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  1. Grand Modus 1.5dci 2008 quickshift semi box

    Hi all, new to forum hope someone can help. Fault, would not allow to selct neutral manualy or automatically and start. Removed break switch cleaned bur from one set of contacts cleaned re fitted all ok for a day. Fault now is although display say,s in neutral and break switch ok will not...
  2. Master 2.5 Quickshift Clutch **Sorted**

    How do you bleed the clutch with a quick shift system. 2007 2.5 100 dci
  3. pump motor quickshift modus

    My renault modus semi auto quickshift is having problems starting and a few times will not start at all and is repeatedly showing "check gearbox" on dash. My mechanic says it needs the Pump motor replaced. The part number is 7701047594. Pump motor - Renault Quickshift - SequParts How many...
  4. Quickshift clutch programmimg

    Can anyone help. I have a master 2010 quickshift and a canclip v 176 and need to reset the clutch position etc.. I can see the initial position closed, and the open position but don’t know how to reset. I also thought there was a slip point test. Any help appreciated
  5. Renault Trafic SL27 DCi 115 Quickshift clutch bleed

    Hi guys, Could anybody recommend good garage/mechanic to do clutch bleed (it can only be done with laptop using Clip) somewhere around Twickenham area? Thank you
  6. DF077 problem Tecshift Easytronic Quickshift Tiptronic 309105236R

    I have problem with my nissan primaster, i think is same car on renault traffic 2011. When I put in 1 reverse gear drive it forward. When I try to change more than 2 switches, the "check gearbox" says in the display. What I'm wondering is if I have to change the whole device unit or if only...
  7. Renault Master Quickshift 6 problems

    Hi everyone, I have a 2007 Master 2.5 LL35 DCI 120 S-A which I have taken from the UK to France, and the local mechanics have no clue what's happening to the gearbox. It's a quickshift 6 speed. Problem 1: The van drove fine throughout the day, it needs a service (filters, oil) but all seemed...
  8. Quickshift gear problem on Modus

    Hi, i have problem on Modus 1.5 dci (2006) with Quickshift gearbox....gear jumping out of automatic mode and when I turn on engine sometimes it is and sometimes is not in N position....when I drive it longer than, when stop andif I put it in N, it want go to 1 or R what could be a problem and...
  9. Renault Trafic 2009 Quickshift 6 - Delay

    Hello I was wondering if anyone with semi-auto experience could tell me why i'm getting a delay when i select reverse gear, about 4 seconds. Seems to be when it's warm & engine on, with engine off it selects straight away. Could it be the fluid needs changing or clutch adjusting? Many thanks...
  10. Clio 3 Quickshift shaking

    Hallo, I own a Clio III Diesel 1.5 dci with Quickshift. I am experiencing a sort of shacking when switching between the 1st and 2nd gear. Sometimes also between the 2nd and 3rd, expecially in cold starts. The effect was initially subtle, but I feel that is getting worse with time. My...
  11. Quickshift 6 Clutch actuation.

    Hi, Trafic 115 with Quickshift 6 Gearbox. 78240 miles one owner from new late 2007 Two days ago approx 200 miles from home(:frown2:) Came to a stop - intentionally - but the engine stalled as if I had forgotten to declutch on a manual gearbox when coming to a standstill. Afterwards...
  12. quickshift problem fixed

    Hello I own a 2.5 dci 140 Renault trafic quickshift box Today I started the van up and notice the preheat warning light stayed on after starting it up The van would not go into automatic mode I could select manual mode ajnd drive but no automatic mode Panic set in thinking the robotic unit...
  13. Problem with Renault QuickShift sequential gearbox

    Hello, I have a Renault Modus 2007 with the automatic gearbox (Quickshift). A few days ago quickshift has stopped working :-( It was already happened and I was able to fix it with Modus Renault workshop manual. This time I repeated the whole operation but now when I try to turn on the engine...
  14. Trafic quickshift

    On Saturday I was driving home and all my gears have gone I got a tow home, I have read many forums this seems to be an on going problem, has there been a recall on this gear box if it is an ongoing problem. My van is 2012 done 77000 miles
  15. Quickshift 5 woes!

    Hi All, Not sure of this should go here or in the general forum but here goes...cutting a long story short: I have a Modus 1.5 dCi with the QS5 gearbox and 22k on the clock. It has developed a fault where it is intermittently jerky when pulling away. I'm convinced that I can feel the clutch...
  16. 2003 Renault Clio II Quickshift issue

    Hiya, I've got unusual issue with quickshift gearbox, from time to time, (recently most often) gearbox warning shows up. It lights up usual in automatic mode, I have no idea what can cause that problem beacouse it works really well. I've only notice two minor problems: 1) It's change from 1st...
  17. My quickshift gearbox

    can anybody tell me when do you change the gearbox oil on a quickshift and is one of the problems caused by old oil. Kl unkind gears when starting from cold because the problems not there when it gets warm Where and how to change the oil. Please Thanks any info would be helpful
  18. 2011 Trafic Quickshift issue in 1st/reverse with no throttle

    Hi all, I needed a van for my business and have a dodgy left knee, so I went for a 2011 Trafic SL29 DCi 115 Quickshift, which I picked up last Thursday. The gear changes are terrible, but there's not much choice of automatics in medium sized vans. After driving it for a few days, I'm fairly...
  19. modus quickshift fault

    Hello. I have a renault grand modus 1.5 dci which today had a gearbox problem. No sign of a fault before today . started up then selected gear. No gear! But had checked gearbox warning.code reader says p0928 quickshift solenoid lock circuit open ? Anybody got any ideas! Thanks:(
  20. Crunch from 2nd to 1st? Quickshift.

    Hey guys. Just bought a 2007 Renault Trafic 2.5 DCi 150 with the 6 speed quickshift transmission. It has 93K on the clock. The van seems to crunch when the gearbox changes down from 2nd to 1st which is worrisome and didn't present itself on the test drive. They were a super legit car sales...