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  1. Couple of Modus electronics questions?

    Hey folks, Thanks for your help so far- I've recently picked up a 55 plate Modus primary for commutes and longer drives to prevent adding miles to the 'new' car. Drives like a dream (having done nearly 160k!) and been serviced religiously, passed every MOT with flying colours bar a couple of...
  2. General Questions

    Hi, So I have an 07 Megane Estate that I can't drive yet as I haven't gotten my license yet but I've been messing around with it to see what it can do. There were a couple of electrical problems here and there such as the reverse lights not working, fixed that just by changing the fuse in the...
  3. DP0 Scenic II axle seal & fluid change questions

    Hi, my parents have recently bought a 2004 Scenic II with only 74k miles on the clock (confirmed mileage), the car is in great shape except for the shorter axle gearbox seal leaking. The gearbox is an automatic DP0 powered by 2.0 16v. I don't have any trusted mechanics around, and I fix most of...
  4. Master 2.5 DCi 100 new-to-me questions

    Hi, a couple of questions regarding a 2005 Master DCi 100 (2.5) I am trying to get to know better. I was hoping to see more info in the "Driver's handbook" than I've found, but realised that this handbook covers so many differently equipped variants that it cannot be more specific than it is...
  5. New owner with questions

    Campervan Chat
    Hi guys, I have just bought a 2012 trafic from work which has full service history and was well looked after. My intention is to kit it out as a camper and I have already got a complete set of windows ready to go in the panels. I want to carpet the back of the van but there are intricate...
  6. 1997 Clio - Various Electrical Questions

    Hi there, New member here, picked up this little car for beer money a few months ago initially thinking of it as a stop gap car but it's been reliable and surprisingly enjoyable to drive and my son turns 17 next Feb so thinking we might keep it and pass on to him to learn in. This being the...
  7. Grand Scenic (2011) - couple of questions

    Hi Just bought a Grand Scenic 2nd hand, and have the following questions. They might seem like a couple of daft questions but they're driving me mad. 1) How to operate the sunroof cover/blinds - There is an electric switch above the drivers head but it only opens the sunroof, not the...
  8. Renault Clio Dynamique MK2 (2003): 2 Questions

    Cars & motoring
    Hey! So I've a couple of questions about the car I've got. 1) I was using a bike carrier on the boot and realised my taillights were probably hidden or harder to see and was wondering if anyone would know if it would be possible to put an external socket on the car so I could attach towing...
  9. MK2 Grand Scenic and 5 seater panel questions

    Hi guys, thanks for accepting me into the forum and I look forward to getting to know you all. My question is quite and easy one (if you know the answer lol) do the doors and front bumper from a MK2 Scenic (5 seater) fit a MK2 Grand Scenic. Just asking as I now need a 7 seater and currently...
  10. Hello and some Questions

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi there, I am a potential owner of a 2006 Grand Espace 2.0 dCi Initiale. 106k and £3,300 or so. Looks in really good nick. Got a couple of questions before I take the plunge that I hope you guys can help with! The joystick on the sat nav / bluetooth controls between the driver seat doesn't...
  11. Two questions in 1

    General Chat
    1) My Clio has a headlight showing up higher than the other. Just did the VRT and it wasn't sorted. Is it annoying to do yourself? Because none of the lights are good and the high beams are pretty effing useless because they make no difference whatsoever :( 2) License plate bulb cover seems to...
  12. Great Unanswered Questions of Our Time

    Jokes & funny stuff
    here are few starters: why is it a round of toast when loafs are generally square? what is an occasional table the rest of the time? where does your lap go when you stand up? why is the no medical name for the back of the knee?
  13. Trafic 140 BHP 2.5 G9U Engine Questions?

    OK Experts, been looking at another Timmy project. Currently in price negotiations, due to a long list of faults. Bald tyres, only one key, body dents, speedo reading gibberish (mileage), missing trim, dented rear lights & the nub of my question....................... Engine runs & is quiet, but...
  14. Mk1 Trafic 1.7 Head gasket questions

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi, In the process off removing my exhaust manifold for a weld repair, I have discovered that i have a coolant leak from my head gasket, I have a replacement gasket on it's way, my questions are: When removing the cylinder head, is it necessary to remove the distributor, fuel pump etc or can...
  15. quick abs questions

    I dont have access to the megane at the moment, pricing cv joints, can anyone tell me if a 2006 megane dynamquie 1.6 16v vvt has abs? saves me abit of time, cheers
  16. Questions before NCT - Megane II 1.4 2007 **Fixed**

    The NCT (Irish MOT) is due up on our 2007 Megane II. It's the Sedan bodytype and it has the 1.4 engine. It's used for 20-25 min daily commutes to a near town. It works fairly well, it's reliable and can easily go longer distances without any issues. It has a few quirks though, I figured...
  17. Brand new Clio - A few questions

    Hi all, New here to this forum and have searched around before posting but couldn't find answers to my questions. Just purchased a brand new Clio 1.2 tce MediaNav Dynamique S... Two small things First thing I noticed was that the weather display has gone from behind the steering wheel, and...
  18. laguna 1.9 dti starting problem two questions!!

    badly need for help! Have trouble starting my laguna 1.9 dti only the first start let me tell you what its been done so far laguna have a bad leak of fuel on the injectors return plastic connectors they been replaced with new ones and things get little better..:smile2: no more fuel leaking on...
  19. Two questions in one

    What grade of oil and how much of it is required for the gearbox of a 2004 dCi Clio? And, is Elf a good brand? I know it's recommended, but I figured that's just for the engine oil And also, unrelated to topic, but how much brake fluid is required for a full brake service? Again, is Elf a good...
  20. Newbie with some questions

    Hi all, just a quick hello from Oxford. At the moment I have a 52 plate 2.2 Laguna Diesel estate. It's fully loaded with all the toys, unfortunately there are some issues with the electrics. It was bought as a stop gap but I really like it, just like I did my 25. The electrics I can sort...