent cutting out) but...
  13. injectors and pump 1.5 DCI Scenic 2010

    Writing for an older friend who doesn't use computers. The car has 50,000 miles, year 2010, 1.5dci. Engine light came on, took to garage, told injector problems. Said they couldn't get them out as someone had jet washed the engine at some time. Then said it needed a new fuel pump. Now saying car...
  14. Espace 2.2 dci fuel pump disconnection

    Ask the Experts
    Can anyone describe how to disconnect the low pressure feed to the fuel pump on a G9T. I looks like there should be a catch to release it but I can't see one. Any help would be appreciated.
  15. Replace or leave 1.5dCi Water pump - Megane III

    Hey all, Megane III in the dealership, nice attractive car for us, 4 years old 60k kms (40k mils). Working on the cost to change, the dealer agrees to do the timing belt (early) as part of the sale. Couple of days later, asked about whether the water pump was done as part of the timing belt and...
  16. No pressure at fuel pump 2006 traffic II

    Hi all. I have a 2006 renault trafic 1.9. Last week i was sitting in the van engine idling nicely and it suddenly cut out. It was low on fuel so assumed it had ran out. Id put a tenner 10 miles before and then another can full after it cut out. Wouldn't start after that. Battery drained so...
  17. Oil pump chain guide

    Hello, I have a big problem finding oil pump chain guide for my Nissan Qashqai that uses renault 2.0dci engine. I tried to find it on ebay and in every store in Serbia, but no luck. Does somebody knows where I can fint that guide. My car is with mechanics for two months now, I am desperate...
  18. 1.5 dci Which belt and pump make recommend ?

    What make would you fit ? Grant for both ?
  19. 1960 Renault 4CV parts. H20 pump, ect

    Members I keep hitting road blocks. I have looked through all of the boxes of parts that were jammed into my little car when I bought it and NOW when I start to put it together, I can’t find the water pump or the generator. I tried to order parts from the German supplier but as I understand...
  20. Clio 2009 Mk3 ABS pump change

    Hi, I have just joined the forum and have an ABS related question about my Clio 2009 III 1.5 DCi 86 The ABS and service light go on about 3 seconds after start up, they stay on and the stop light comes on if you brake very hard, I've checked the ABS fuses under the steering wheel, in front of...