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  1. In Car Entertainment
    Hi All, My car is a 2016 Renault Koleos with R-link. The image of the rear camera was shown small on the screen. I accidentally did a factory reset while trying to solve the problem. Since then, the navigation has failed to boot, so no convenience devices such as audio and telephones have been...
  2. Electronics
    Hi All, I am looking atbuying a 2nd hand Kadjar in the near future, and have a query about the R-link system (the car is a 16 plate so not the R-link 2). I know you can connect an android phone by bluetooth and stream media from the phone... but is this only music stored locally on the phone...
  3. Electronics
    Ok, so I have done a lot of reading following the pick up of my new MY17 Megane last week, after discovering how rubbish the R-Link 2 appears to be, so I'm wondering if someone in UK can do me a favour. It seems that for some unknown reason, we in Australia don't have any kind of Map Update...
  4. Electronics
    I have done a few searches, but (surprisingly) did not come across this issue already posted here, if I am mistaken, apologies and please point me to the correct thread. I have a brand new Megane, BFB GT-Line '16 with R-Link 2, bought in Melbourne, Australia. My iPhone 6s pairs via Bluetooth...
  5. Electronics
    hello forum i have a clio rs with r-link and use a iphone 6+ volume for handsfree is too low after 40 mph. tried re-pairing numerous times and various adjustments on phone with no luck. all other volume levels in car seem fine. any ideas ???? thankyou !!!!
  6. Electronics
    Try as I might, I can't get my new Sony Xperia Z2 phone to pair with R-Link in my Captur. My previous phone paired in seconds via Bluetooth and worked perfectly. I know it's not the phone as I have connected it via Bluetooth to my other devices. On another (and seriously inferior!) forum...
  7. Electronics
    Can anyone else connect to Tomtom services in their car with the pathetic R-Link system? Mine is just greyed out. The car was a renault reps and is around 9 months old. Just wondering if something needs activating on it.
  8. Electronics
    Hi - I have a new ZOE with R-link. This evening, no matter what I tried, the map would only shown 2D not 3D. Any thoughts, please? It's been fine before…… Thanks - Marcus
1-8 of 10 Results