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  1. Noob Scenic owner with quick query!

    Purchased a Scenic Expression 1.5 dci on a 60 plate with low mileage from a reputable dealer. Collecting on Sunday, but only has 1 key card. If the card develops a fault (highly likely, apparently) how can I quickly find out if the CARD or CARD READER is at fault. Feel like I need a back-up...
  2. Just a quick question about engine oil types?

    Just a quick one here! Can I use A3/B4 rated oil in a modern petrol car which is rated for A3/B3 oil? (Both 5W40). Thank you.
  3. Starting too quick !

    Hi, Megane 1.5 dci 106 ST 2006 198K Earlier in the week, engine warm (been stood about 1/2 hr) pressed starter button normal lights etc. starter engaged and engine fired instantly (less than a second) before the starter could disengage, I quickly stalled engine. After waiting a few minuets...
  4. How quick, dont try it when you have had a drink..

    General Chat
  5. Quick Question

    General Chat
    Can someone explain how to add a thread to favourites, Cannot remember ,,,:frown2: Have done it before Honest,:smile2:
  6. Just a quick phone photo

    My mottah!
    Got it yesterday and love it so far 20170602_201404 by Darren Healy, on Flickr
  7. quick abs questions

    I dont have access to the megane at the moment, pricing cv joints, can anyone tell me if a 2006 megane dynamquie 1.6 16v vvt has abs? saves me abit of time, cheers
  8. Just a quick question - ligh bulb fitting

    Just a quick question - light bulb fitting Hi there, before I break my back by getting on the floor, can anyone help by telling me how the back of the spot light (front fog lights) comes off Renault Megane Scenic 1.8 2001. It's the H1 bulb. I expect it twists round does it? I'm sure this is...
  9. Quick question

    I have a school assignment and one of the questions are in regard to a car of our choice (naturally, I chose my own) and asked about exhaust valve clearances and intake valve clearances and so on, and I found most of that info online, however, I couldn't find how much oil pressure (both when...
  10. Quick Question re: Lambda Sensors

    Hi all, Just a quick (n00b) question, can a faulty lambda sensor stop an engine for starting? The reason I ask is my car (Renault Megane Scenic '52 plate) was working fine on Wednesday morning. Went to drive it Wednesday afternoon and nothing - no crank, no start. I plugged in my OBDII reader...
  11. Quick shift (semi automatic) problem.

    Hello all, I have a 2006 1.5dci quick shift (5 speed automated manual gearbox) Modus which is stuck in gear, meaning I can not push it out of the way. Its blocking my entire car port. Being a diesel I cant even pull the plugs out to make pushing possible. Does any one know how I can get the car...
  12. A Quick Question

    Steering and Suspension
    Is it possible to change the anti roll bar bushes on a Megane 2 without dropping the subframe and removing the anti roll bar? It looks doable ...
  13. Quick question

    Does a Clio 2 Campus grille fit on a normal Clio? Or is there a different bumper and such?
  14. A quick hello from the north east...

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Evening all, I just wanted to say a quick hello and introduce myself... My name is Tom (obviously) and originally from Sunderland I'm now living in Hebburn. I'm 28 and I'm a Business Analyst within the Finance sector. I've just part ex'd my 2010 Vauxhall Insignia for a 2013 Renault Scenic...
  15. Quick intro

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello from a bright North of England. I bought an 03 Clio 3 weeks ago and thought joining a user forum would be a good idea! Never had a Renault before, so this is an experience :laugh: Enjoying the little beast so far, hopefully it will be a reliable chariot for me and my hounds to get on with...
  16. Be quick before they put the price up

    General Chat
    just got 1 of these for £1.19 yes i know the refill is £18 but it will last for years of car tinkering? Swarfega Dispenser For Swarfega 4Ltr Cartridge
  17. I'am quick but not that quick

    General Chat
    Out on the bike today up the Lune Valley to Devils Bridge, was moving a bit but not this quick I had 2 or 3 low passes from a Euro fighter maybe he was close enough for his radar to scramble the sat nav.
  18. Clio mk3 rear springs, quick questions...

    Steering and Suspension
    I saw tonight that one of my rear springs was broken in my mk3 clio. Is is better to buy from Renault or would anyone from a motor factors do? Long shot but, any rough idea on price from Renault? Am I better replacing the 2 springs & roughly how long would it take a competent mechanic? Many...
  19. Quick favor from a trafic owner

    Hi, I am looking for a quick favor from a Facelift Trafic owner 1.9 dci (although according to haynes it doesnt matter which model). My alternator should apparently have 3 wires attached. Big red one (live) Beige (to the instrument panel) - 1st wire in connector Orange (to the ECU)- 2nd...
  20. Just a quick hello

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi there I've just joined the forum and I'm hoping to find the answer to my question . Good health everybody