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  1. beginner's question on code reading

    hi, i'm new to the forum. good bit of experience with volvo 240's old american pickups but now i am in france with a 2003 kangoo 1.5 diesel. from searches on the site it seems that a icarsoft i907 code reader might work well for code reading on the kangoo. i've bookmarked a couple of sites that...
  2. Battery Question

    If I have my radio on without the engine running, After 20 minutes the system shuts it down which is normal but can guarantee that when the car is started it will display "Battery Low" Now what system is fitted to police, fire and ambulance services as with all the equipment that they carry...
  3. Clio MK4 1.5dci steering rack question

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello, My steering rack on my Renault Clio 2013 Mk4 diesel dCi 90 needs replacing. If I'm not mistaken the part number 490018225R I am looking at possible replacements. The OEM steering rack bought from Renault is well over £500. I found a Lizarte steering rack for around £160. Who makes the...
  4. EDC Transmission - After Update Question

    Hi all, I have recently took my car into dealership service centre due to metal clunk noises. They done a software update, relearn adaptives and a readjust clutch touch points. The noises have become less but the noise is sometimes still there when driving in Normal Mode Automatic. Beside...
  5. Belt alarm switch off question

    Hi, Can somebody help me? I would like to switch off the belt alarm(driver and passanger side too). I have can clip but i don't know how to do it. THX 2009 Renault Laguna 2.0dci
  6. Bulkhead question

    Hi folks, new to the forum so apologies if this is already covered somewhere but I want to know how easy it is to reinstate a bulkhead either Solid with window or mesh style in a 2004 trafic as mine doesn't have one currently Thanks in advance
  7. Warranty question.

    General Chat
    I bought an 08 (mk1) kangoo for £2000 about three weeks ago which has a knock, occasional smoke and loss of power, the good people on this forum suspect injector. Would you say that it is covered in my warranty? I have spoken to the second hand dealer and he said no, but they will do the work...
  8. Clio IV - question on antennas (which is GPS and FM?)

    In-car entertainment
    Heya! I have a pre-facelift Clio IV. It's the top spec one with the MediaNav TomTom headunit. I've since changed it to an aftermarket Android one. The reception has been crap and it recently dawned upon me that perhaps I've gotten the antennas mixed up. I always assumed the FAKRA connector...
  9. Question about coolant.

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, Well I just got given a car and I have been checking it over. It's a 2004 grand scenic 1.6. Basically I just went to check the coolant and can't see any in there! The problem is I can't see what colour was used. I just wanted to ask what can I do? I have some green coolant but I don't...
  10. Newbie with Trafic - Fuel Filter Question **Solved**

    Hi I had a look through a number of search results, but haven't yet seen one with a straight-forward and complete answer. For context, I have recently purchased a 2002 Trafic SL27 DCI 100 SWB van with 180K miles on the clock and not a lot of service history. Whilst it seems to drive very...
  11. Newbie Question Re Turbo and Trafic

    Hi I've just bought myself a 2002 Trafic SL27 100 dCi - overall, even with 180K miles on it, I'm pretty happy with it, as it appears to have only a couple of minor faults for me to deal with (cigar lighter not working, aerial broken, some cosmetic issues). Having no experience with Renault...
  12. General radiator question

    Heating & cooling
    So I've just installed a new radiator in my car and when putting the engine coolant temp sensor in it went loose and now I think it's leaking cause I might have cracked the radiator, can I just use the tape that would be used on air tools or anyway of sealing it without buying another radiator...
  13. Multi disc question

    Mk1 Megane, got a multi disc in the boot (standard) is there one I can replace it with as mine wont play CDr's?
  14. Clio II Ph III 2004 Windshield question

    So I'm FINALLY changing the windshield on my Clio (hopefully) this Saturday, and it suddenly dawned on me. Does just the glass need replacing, or does the rubber need to be replaced as well?
  15. Brake Servo Question

    Can anyone tell me if the brake servo/booster for the renault Laguna 2 BG0J petrol, automatic, can be interchanged with the booster from another vehicle, e.g scenic clio megane etc? Nissan??
  16. 1.5 DCi Cambelt Change - Question about timing pins

    I am planning a timing belt change. Having read a number of documents on the procedure (including Renault Technical Document 6006A), I am confused about the "timing" (excuse the pun) of the removal of the timing pins. In many of the documents, the procedure states to insert the crankshaft...
  17. Question about turbo, vauxhall movano 2.5 tdci 2005

    Would like a bit of advice to what to do and how much it would cost. My vauxhall movano 2.5 tdci 2005 seems to be smelling fumy and if reving from iddling does have white smoke coming out of the exhaust. There is not much winning but sometime it feels like when you take the feet of the...
  18. Bumper question

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    I have a dent on my farside front bumper. I can't find one anywhere and was just wondering will a standard clio 07 bumper fit onto a clio campus 07? Thank you ***x1f642;
  19. Just a quick question about engine oil types?

    Just a quick one here! Can I use A3/B4 rated oil in a modern petrol car which is rated for A3/B3 oil? (Both 5W40). Thank you.
  20. Question about radiator

    Heating & cooling
    Hi i have a 2006 Megane 1.4 Dynamic. I wanted to ask a question about the wiring to the radiator fan and housing, two sets of wiring go to it. one to the fan itself another to the item in the included jpg. What is it, and what does it do? The reason i ask is that UK has had some recent hot...